Tuesday, October 30, 2007

We Need To Expand Term Limits by Akindele Akinyemi

Some of our state lawmakers want to eliminate term limits because they feel that lobbyists have greater influence over the decision making of lawmakers in Lansing.

We do not need to eliminate term limits. Think about Gov. Granholm being in office forever killing Michigan jobs. Can you imagine State Rep. George Cushingberry being in office for 10 years raising your taxes in District 8?

Look at what he has proposed:

House Bill 5281

To establish that only 33 percent of lottery ticket sale revenue be paid out in prizes. Under current law, the minimum is 45 percent. According to a 2002 Senate Fiscal Agency analysis, approximately 54 percent of ticket sale revenue is currently distributed for prizes, and the record in other states shows that when payouts are reduced lottery ticket sales and net proceeds also decline.

Anyone in the hood know that this is a ripoff.

Can you imagine State Rep. Coleman Young II coming up with this type of legislation forever?

House Bill 5269

To require the state to provide a debt millage subsidy to school districts (like Detroit’s) that have low property tax values relative to the number of students (and thus get less money per mill of property taxes levied for school infrastructure projects than the state average). The bill would appropriate however much is necessary to bring all such districts up to the state average (meaning that districts which borrow more would also get more from the state).

Other urban areas in Michigan should not be paying to subsidize the City of Detroit. If we do not like the fact that our neighborhood is a hellhole and generating low property taxes, then we need to work to improve our neighborhood.

What about State Rep. Robert Dean in Grand Rapids? Here is a man who represents the SE side of Grand Rapids (the hood).

When WOOD-TV (Channel 8) in Grand Rapids ask him the following question when he was campaigning:

If elected, would you support an increase in income or other taxes to keep state government programs fully funded?

He said:

Absent of documented proof that we have exhausted all other alternatives for preserving our economic strength and/or balancing either budget I would not support raising income taxes.

Then he did the following:

HB 5198, a bill to tax services to the tune of $613 million.

Robert Dean votes YES.

HB 5194, a bill to raise the income tax on Michigan's working moms and dads by over $700 million.

Robert Dean votes YES.

SB 418, a bill to save the state of Michigan $200-400 million a year by ending handouts to Democrat special interests at the MEA via MESSA.

Robert Dean votes NO.

And check this out....He introduced HB 4580, a bill guaranteeing freshman legislators (like himself) lifetime health insurance benefits.

This guy is a Reverend. Race Pimpology is in full swing. Would you want to elect him forever without term limits? This sounds like my aces in Grand Rapids, Ivo Jackson and Minister Ron Smith, needs to investigate and support a candidate who puts values first before the next election in 2008.

Do we need to keep term limits? Of course. I would like to see term limits in Detroit on all levels of government (county and city). We do not need a Mayor in office for 20 years like Coleman A. Young Jr. We MUST have term limits on the Detroit City Council AND elect council by districts.

The MAYOR's office must have term limits.

Politicians continue to spend more and more money while lacking the resolve to stand up to special-interest groups or labor unions. Politicians continue to take the taxpayer for granted and couldn't care less what residents believe should be done with public money. Most politicians simply wish to protect their jobs, so they can continue to reward their friends and get re-elected.

The overwhelming majority of residents do not hold their elected officials accountable to properly represent them. Most taxpayers simply do not care, and the politicians are acutely aware of their apathy. I have become convinced that we need term limits on all elected officials, including those who are in Congress.

Why is John Conyers STILL in office as well as Klansman Robert Byrd?

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