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Conservatives Need To Step Up Their Game by Akindele Akinyemi

Well people it's that time of the year again for elections. This coming Tuesday we need to get out the vote and make sure conservatives across this region win their elected seats. As the quality of life is declining across the region and our lawmakers raising our taxes to the extent of where people are leaving their homes and jobs to find bigger and better things in life.

I am not interested in the Detroit Public School races because it does not matter if Deputy Dawg or Mighty Mouse was on the board the school system will not (nor ever) be fixed. Ever. However, I will exercise my right to vote because I know black people died in the past for us to vote. Therefore, I am throwing my support behind Tyrone Winfrey here in District 4.

I am also urging people to go out and vote for Dr. Carla Scott in District 1, Joyce Hayes-Giles in District 5 and Paula Johnson in District 6. They are the only people I like on that school board.

Now, I will turn my attention to the City of Southfield. I have been telling people left and right to get behind Council President Sylvia Jordan for re-election.

Council President Jordan is most proud of assisting in drafting and making recommendations for revisions to the city charter. Among her other achievements, Ms. Jordan performed an independent study of issues and how they affected the city's long-term financial position to ensure stability. On future accomplishments, Ms. Jordan would like to ensure that the city maintains its strong financial posture through stewardship and new development and redevelopment projects. She is committed to finding new ways to increase revenues and reduce costs without compromising the effective and efficient delivery of outstanding city services. Ms. Jordan is also working to ensure that additional taxes do not burden the city's residents or business community.

On a personal note, she pastors her church, Family Victory Fellowship Church (one of my favorite places to worship) with her husband of 23 years, Pastor Larry Jordan. If you never heard her deliver the Word of God then I highly recommend you visit her church. Plus she is passionate about helping children. That is why I am urging people to go out and vote for her on Tuesday so she can continue to serve the City of Southfield in a positive light.

Southfield needs a positive light right now. While black people from Detroit have been migrating to Southfield over the past few decades slowly it is interesting that we complain about paying high taxes but move to a city that residents are paying astronomical tax rates that should be considered criminal.

Now another race I have been observing is the heated race that is going on in Livonia, Michigan.

Jack was our Livonia Mayor for two four-year terms. As a result of term limitations, his term ended December 31, 2003.

He accomplished much in his eight years in office, and by any measure was one of Livonia’s most successful Mayors.

Especially noteworthy of Jack’s accomplishments are:

  • The Livonia Recreation Center: Jack Kirksey and Mike Duggan organized a citizens committee co-chaired by Terry Godfroid-Marecki who worked to make the Center a reality.
  • Road improvement program: A ten-year road and sidewalk improvement program which started under Jack’s administration, which will result in all Livonia roads being restored to a good condition.
  • Advanced Life Support Service: Jack worked with our firefighters to bring advanced life support services to our City.
  • Upgraded City of Livonia’s Bond Rating: Jack and his staff worked successfully to renegotiate the Standard and Poors bond rating for our city. The City of Livonia was upgraded to a AA Credit Rating, which allowed Jack to renegotiate our city bonds resulting in a savings of more than two million dollars.
I know black people in Detroit view Livonia as being hostile towards us because of the police, the discontinuation of the SMART bus service and the recent blowup with the new Super Wal-Mart store on Middlebelt and Plymouth Roads. However, if Livonia is so bad then why do we shop out there (Meijer, Wal-Mart), send out children to their schools and go to their malls like Laurel Park Place?

The person who is opposing this great man is Maureen Miller-Brosnan. She is a flunkie of the Granholm team.

You see Gov. Granholm has her hand in this race because most people in Livonia vote Republican. She is trying to seize control of one of the largest Republican bases in Wayne County. If Livonia becomes Democratic it will turn into another Detroit. Guaranteed. Your neighborhoods will become slums, your crime will rise to astronomical proportions and you will be paying taxes like never before.

In fact take a look at both candidates:

Jack Kirksey
Maureen Miller-Brosnan
Mayor of Livonia
YES 1996-2003
Municipal Administrative Experience
Managed staff, programs and budget
40 years experience
  • Proven record of independence: Endorsed by independents, Republicans, Democrats
  • Not beholden to the governor or Wayne County interests
  • Granholm Appointee
  • Received $10,000 campaign contribution from Granholm and $17,000 from Wayne County interests
  • Spouse is an appointed employee of Wayne County
Granholm Tax Increase
Granholm Appointee
Fighting for Livonia Jobs OPPOSES Granholm effort to move 2,500 jobs at Quicken loans from Livonia to Detroit Granholm Appointee/Campaign Spokesperson
Creating Jobs
Co-chaired initiative creating 6,000 jobs and $500 million in Livonia investments
OPPOSED this initiative by casting a Council NO vote
Northeast Livonia Clarenceville Renovation Project

Has specific plan to fill vacant industrial and retail space without raising taxes, consulting with regional economic leaders

Wants to use volunteers to clean up property
Local Bus Service
SUPPORTED opt out of SMART Bus system, saving taxpayers millions with enhanced services for seniors
OPPOSED opting out of the little used, high tax SMART bus system
Cable Competition
SUPPORTED cable competition as Mayor
She and Joe Laura killed cable competition in 1999
Free Wireless Internet Livonia
SUPPORT: Is leading a free wireless Internet Livonia, saving residents fees while stimulating business and attracting new residents
OPPOSES initiative, questioning technology used successfully in other communities

If you want to keep you way of life intact I highly recommend you elect Jack Kirksey for Mayor. Also, do not forget to vote for Laura Toy for City Council. Otherwise, Livonia will look like Detroit in less than 5 years.

In Indianapolis, Indiana Greg Ballard is running for Mayor against Mayor Bart Simpson (sorry, I mean Bart Peterson). Greg is a man if complete integrity and believes in re-establishing strong family values for residents in the City of Indianapolis.

We have to get rid of Bart Peterson. My sister, Attorney Darla Williams, is reporting the following madness:

There are reports all over town that Mayoral Candidate Greg Ballard's signs are being stolen and replaced with Mayor Bart Peterson's sign.

Corruption is supreme in Marion County Democratic politics.

Watch your signs and take pictures or video of those stealing them.

Peterson has to go, he's a thug just like Monroe Gray and Ron Gibson, a rich THUG.

It's a shame the rich millionaire white boy never got to know blacks well enough to distinguish the good ones from those suited up and polished from peashake and dope money.

He doesn't' have ANY decent black folks on this team and the are ruining our neighborhoods.

If Ballard is not a threat to Peterson then why is Peterson stealing lawn signs from a unknown candidate?

And that is true about how Peterson has brushed off the black community. Meanwhile, blacks continue to vote for Democratic leadership that has failed us.

In fact, Mayor Peterson has bought off so many black pastors in Indianapolis that it is no wonder the Circle City is headed towards the direction of Detroit in terms of the quality of life.

Thanks to Mayor Bart Peterson--he has segregated City Hall, refuses to assist or protect constituents who are unfortunate enough to have black representatives who turns out to be a rogue, or against city attorneys and employees who call pastors niggers, black attorney's Willie Lynch’s nephew, and constituents "bitches, whores and dykes."

Yes people, the Mayor of Indianapolis (who is a white Democrat) is calling our black women these names. Where is the Indianapolis Branch of the NAACP?

Of course I am never surprised to see the sexism in our black churches. But Atty. Williams is pissed off of the fact that so many black pastors have allowed Bart Peterson to get away with this.

White Democrats always know where to go to buy a bulk of the black vote. The churches. Meanwhile, under Peterson's leadership race relations have worsened. I would like to know that the Indianapolis Branch of the NAACP is saying about this chicanery going on in their city.

There you have it. Get out there and vote this coming Tuesday.

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