Monday, November 12, 2007

Black Republicans Should Look At Indianapolis To Win Elections by Akindele Akinyemi

Last Tuesday, Republican challenger Greg Ballard won the Mayoral election in Indianapolis against Democratic incumbent Bart "Simpson" Peterson. With hardly any money in hand Ballard ran a strong grassroots campaign to overcome all odds against him.

Let's take a look of how Greg Ballard won this race to begin with:

Voter unrest fueled by this summer's property and income tax increases, combined with significant Democratic defections, helped sweep Republican Greg Ballard into office with support from across Marion County. How come we cannot do this in Michigan when our taxes went up back in October?

According to the Indianapolis Star Newspaper:

The two-term mayor was defeated by Ballard just about everywhere else voters went to the polls. Peterson lost in:

• Townships he had won handily in past elections, especially those where voters appeared to want to punish him for tax increases.

• Outer precincts, especially south, where his opponent took two-thirds of the vote or more.

• Even the precinct where he lives.

Anger over property as well as income taxes, more than anything, cost Peterson his job, the data indicate.

Washington Township resident Bill Getz, whose area saw tax increases among the highest in the county, had voted for Peterson in the past but said he couldn't do it again.

"My sole issue, where Bart lost me, was the income tax increase. We had just gotten shellacked with the property tax deal, and they came right back with the income tax hike," said Getz, 44. "It just showed that he couldn't possibly understand what people were going through."

The backlash over taxes, however, didn't drive more voters to the polls. Turnout was virtually the same as in the 2003 election, 26.2 percent.

But the problem for Peterson was that more Democrats turned away from him. The numbers show a 23 percent drop in Democratic straight-party votes.

Preliminary results show about 11,000 fewer straight Democratic ballots cast this year than in 2003, while 6,000 more Republicans voted a straight ticket in 2007 than did four years ago.

Now if people in Indianapolis are intelligent enough to vote people out who raise taxes how come we cannot do this in Michigan?

The only group that backed Peterson were renters who were predominantly black Democratic voters.

So what now? Greg Ballard is now the Mayor-elect of Indianapolis and he sets up his transition team. Except there is one major problem.

Where is my sister and how come she is not sitting at the transition table?

My sister is Attorney Darla Williams. She is one of a kind. Anyone who was able to convince voters to vote for Greg Ballard through our website (Indiana Minority Report) as well as convince die-hard blacks who vote Democrat to SWITCH their vote to vote Republican deserves credit.

But the powers that be are pushing her away. And when that happens they are trying to push me away as well. One person on the Ballard's transition team even told her to take down the Indiana Minority Report's website because it might "cause problems."

There are so many people attacking Darla Williams. Some of you have turned on her. I told her early Sunday morning that people hated Jesus Christ and they will hate you because you have done something that many could not do.

Convert black people to vote Republican.

Do you know how long we have been trying to crack this code up here in Detroit? My sister is a jewel and these haters are in for a serious treat because there are people who are backing her. If we could allow her to run a National Black Republican group in this country we should allow her to do it.

This is family and while Darla is being targeted unfairly I am not going to allow haters to continue to break her spirit.

The conditions in the City of Indianapolis are STILL headed towards Detroit because people are still in the bed with corrupt people. What's the difference between Democrats and Republicans in this city?


For instance, you have Susan Booker on the Ballard's transition team. Now, Ms. Booker is a former U.S. Attorney who did absolutely nothing when she was provided with an enormous mountain of evidence relating to black organized crime operating in Indianapolis. Illegal numbers racketeering, narcotics trafficking, prostitution, loan sharking were all documented and placed on her desk.

It does not matter with the Indianapolis Metro Police coming back under the control of the Mayor-elect Ballard. You are going to see organized crime activity in the inner city.

Back to my sister Darla. Why are so many people against her? The same way so many people are against me. We do not bite our tongue, we are strong black Republicans who refuse to hide under a rug, hide in the closet and will tell the truth regardless of who may hate us. She is one of the most feared black Republicans in this region and it shows when you have people in Indianapolis conspiring to KEEP her off the transition team, ostracizing her and slandering her because of her factual viewpoints.

What Darla just did was lay out a serious blueprint for any and ALL Black Republicans to go by in terms of swinging an election in a major city. Every single urban center in this region need to pay attention. Especially here in Michigan where we cannot even get a damn KIPP school up and running because of unions.

We, as black Republicans, can think on our own. We are not Uncle Toms or Uncle Ruckus. We are intelligent, ambitious, black people who come from a great people who built great civilizations. We have fallen to this level of dependence because it is easier to have a party fund the candidate instead of taking the time of building a strong grassroots network.

I am anticipating that Eric Dickerson will run for Congress in the 7th District in Indianapolis again next year to take out Democratic incumbent Julia Carson. Here is our FINAL chance to make an impact. Dickerson is a candidate that can pull of the upset because there is an anti-incumbent atmosphere in Indianapolis. I am hoping that Black Republicans in the region help out and get this man elected (if he decided to run).

We cannot rely on the Indiana Republican Party because they have a history of not helping black candidates who run on the Republican ticket. We must lay out our own platform, our own foundation and spin our own issues and raise our own money. The National Republican Party and their affiliates have failed miserably on this because they are afraid to come into urban communities and discuss issues. You cannot wait until election time to talk about abortion and gay marriage. Black Republicans are more sophisticated than that. We are now talking about crafting policies in our community and I know this scares the hell out of you because whoever thought we, as black Republicans, can think outside of faith-based community with social issues. Our community is falling apart. Most of us are living in a concrete jungle daily. We are bombarded with negative images of black men on TV and black women in the videos. Yet, when you have a black woman with a law degree get up and put her career on the line to defend your weak ass you call her all kinds of names.

Darla has been shot at in her home for revealing the truth about how corrupt black leadership is in Indianapolis. But she is crazy? You all better wake up and realize that she is a major piece of the puzzle in terms of saving the Circle City.

As I prepare take over the Indiana Minority Report I will continue to reveal facts to our brothers and sisters in Indianapolis. So this is just the beginning. If you thought Darla was something you have not met me.


Sir Hailstone said...

Mr. A, we're sure glad to have you on OUR side. Keep the faith!

Steph623 said...

Wow! Fantastic! I couldn't agree more with everything said here.

trip555 said...

Most negros have been spoonfed that they have to vote for obama. And they all follow inline like lambs to the slaughter. McCain needs to adress the problems that black people face... So many of them are drug addics, illetirate, un-employed and on welfare and robbing people and having too many babies. We need to solve their problems to make our streets safer and not have so many prisioners.

Just because "Osama" is a negro dosnt mean he can fix their problems.

John McCain is the only cannidate that will fufill our presidents war on islam. What we need in these endtimes is a good strong coneretive anti-libaral, non-hippie who holds true to the word of our lord. I really hope WHEN McCain becomes president he lives up to the republican platform and ends abortion, criminalizes gay sex and marrage and stops de-regulashion. We need to invade andor nuke iran and all these terriorists before its too late. This is exacly what the bible pridected would happen if the world fell away from his word. Armogeddon is close at hand we must stop them as a global force and unite christians and live as the word would tell us. and wage war against the non-beilevers and democarats and libarals.

"The righteous shall rejoice when he sees the vengeance. He shall wash his feet in the blood of the wicked."( gays & muslims)

(Psalms 58:10)

Yeah, and what have the f*cking demoncrats done for the country lately besides give more free gub'mint cheese to the negroes?