Saturday, November 03, 2007

Why is The Black Community So Unhealthy? By Akindele Akinyemi

One thing urban conservatives should be crafting for discussion is dealing with the health crisis in our community. I have a problem with people who continue to smoke cigarettes and cigars and they are diabetic. I have an issue with people who sit here and eat McDonalds daily when they have high blood pressure.

The black community is the MOST unhealthy community anywhere in this country. We have more fast food restaurants (that are unkept) than other communities and we should be totally outraged.

For example, when I used to live in New Jack City (New Center Area of Detroit) where the Fisher Building and New Center One are located they have decent restaurants. After 5:00pm when the decent restaurants are closed we are left with fast food restaurants like the black owned Burger King on the corner of Seward and Woodard (right next to 59 Seward..the death trap). That Burger King is infested with crack heads and prostitutes that come in and out of the establishment.

Across the street from the Burger King is a new pizza joint. Next door to that is the New China One restaurant (that was busted for having roaches in the back). Down the street from that on Woodward is Popeyes and next door to that is White Castles. Mc Donald's is on West Grand Blvd and the Lodge Freeway.

How can a family enjoy a nice dinner in their neighborhood when there are no decent restaurants to go to?

What about the fish joints that are popping up all over the place that cooks in vegetable oil that hardens the arteries and cause heart attacks? What about the number of black men that hate to eat vegetables? Especially broccoli. Then they crying on Jesus when they have tubes in their noses.

Another thing I have noticed is how places like Whole Foods Center and Good Foods are in the suburbs. I enjoy shopping at these places (actually Whole Foods is my spot in Troy and West Bloomfield). However, when I go into these places I noticed the majority of the people shopping there are white. Is it the fact that white people are more health conscious than blacks or is it a transportation thing?

I am not buying the transportation thing because there are stores like University Market or Foodland on Grand River that sells healthy foods. Most Blacks CHOOSE to eat unhealthy. If we can go to Northland and Fairlane for a pair of shoes then we can go to Whole Foods to live.

The holistic black folks understand how to eat to live. Sometimes they go over board with their pseudo-scientific research on certain herbs. I remember years ago when I was a Muslim that this older Muslim told me that echinacea cures AIDS and the common cold. All lies and deceit.

Oral cancer is a serious threat to black men WHO drinks alcohol AND SMOKE. Why put yourself in a position where you cannot even kiss your wife, girlfriend or daughter?

High blood pressure and diabetes are most of the time DIETARY issues that can be solved if you eat right. This is why I am so against having junk foods in schools. All that sugar goes to the brain and causes children to be diabetic at a young age. The worst thing is that these school boards have been turning down healthy snacks for our children. Who runs the school boards in the black community liberals or conservatives?

I am also against these schools that serve nasty, ridiculous foods to our children in the cafeteria. Unhealthy foods create an unhealthy mind.

Another unhealthy issue is the high rate of heart disease in our community. Hey, I'm sorry, but if eat high fatty foods daily, eat chitterlings (who the hell STILL eats those anyway), eat hog maws, pig snout, and anything that will contribute to high cholesterol then why are you so surprised when you are having a heart attack?

What about the number of black men who will not visit a doctor or dentist? They rely on those herbs and superstition. I have heard it all. They are scared of the white man to stick a needle in their arm because they are afraid that the white man will kill them. Meanwhile, you are smoking a pack a day killing yourself.

An unhealthy choice we love to make is the high rate of STDs in our community. I mean if our people are not dying from the foods we eat we are dying from not closing our legs. We are such an horny race of people that are caught up on sex. Anyone who sits up here and preaches abstinence is fooling themselves because in the back of the mind you too are thinking about sex. Period.

However, it is what we DO with our fantasies that makes all the difference. If you are watching a steady diet of pornography (black on black, black on white, Asian on white, DPs, etc) and you have allowed this to creep into your psychological well being then when you go to work or go to school you cannot even keep your mind on the task at hand because those sexual images are present. Therefore, you are ready to carry out your fantasy. However, that fantasy you want to carry out have consequences.

Those consequences include gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia, herpes, HIV/AIDS, crabs, lice, thrush, and Hepatitis B.

Our brothers are so busy trying to "get some" from that woman who looks fine, got a tight body, and forget to strap up (put a condom on). He goes in bare and guess what, he has herpes. She could be spreading this disease without her knowing (some know it and STILL spread it to other men). Some may have babies with these STDs and infect the child(ren). The children are born into the world half-dead.

The biggest unhealthy choice we conduct in our community that we never talk about is the practice of black genocide. This is when we decide to kill our child in the womb. You call it abortion.

Take a look at the chart below. This should be a wake up call for those black preachers and civil rights activists in the NAACP and other organizations who constantly sweep this under the rug.

Now this is not only unhealthy for our community but we are wiping out an entire generation of leaders that could have been the ones to help our cause as citizens of this country. Why are we practicing such an unhealthy lifestyle? Because that is what liberal policies dictate.

Instead of conducting this crime why don't we push for more adoptions in our community. I have a cousin who was adopted. Her biological mother could not care for her and my aunt is raising her right now.

There are 17 Planned Parenthood clinics in Detroit. These clinics are designed to kill the unborn. In the white community there are OTHER options other than abortion to choose from in their community. In OUR community we want the easy way out so we can continue living our unhealthy lifestyles by screwing and sexing other people at free will.

If we learn to control what's between our legs, and that third opening called the mouth perhaps we can live a lot longer. We want mothers to teach their daughters to save that precious thing for that special someone. We want fathers teaching their boys that if you get a girl pregnant that is YOUR responsibility. We want mothers and fathers to teach our children that when you bring life into the world that is called FAMILY.

Right now, sex is so out of control that we are breeding children like animals.

Black people can live longer if we want to. We choose the culture of death. Unlike these race pimps and civil rights organizations who lie to our people daily about no access to health care we do have access to health care. It's called getting up off your lazy asses and exercising daily. If we exercise, eat right, think positive and walk in God's light you will never need the government to take care of you. Medicaid and all that crap is another tool to keep you dependent on big government. The ONLY time you need to use health insurance is when something major is needed on your body to keep you going.

That is the NEW Pro-Life movement and I think conservatives should meet and discuss how we can implement this new movement into family policies.

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Concerned As Well... said...

I almost fell into tears reading the cover page. I'm with you on this new beginning "Genesis". If there is every going to be a change, it has to start now. We have hispanics doing better than we are as a people. I didn't want to use a specific group as an example, but it's reality!

The minds of our people are so stuck on what happened in the past rather than trying to change the future. This can be done and I believe in us! Let's take a stand and bring "life" to the community!