Saturday, December 01, 2007

Children Need A Whooping In the Classroom by Akindele Akinyemi

I am in favor of bringing back the paddle into the classrooms. When I was growing up here in Detroit and attended a private school the children who would get in trouble would get a paddle on their behinds or the ruler in their hands that left a stinging pain. If you went to Catholic school it was even worse.

Discipline was at a minimal because we followed the rules.

Today, it is a different story.

Our children are out of complete control in our schools. It is sad to see how many children (from K-12) talk back to the teachers and all forms of authority. Our children are cussing at teachers and while administrators know that these children should be disciplined they only suspend these children for 3 days and bring them back.

They do not follow the dress code and the student code of conduct. Most frightening, they know that educational leaders cannot place their hand on them before the parents bring their attorneys up to sue the school for "misconduct."

This is what happens when big government moves dictates the agenda of policy in the schools. They purposely remove morality from the schools and promote immorality in the schools. A gay or lesbian teacher should never be allowed to teach our children in no shape, form or fashion. A teacher who is always thinking about sex should never be permitted to teach in the classroom. That is called a pedophile.

But this is what is happening in large government controlled schools like Detroit. If you cannot lay hands on the children they will run the institution you are controlling.

My thing is this. I think we need to lay hands on these children and explain to the parents that we are a village that are raising your child. If you cannot get with the program then find another school.

I am no fan of government being in the classrooms like this. It is ridiculous. And any lawmaker that supports this notion of restricting parental discipline in the classroom is only saying this because their children do not attend large failing public schools. Most of their children go to private schools.

You see, when you have large government schools it diminishes the parental power by 95%. The larger the school the greater the rate of crime, violence, discipline problems, absenteeism and tardiness. Large schools have 4 times rate of serious discipline problems than small schools: '38% of principals in large schools reported serious discipline problems compared with10% in small schools. - - - serious problem in schools with enrollments of more than 1,000 students.

I feel that parents and teachers should challenge any laws that would prevent you from discipline our children. It is completely insane to think that government can tell us what to do when it comes to discipline our children. We have to stand up and tell government to back it up when our children are acting crazy.

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