Friday, November 09, 2007

Save The Children Who Want Help In The Classroom by Akindele Akinyemi

I am focusing more of my energy on saving our young, gifted and black children in our community. I am tired of saving our at-risk children when we have so many programs in our community that both the children and their at-risk parents are not taking advantage of to help their families academically and spiritually.

We never talk about the children in the inner cities who are enjoying a 4.0 GPA and come from a two parent home but face sexuality issues, peer pressure and depression. We, as a community, neglect these children because we feel that they are on cloud nine and belong to groups like Jack and Jill. This is so far from the truth.

One child in the school I work, has a 3.8 GPA, on the National Honor Society, and go to church with her parents on a regular basis. However, this child is obese and she is always depressed about her weight. She says the counselors in the building do not help her nor does the Teen Health Center. She complained about how 95% of the attention in the school is geared towards bad children but never the students who want to excel.

I feel her pain. Our outstanding students are neglected in so many angles.

The at-risk children in our educational institutions are running the show. Let's face it. They cuss out teachers, eat in the classroom, kiss and fondle each other in the classroom, play dice in the school, smoke weed, bang in the back hallways and have food fights in the cafeteria.

They are suspended on a daily basis for three days and come back and do the same thing over and over again. They are not in school to learn but to disrupt.

I understand why they act like this. Most of these children are crack children and substance abuse children who cannot control themselves. 75% of the children in our urban schools are bi-polar. This is a recipe for disaster. There is no way a teacher can conduct a lesson under these types of conditions.

In some urban high schools the conditions are so bad that at-risk girls are extremely aggressive, highly sexual and so filthy and nasty that in the restrooms they leave their used pads on the restroom floor, in the garbage can or on the sink. Most of them do not even wash their hands and then go into the classroom and touch and kiss other boys. Diseases are entering into the classroom that puts the teacher in danger of catching something from a filthy females.

These same at-risk females are kissing on other girls in the classroom, sporting tongue rings and walk out of class at free will. If the teacher is trying to restore some level of civility in the classroom they are met with a female cussing them out. What about these weak ass at-risk males who walk around talking about "what up cuz" to a teacher? They are as soft as 1-ply toliet paper.

The at-risk boys are flossing, blousing their shirts like females and sagging their pants with earrings in both ears. They cuss in class, disrespect the teacher and do not mind being in in-house school suspension daily.

The reason why the children are at-risk to begin with is because they come from poverty. The daddy is not at home and the mama is not at home. These children are practically raising themselves. The mama can make breed children but leave the children to roam wild in the house (and the hood) and they take that behavior into the classroom.

The community should lock these children up and their parents for neglect and disruption in our schools. We need to build more jails to cage such animals. An animal who likes to breed children into the world should be on display at the zoo. I am not in the educational business to try to save all children in the urban community. I am in the business of building leadership in our community. We do not need to come down to the level of an animal we need to teach the animal new tricks so they can come up to our level. In other words, civilize them to become righteous human beings.

I am not a fan of Last Chance Academies that are popping up in our community. These are nothing but money grabs by black race preacher pimps who are doing nothing but making a profit.

We need to provide and help our children who want to be in school. It's time that we embrace those children who are excelling in school but have problems. These children might be experiencing a crisis in their personal lives. We have for so long neglected these children because we are so busy trying to save the at-risk children. It's time that we focus our energies on saving and preparing our next generation. The generation that are willing to work hard, understand that God is the key and love life not death. At-risk children strive for death, seek a handout like their parents and enjoy a life of poverty in the hood.

I am for helping our students who are going places in life. It's time out for trying to save everyone.

Some at-risk children become human after a while but for the most part we are not going to be able to save all of them in our community. We are going to need to lock them up and throw away the key until they realize that life is not a game. We do not need anymore programs or academies to try to tame the wild beasts.

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