Sunday, November 18, 2007

Our Conservative Angels by Akindele Akinyemi

Quanicia Wilson
Columbus, GA

Ivo Jackson
Grand Rapids, MI

Darla Y. Williams, Esq.
Indianapolis, Indiana

If the future of urban conservatism is going to run strong in 2008 I highly recommend that we begin to see what these sisters are up to. They are the future of One Network and the future of our survival as a whole.

These ladies are not the average typical conservatives who go along with the program. These ladies are serious change agents in our communities.

Over the past 3 decades, billions of dollars have been poured into black communities across the country in hope of curing a host of well-documented socioeconomic problems, including failing schools, inadequate housing, rampant crime and drug abuse, black-on-black killings, and more. Despite the courageous efforts of many local institutions, agencies, school leaders, grassroots organizations, and community residents, the problems remain. In many instances, they have grown worse.

Detroit is now the most dangerous city in America. We can march on crack houses, march in front of high schools and hoop and holler from our pulpits about social injustice but until we change our thinking and understand that families are the key to rebuilding black America we will repeat the same mistakes.

I believe it is time for the urban community to embrace a new forum of leadership. Especially from our sisters. While brothers have fallen by the wayside on their responsibilities we need conservative black women to step up in major leadership roles and make things happen.

Quanicia Wilson is a regular here on this blog. She is from Columbus, GA and this military sister does not bite her tongue for nothing or anyone. While she is faithful to her country and her values this is one sister that is aiming to swing the votes for conservatives in 2008.

Darla Williams is the engine in Indianapolis that led Mayor-elect Greg Ballard to victory earlier this month. Her website, the Indiana Minority Report, educated, liberated and motivated black people to switch their votes over from Democrat to Republican for the first time.

Ivo Jackson is my right hand sister from Grand Rapids, MI. The business minded sister is a staunch conservative who is serious about transforming her community in West Michigan by re instilling moral values, prayer in schools, entrepreneurship and family building.

Together they make up my A-Team. My Angel Team. These are the most fearless black women I have ever met. They are ready to push our conservative agenda out in the open. Ivo Jackson is fired up on the other side of the state while Darla Williams and Quanicia Wilson is preparing to convert more blacks to voting their values. All three are critical to the advancement of our community.

These sisters have supported me since day one. They are angels because they have embraced conservatism. They know conservative lifestyles identifies with the Lord, traditional families values, individual responsibility and etc. They also recognize how liberalism identifies with Godlessness, humanism, continual government assistance, minorities as helpless victims, and plays down the importance of family values.

Conservative black academics and professionals are often maligned for their conservative views, and those who stay the course make up a small group. In the black community, the word “conservative” almost uniformly calls up disparaging and negative stereotypes. But conservatism today is not about protecting the status quo; thinkers and doers such as Jackson, Wilson and Williams are calling for sweeping changes in how our inner cities are run.

Liberal ideology in the 21st century are not realizing our dreams of economic empowerment, strong communities, and high moral standards. It is time for new strong voices to be raised, alternative solutions sought, and fresh ideas tried. Increasingly, these ideas come from conservative thinkers.

The thinkers are these Angels who have been sent to help our people in the urban community.

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