Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tax Increases is NOT Common Sense by Akindele Akinyemi

As the following people raised our taxes instead of reforming government I wonder if they can figure out how to stop the bleeding of families leaving Michigan by the damn droves. It looks like an Exodus out here. There are FOR SALE signs everywhere. Foreclosures are at a record high. Jobs have left the state. The state of public education keeps getting worse. What were these people thinking about when they went along with the Governor's plan to raise taxes? Did they THINK about their families first when trying to please Granholm? Did they think about MY family? Whatever happened to Christian principles?

Reps Frank Accavitti Jr., Kathy Angerer, Joan Bauer, Doug Bennett, Steve Bieda and Terry Brown.

Reps Pam Byrnes, Barb Byrum, Marsha Cheeks, Brenda Clack, Ed Clemente and Paul Condino.

Reps Bob Constan, Marc Corriveau, Andy Coulouris, George Cushingberry, Robert Dean and Andy Dillon.

Reps Marie Donigan, Kate Ebli, John Espinoza, Barbara Farrah, Matthew Gillard and Lee Gonzales.

Reps Martin Griffin, Richard Hammel, Ted Hammon, Morris Hood, III, Hoon-Yung Hopgood and Shanelle Jackson.

Reps Bert Johnson, Robert Jones, Michael Lahti, Kathleen Law, Richard LeBlanc and Gabe Leland.

Reps Lamar Lemmons, Jr., Steven Lindberg, Jeff Mayes, Gary McDowell, Mark Meadows and Andy Meisner.

Reps Tim Melton, Fred Miller, Gino Polidori, Mike Sak, Bettie Cook Scott and Joel Sheltrown.

Reps Mike Simpson, Alma Smith, Virgil Smith, Dudley Spade, Steve Tobocman and Aldo Vagnozzi.

Reps Mary Valentine, Rebekah Warren, Lisa Wojno and Coleman Young, II.


Reps Ed Gaffney and Chris Ward.

Thanks to our Democratic colleagues we now have a massive (regardless of what some may say) $1.35 billion tax hike. BILLIONS people. Something that families cannot afford.

The Washington-based Tax Foundation projects Michigan will have the 11th-highest state and local tax burden nationally once all the tax increases kick in, up from 14th.

State treasury officials, however, say Michigan's tax burden ranked 26th-highest two years ago and expects it will rise no more than four spots to 22nd under the new tax structure.

Now I am reading reports about how there is growing momentum about recalling targeted State Representatives and State Senators. I am not a fan of recalls. Besides, there is an election in 2008 where most of these reps will be running for re-election. Do the right thing....just don't vote for them next year. I HOPE people can help me run Conservatives next year for office BOTH in Detroit and Out-State.

But when I see these services being taxed:

Astrology services, carpet cleaning, consulting services, investigation, guard and armored car services, janitorial services, commercial landscaping services, baby-shoe bronzing, bail bonding, balloon-o-grams, coin-operated blood pressure testing, coat check room services, concierge services, dating services, escorts, fortune telling, house sitting, coin-operated locker rental, palm reading, party planning, porter services, psychic services, restroom operation services, shoe shines, singing telegrams, wedding planning, wedding chapel services, scenic transportation services, skiing services, tour operator services, personal care services, security system services, mini-warehouse and self-storage unit services, business service center services, investment advice, consumer-buying services, discount-buying services, genealogical investigation, social introduction services, numerology services, pay telephone services, personal fitness training, personal shopping services, coin-operated photographic machines, phrenology services, packaging and labeling, specialized design services, passenger and ground transportation services, courier and messenger services and document preparation.

And while people here in Detroit are blowing my phone up telling me that a tax hike was necessary, even though no one is working in Detroit and crime is up 11%, how are you going to pay for these services? In fact, there were alternatives to this crap.

This is common damn sense. Why would our lawmakers AGREE to raise taxes when Michigan has a 7.4% unemployment rate, businesses will NOT come to Michigan because of high taxes already (which hurts US down here because families are looking for jobs) as well as the unions, and NOW you add a $1.35 BILLION tax hike as well as scarce job growth? We have the worst economy in the USA and we decide to raise taxes...after Gov. Granholm said in a statewide debate with Dick DeVos last fall that she would not raise taxes.

What happens when a family of four needs to budget? They do not INCREASE spending they CUT BACK. Not only they cut back but REFORM the way they are handling money.

This is common sense.

Michigan leads the nation in poverty, unemployment and crime. What the hell? Tops in the US in out-bound moves. Who wants to live here after all of these tax increases?

When the charter school debate is placed on the table I HOPE these people will not vote against charters when our children needs options.

I am awaiting your comments.

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