Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Politicians Endangering The Troops AGAIN by Quanicia Wilson

I am so disgusted with the "game playing" democrats do with our soldiers' lives. As an Army veteran who works with the soldiers everyday, my husband and I have a first hand view of what the troops are doing and the effect deployments have on their families. It makes me so sick that they refuse to fund the troops over politics.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan is going much better, the surge is working, our troops are exceptionally doing their job and sacrificing their comfort for us everyday. Even the liberal media has had to admit that there is outstanding success in Iraq and the word "victory" has trickled into news stories all over the country. So what do the democrats do...what they usually do...claim they "support the troops" yet do everything in their power to cut their funds off, demoralize them, and even say the other night in the democrat debate that they thought that "the civil rights of terrorists are more important than our national security."

Regardless of whether you agree with us being there or not, we're there. And please don't try to lecture me about diplomacy because if negotiating with evil worked, we wouldn't have been attacked multiple times throughout the 90s by Al Qaeda and hit on 9-11. If you claim to support the troops, you have to support them with more than empty words. They need their funding NOW not later!!! Delaying their funds gets our troops killed. I think that many liberals have made their bed claiming that we are losing and are invested in defeat. Now that success is around the corner, they are sabotaging the inevitable because of politics.

I was talking to a friend today who is currently deployed to Iraq. He is in a place where they are living in a tent city. He told me that due to shortages in funding they have lost many of their telephones and internet access. It is extremely difficult for them to communicate with their families. The commanders are taking their communication equipment and moving it to other places due to the fact that they don't have sufficient funding to purchase more.

Several months ago, when the democrats delayed the funding and went on Easter break, a friend of mine contacted me. Her husband is in Iraq as well. She said that their vehicles were breaking down and they did not have sufficient replacement parts to get them fully functional so they were "rigging them" the best they could. She said that one day when they were moving their convoy through hostile territory, several trucks broke down stalling their convoy. They ended up taking some hostile fire and thankfully no one was killed. The other problem was that they were not receiving sufficient MREs (food supplies) while in the field. It angered me to no end to hear this.

I have a problem with hypocrites like these liberal politicians who say that they support the troops yet say things like the following:

-This war is lost - Harry Reid (D)

-They are air raiding villages and killing innocent civilians, women and children - Barack Hussein Obama (D)

-They are terrorizing women and children in the dead of night - John Kerry (D)

-They are killing innocent civilians in cold blood - John Murtha (D)

So many quotes I'd be here all day writing them.

These military heroes volunteered for duty as did I. They are not forced to go. Many of my friends who are deployed in the war came in AFTER September 11th and knew what they were getting into. We should support the troops AND their families by making sure they get the funding they need without political strings attached. This money not only funds the troops in harms way but also helps take care of the families left behind as well as takes care of our wounded when they return. I say to these liberal jerkoffs "stop whining about the military's lack of sufficient hospital care or so called lack of body armor if you are the ones causing the problem by not providing their funds." If you're so outraged about the money spent on the "war" why don't you go without some of your damn pork projects or your studies on the firefly or maybe some of your stupid social welfare programs like welfare and food stamps for illegal aliens.

If we dont have security at home, nothing else matters. Quit playing politics with their lives, we're there...get over it!!! Americans are NOT stupid. We see what you are doing. We see Hillary's constant flip flopping on the war. We see your open disdain for the military. We veterans, who were in the military during the LAST Clinton administration, have NOT forgotten how you cut our benefits, left us with antequated insufficient equipment, and left us unprepared for 9-11. We have not forgotten how you treated the Vietnam veterans when they came home from war. AND WE WILL NOT FORGET YOUR WORDS, ACTS, AND DEEDS COME THE NEXT PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION.

God bless America, our troops in harms way, and our military families!!! Read the article below and when you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal in your warm comfy home with your family, remember the troops and their families and how they are going WITHOUT during this holiday season. Pray for our troops and thank them for what they have done throughout our country's history in order for us to celebrate our Thanksgiving in freedom.

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