Friday, November 23, 2007

I Was Jumped by a Gang Called “The Black Community” and Lived to Tell About It by I.C. Jackson

Black people, why is it that whenever there is a minority school of thought among us that actually challenges the status quo, the conglomerate instinctively attacks?

Can’t I just disagree with your Black behind?

It’s not a crime to think for yourself! When you begin to think for yourself, you start to question the box, examine the box, and if you aren’t beaten down by the masses in the meantime, you may even decide that the box isn’t for you...and so begins the journey toward thinking outside of it.

Now THAT will get you killed in the Black community.

People, its one thing to think that I am an idiot for being a Black conservative (and it’s ok; in all too many cases, the feeling is mutual), but to not have the capacity to at least understand how I could think the way that I do? Well, that’s just ignorant.

Think about it: if you really, as a (supposedly) rational adult cannot sit down and figure out how I, as another rational adult could accept the views that I do, something is automatically wrong with the way you think. If logic can’t point you in the direction of my train of thought, either I am insane or you are just ignorant (I’m using a much nicer word to describe you than I would...God is working with me...).

And honey, I’m not crazy in the least – I am totally sane.

While I categorically disagree with liberalism, I do at least see how you could subscribe to such a belief system. Why? Because I’m not an idiot. Conservatism is based on a set of values; the Republican party has a platform – if you can’t at least connect the dots of logic and say, ‘Well, while I disagree with that, I see how you could come to those conclusions,’ then it only attests to the fact that both your mind and understanding are very, very small and limited. I and other colleagues of mine have been publicly, viciously attacked for simply daring to disagree with the Black socialist, I mean Democratic masses.

If you know me, you know that I keep it civil; yet, my civility is always met by hostility from those who are offended by my freedom.

You don’t think it’s my freedom that makes you so upset? What else would offend you? How dare I not be a Black nationalist? How dare I be a child of God first, a woman second, and Black at a distant third or fourth? How dare I not wear my heart on my sleeve and adopt my values and base my decisions on how I feel? How dare I think that maybe it’s the flawed, socialistic, unconditional community-loyalty ethic that you claim will free us that is the very thing that is keeping us down? How dare I critically analyze our history and rethink our tactics concerning exercising civil liberties and achieving socioeconomic equality on a regular basis throughout the year instead of just celebrating a few nice things a few great people did once upon a time for one month? How dare I smash my rose-colored glasses and look at the Black community with my own eyes and not those of our impotent tribal chiefs?

How dare I think for myself? How dare I disagree with you?

And you say Bush is a tyrant...

(pause to just breathe...)

Your offense at my freedom, however, is a spirit; a spirit of rejection, actually.

Did you notice that the Black Nationalist movement began to rise as the Black family unit began to disintegrate? Men and women who have come from broken homes are now crying that we should save the community at all costs, even if it is the community that is robbing, raping, and killing us. Even if our own detached children are being misguided and miseducated by the culture of the community that we refuse to rebuke or remove ourselves from, we still give our bleeding hearts to it, declaring that there is hope, even with no evidence, no real goals, and no plan.

People desire belonging; that’s why God places us in families, to fulfill that need. Kids who don’t feel that sense of belonging to a family structure often join gangs. Adults who don’t feel it often become Black Democrats...

I love being Black, and I love Black people. However, I don’t love you enough to let you adversely influence my kids, bring my property value down, or vex my spirit with a culture that I do not morally support. Sorry.

The above description doesn’t apply to all Black people or all Black communities, but what if it does apply to yours? Are you going to stay for the sake of being ‘noble’ while your children and your values suffer?

What happened to Lot and his family, Bible readers? Weren’t they a part of a community that they had affection for, too? Didn’t they have to leave, though?

I am not saying that everyone should automatically migrate from their places of origin and ‘seek out a country’, but what I am saying is that you can’t just blindly pledge allegiance either, especially when you see that it is hurting your family and your future. There have to be determining factors concerning our decisions on how to address issues of Black community and growth that are based on facts and not feelings. The “community” is both physical and mental. It is also spiritual.

The devil is a liar; the community is not all that you have. We do not have to “rise together or not at all.” You’d better believe that I am going to rise, whether you decide to come with me or not. I’m not going to beg you to come up; I’ve tried that, and it doesn’t work. I’m not going to validate your immorality or ignorance for the sake of a common bond or in the name of personal freedom. If your personal freedom doesn’t come with some responsibility, then I don’t need to commune with you, whether you’re Black or not.

So, as I digress, I submit to you that I simply decided one day to think for myself, and that led me to migrate from the inside to the outside of the box. I moved away, and now my old friends think I’m “bougie” for it. They say that I think I’m better than they are or that I hate myself because I don’t choose to “keep it real” or express my Blackness like they suppose I should. They say that I forget where I come from. Well, where I came from didn’t do anything for me but give me a bunch of bad habits and falsehoods to unlearn, so to the wind with where I came from. I know my history, but where I come from can hit the bricks. You can stay if you want, and I can see why you might want to, without calling you names or suggesting that you are crazy. Just let me leave in peace, without there being stress when we get together. I moved away, but I still love you.

I just don’t want to be in the box anymore...

I.C. Jackson has been touched with the Holy Spirit because she is our One Network member from Grand Rapids, MI.


Man of principles said...

Nice. Where are you in Grand Rapids? Check out my blog sometime, Ivo, we should meet up for coffee. A and I have spoke recently and plan on getting together in the near future as well.

Take Care

Anonymous said...

In college I heard, "If at 20 you are not a liberal, you have no heart. If at 30 you are not a conservative, you have no head."