Sunday, November 04, 2007

Illegals getting drivers licenses - WTF??? by Quanicia Wilson

Can somebody please tell me why illegal aliens deserve and should get drivers licenses? There is no reason why. This is just a backdoor way to allow illegals to register to vote. I guess some people need the illegal votes to gain and/or stay in power. This has me livid. Not only do they get free public education, free medical, free housing and unlimited access to entitlement programs, in some cases social security, as well as our children being forced to learn their languages while they moan about learning English and assimilating into American culture, now they want drivers licenses. Hey guys, isn't that a convenient form of valid ID to vote, to fly, get credit, to purchase homes and cars more easily with stolen social security numbers? Don't forget 8 out of the 19 hijackers on 9-11 had drivers licenses.
Don't u just love the state of NY and Hillary Clinton has finally came out in support of it!!! Lets just create more of a magnet for people to break our laws and invade a sovereign nation. Gov Spitzer is CLEARLY out of his mind and acts shocked when he finds out that 72% of his liberal state of NY is against this idea. I guess he thinks he can usurp the federal government, the constitution, and previous state law because he has his agenda. We need to stop this now and make sure that people who come here only come here legally.
I, myself, have helped a family member go through the LEGAL process so I can say that there is a deeper appreciation for this country and our opportunities when u do things the right way. Some may say "well its too hard to come legally"... who said that it was a right or an entitlement to come here? It is a privilege and I know plenty of friends of mine who live in socialist Europe, are educated, and would contribute to society, that would do anything to come here. They resent all of these illegals jumping the line and being rewarded. I say build the fence (that was already signed into law), deport those who are here illegally (it can be done and has been done before), and reduce the incentives that draw them here illegally, and maybe we can reduce the 27% of the federal prison system that are illegals that currently our taxes pay for. Maybe we could even improve the health care and education system if we stopped providing these services to people who are not entitled to receive them.
Before u call me hateful or xenophobic, realize this...I have no problem with LEGAL immigrants. I have a problem with our current open borders, our aid to Mexico, terrorists sneaking in dressed as Hispanics from both the north and south borders (which is already happening), and the ATZLAN movement. Before you give me the spiel about them doing the jobs "Americans wont do" remember that they only represent 24% of all agricultural and service labor, the rest are regular ol' American folks. Maybe if their cheap labor weren't depressing wages, maybe more Americans would take those jobs. I mean, who did it before they came? Before you say that they contribute to society, remember that they also use on average $2700 a yr more in services than they pay in taxes creating a total fiscal burden of nearly $10.4 billion in 2002 (according to the Census Bureau). I'm just a wife and mother who wants my children to grow up in a nation that is still America and is better for them than it was for me.
Quanicia Wilson is my protege from Columbus, GA. She is a member of the One Network.

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