Saturday, October 13, 2007

Will Indianapolis Collapse Like Detroit From Liberal Leadership? By Akindele Akinyemi

For the time being Detroit is a dead city. I want to at least save Indianapolis before it is too late.

The elected officials in Indianapolis are running away with high crime and are plotting to destroy a city that is filled with prosperity. Coming right off the heels of the city's first Super Bowl (and championship in ANY sport) we have clowns who are preparing to turn Indianapolis into Detroit.

My good sister, Atty. Darla Williams have been wiring me with non-stop information on her hometown. She is concerned about the rampant abuse of power that the Democrats are using right now.

Like this joker named Monroe Gray. He is the City Council President in Indianapolis. This guy is so criminal he reminds me of former Detroit City Councilman Lonnie Bates. Gray hires ghost employees and put them on payroll. Now if that is not Lonnie's cousin I don't know what to say.
The other major problem is how the Democratic Party (led by Ghetto Mafia Queen Congresswoman Julia Carson) is raising taxes in Indianapolis to astronomical levels.
I want to give my conservative counterparts a bird's eye view of what is going on in Michigan and why they should continue the pressure on getting rid of liberals in office.
Right now, Michigan is suffering from a single state recession. Since 2002, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) has decreased each year while the rest of the country has experienced an economic expansion. Plus, our economy shrank 2.8%, while the national economy grew 12.8%.
Ask yourself, do you want the Hoosier State to fall into this category with Michigan?
Michigan is one of the only three states to lose population from 2005-2006 as the population deceased by over 5,200. In other words we are moving to cities like Indianapolis but you too will experience a mass exodus if you do not get an handle on those trying to raise your taxes.
Our unemployment rate is 7.4%.
In 2007, Michigan received the worst rating of all 50 states with regard to its corporate tax rate.
Michigan's state government debt grew from $2.91 billion in 1980 to $27 billion in 2006, a 278% increase when adjusted for inflation.
Michigan is heavily unionized, and unions have been slow to react to economic change, often hurting the very workers they were formed to help.
In terms of population growth the United States, on average, is 3.9%. In Indiana it's 2.6%. In Michigan it is a dismal 0.6%. Who the hell wants to live here is my guess?
Our business tax climate is shot to hell. While the State of Indiana is experiencing a surge in population and GDP over the past 16 years Michigan has gone in the other direction.
The Democrats on the Indianapolis City-County Council (as well as Detroit City Council or Michigan Democrats in Lansing) do not understand that when you have high business taxes it deter business investment and entrepreneurship overall. This high tax burden will continue to drive manufacturing jobs out of the state and into lower tax, lower regulation states, while also discouraging high-value added service jobs in sectors like finance and information technology.
Perhaps those Democrats on the Indianapolis City-County Council and in state government in Michigan must understand how taxes and regulations from federal, state and local governments eat up more than half of an average family's income. In urban areas where Democrats control the local municipalities we see high taxes, failing public schools, preachers being bought off by the highest bidder and Black folks who continue to use racism as an excuse for not taking personal responsibility for their families and communities.
Perhaps while Monroe Gray is playing with the Devil on his crooked deals we should remind him that government cannot create prosperity. Why? Because every dollar spent by government, every new government employee, and every bond issue by government equates to a job lost or paycheck cut in the private sector. Can we say women/minority businesses?
Here in Michigan, while government is attempting to create jobs by spending tax dollars, it is simply destroying jobs the free market would otherwise create and misallocating resources.
Guys, we need conservative technology to bail us out of liberal mishaps in our respective communities. Think about it. When government grows more slowly, things happen better. One of my favorite Presidents is Ronald Reagan. While Black people hate on Ronald Reagan the Black middle class grew under his leadership. Did we forget that? Under the Reagan years the federal government trimmed taxes, reduced regulation, and slowed the growth of government programs.
If we can do this in Indianapolis (not raise your taxes by 65%) the city will be saved from damnation. I would hate for the Circle City to end up like Motown...nowhere.

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