Sunday, November 18, 2007

Urban Education, Marriage and Family by Akindele Akinyemi

Tomorrow, I will be speaking on urban education, marriage and family in our community. This event will be sponsored by the Family Rights Coalition.

Detroit is the most dangerous city in America right now. It's also a city that is separate and unequal. But this is not because of so-called white racism. It is because of the complete fear of commitment.

It is easy for us to commit to protesting racism in Jena, Louisiana but not commit to our wives. It is easy to commit to marching against violent schools but not easy to commit our husbands or boyfriends.

The biggest obstacle facing black people in our community is commitment. Because most of our black churches have drifted away from teaching moral and traditional values and are preaching so-called social justice or so-called liberation theology off the pulpits in our community to keep us emotionally upset at other people who are prospering.

Father absence is the bane of the black community, predisposing its children (boys especially, but increasingly girls as well) to school failure, criminal behavior and economic hardship, and to an intergenerational repetition of the grim cycle.

What is new is the understanding of how deep and wide is the reach of declining marriage -- and the still-forming determination to do something about it.

If we take a look at the low-wealth end, the disproportionate incarceration, unemployment and early death of black men make them unavailable for marriage. At the upper-wealth level, it is the fact that black women are far likelier than black men to complete high school, attend college and earn the professional credentials that would render them "eligible" for marriage.

What is more interesting is the growing number of girls in high school who are lesbian and are conducting sexual harassment against girls who are heterosexual. Yet, not one grassroots or civil rights organization has addressed this serious crisis here in Detroit.

The absence of fathers in our homes means, as well, that girls lack both a pattern against which to measure the boys who pursue them and an example of sacrificial love between a man and a woman. This leads to lesbianism. Girls will go over to their other girlfriends homes for a sleep over and get turned out.

Commitment is important because it shows strength, courage and dedication to each other's mate. This is why I will not support any politician that is anti-family. Raising our taxes, fighting against charter schools or vouchers, supporting Friends of Courts, Title IV-D and not for equal parenting rights demonstrates to me that these people should not serve their elected positions.

We need educational leaders to step up to the plate when preparing our children for commitment and relationships. When they took prayer out of the schools the Devil entered our children's lives and nothing has not been the same since. Now, they have all of these weird tolerance and diversity laws in Michigan to protect homosexuals.

Educational leadership has gotten so weak that they are afraid to challenge the laws on the books. They too, do not promote moral and traditional values. Some of these educational leaders are pastors and ministers who cry God but will not practice God.

The biggest thing about marriage and commitment is the economic advantage of being together. A family that understands financial literacy and understand the importance of not living over their means will come out better than a single parent.

With that said and done I hope you come out tomorrow at the Oakland County Courthouse located at 12oo Telegraph in Pontiac, Michigan. I will take center stage at 7:00pm so come out and support a family movement that is taking root here in Metro Detroit.

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