Thursday, October 11, 2007

Straight Sense by Akindele Akinyemi

Only when people began to understand the history of the Democratic Party is when inner cities will begin to create political balance in our community. If you were born after 1968 you are probably not even liberal to begin with due to the fact that you are older and wiser.

More importantly, Blacks are the ONLY racial group in the history of the United States that decided that political power is more important than economic power. And when we obtain economic power we are our own worst enemy. How often do we help each other when we obtain economic power? Let's try hardly ever.

If Blacks generate over $700 billion annually then how come our community look like something from Independence Day after the aliens used their particle beam to destroy the metropolis?

Last and certainly not least, I have yet to understand how anyone who is for reparations demands that corporations be held accountable for their early deeds but do not hold their own party accountable- the Democrats. Democrats are forgiven for their previous antagonism against the Black interests because most Blacks today are members of this same party.

Yet, over 47% in this state will vote for Hillary Clinton blindly.

Just a thought.

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