Saturday, December 08, 2007

I Was Born In The Wrong Time Period by Akindele Akinyemi

I was born in the wrong time period. I should have been born 20 years before my time.

I am saying this because I feel at times that my efforts going on 20 years have been in vain.

When I speak to my elders in the community they often tell me about the stories about how the urban community was intact. There was a sense of community involved. People looked out after each other and the church was church not just a fashion pit stop to pick up someone. You actually learned about the Word of God in church not going through the emotions.

We do not call each other brothers and sisters anymore. Those terms have been replaced with n*ggas and b*tches. We do not value education anymore. That has been replaced with dropping out of school. Our educational system in the Black community was waned for the past 3 decades. We are not serious about helping our children and now this generation is demonstrating their self-hatred.

When a female got pregnant she was looked down and sent down South until she had the baby. Today, we have grandmothers at 29 years old. Not only our sisters have 5 children by the time they are 20 years old we get the bridge card and think it is VISA or Master Card.

It was safe to leave your door unlocked at night back in the day. Today, you cannot even sit on your front porch.

Remember when you used to play on block until the second streetlight came on before you went indoors for the night? Today, we never come home period.

What about when your uncle or father had just one tattoo on their arm? Today, we cover our bodies with tattoos, ear piercings and other crap.

Speaking of fathers, remember when they USED to be in the home? Today, that is ancient history.

Remember when it was cool if you worked? Today, it's cool if you don't work.

I feel out of place at times because in this city called Detroit I have a hard time finding people to vibe with when it comes to genuine ideas. I go to many functions here and all I see is the same people at these functions. I do not care of its the International Detroit Black Expo, NAACP Dinners, Freedom Weekend, Barrister Ball, Seldom Blues, LOLA's, The Rhino, etc. I see the same exact crowd. This tells me that our educated population who are doing positive things in this city is very small. Politically, I go to Democratic events to hear the opposing viewpoints but I have never, ever seen the same Young Dems at a Republican function to hear the opposing viewpoints. Are we so caught up in our own world that we have blinders on?

I have been told to tone down my writings, my speeches and my attitude so people can come to me. I feel that those who are telling me this are afraid of real change. I have no clue of what people are talking about. The only thing I can think of is women wanting a strong man in theory only and not practice.

I have been told that I am stuck in the 50s when a woman did listen to her man. Today, our sisters do not listen to any man...even the ones who are doing what they are supposed to be doing. They have accepted this culture of being single instead of building positive relationships with good, strong, marriageable men who want to build God's Kingdom here on Earth.

We did not have all of this suicide-homicide mess going on in our communities back then.

I also noticed how Black families took marriage seriously back then. Proof of that is take a look at your own family and see who is still married after 40 years. My generation do not take marriage seriously and when we do we divorce after 4-6 years. When we re-marry it is shorter than the first marriage. What about those who do not want any strings attached and just want to mess around? Is that dating or hoe-ing around? Which one is it?

The economics of the Black community was intact. Up until the Federal Government built I-75 near Downtown Detroit in their urban renewal project we had a community called Paradise Valley. This is where we had Black businesses down Hastings Street. We also had businesses down Linwood and Dexter. Black people who owned these businesses treated their customers with the upmost respect.

Today, we have Black owned businesses but we lack customer service skills. As much as I want to support Black owned businesses in the City of Detroit I cannot deal with the unprofessionalism, not opening on time and closing early. Again, I was born in the wrong time period.

As an urban conservative I would like to see our communities become more intact and more conservative once again. I do not know if Jesus Christ would have to come back to do this but I feel out of place in my community. I cannot deal with the 1 billion tattoos, the tongue rings, the sagging pants, the sister or brother who wears locks and preach Black Power to me, the failing educational system, and the lack of family relationships in our community.

If I was a brother who sagged his pants I could get a fine woman because I have a little thug in me.

If I was a brother who made 100K I could get a professional woman who would respect me because of my status.

If I was a preacher I could get a woman because of my status.

But what about the man who has none of this other than their conservative values? They will remain by themselves. Why? Because they do not fit into today's Black culture and society. They are viewed as an outcast in their own community.

Those men, along with myself, were born in the wrong time period.


Anonymous said...

Coopted ExProgressive - write me in response on your blog - to this ? - Why did you write this " I can not deal with ..., the sister or brother who wears" (locs) "locks" sic "& preach"(es) "Black Power to me "
What is wrong with Black Afrikans wearing locs in their natural God given state without chemicals or straightening combs & what is wrong with Black Power? How is your statement not Black Afrikan Self hatred?

Conservatives & all people look at a progressive Black Afrikan blog -

Akindele F. Akinyemi said...

Nothing you ignornat ass nationalist. This is my point of not reading my paragraph properly.

My son wears locks so of course I have nothing against wearing locks.

My Point was how these people come up and preach blackness but do not practice what they preach.

Pierce Phillips said...

Sorry I got to this post so late - it's been what, 1.5 years since you posted it. I have to say, THANK YOU for posting this, it really resonated with me. I found it by Google-searching "feel like you were born in the wrong time period", because I share your view that some things used to be better back a few decades or more. I feel like if family -- true Christian marriage -- still mattered, if respect was valued more than an arrogant punk attitude, if self-respect mattered more than living a gansta lifestyle with the constant negative actions and influences on the upcoming youth...this would be a lot stronger country, with a lower divorce rate and happier households and more promising youth and a brighter future on the horizon; it would impact everything from AIDS to public education to the economic collapse. Things are just different now, and black or white or whatever color you may be, there is a big generation gap between the values of the old and the values of the young, and frankly, I think it was better the old way. As a man from the South, where conservative values and a sense of identity tied to family held on a little longer than elsewhere in the country, I have to say I don't like where we're headed.

This is a fascinating blog, and I'm really glad I found it!