Monday, December 17, 2007

Ike Take A Hike by Akindele Akinyemi

Here we go Indianapolis.

Another Black Republican who thinks he is the Lord Jesus Christ.

What's up with City-County Councilman Issac "Ike" Randolph? He gives other Black Republicans a bad name in Indianapolis. I am trying to assemble our base there and his actions makes it hard for us to mobilize.

What pisses me off are how these Black Republicans get into these positions of power and thumb their noses at other people who are less unfortunate.

Four years ago Ike became the darling of the Indiana Republican Party when he sought election to the city-county council. Party leaders from the state down to the local level helped him raise a record-setting $80,000 for his successful bid in District 1 in Pike Township. During that campaign, Randolph reached out to a diverse group of supporters. He signed a questionnaire with the Greater Indianapolis Fairness Alliance promising to support a human rights ordinance which prohibited discrimination on the basis of a person's sexual orientation or gender identity. With the support of Indianapolis' GLBT community, Randolph won his race by a very narrow margin. When the measure came up for a vote before the council, however, Randolph turned on supporters without warning and voted against it.

Of course, Ike has what we call MC Hammer other words you make it to the top and forget the rest.

We need to remind Ike what a true Black Conservative is:

One who believe in the power of Christ.

One who strives to live a Christian lifestyle.

One who understands that education is the passport to freedom. Education is the answer to eliminating poverty in our communities.

One who understand the plight of Black people and at the same time do not blame other races for keeping us down.

One who is for educational options for our children so they have the opportunity to compete with other global children on the planet.

One who SHOWS other how to pull themselves out of poverty and not give them handouts. They don't forget where they come from.

One who have an interest in connecting with brothers and sisters across the African Diaspora.

One who is for protecting Blackwomen at all cost, regardless of her faults.

One who is for teaching a boy how to be a man.

One is for marrying the opposite sex and building healthy marriages and families.

One who is supporting other Black Republican or Black Democrats who share the same core values based on African and Biblical principles.

When I visit the Black Expo every month here in Indianapolis I see young, educated brothers and sisters who are not relying on big government to take care of them but are working to survive in America.

Then the older Black Republicans in the community want a "colorblind" solution, diverse agenda, beg for the crumbs that fall from the table and beg whites to accept them.

That is NOT the right attitude to have.

A real Black Conservative or Republican do not beg to be part of the Indiana Republicans or RNC. You set up shop on your own, come up with an agenda that is based on helping people overcome racism, excuse making and pay attention to this, teaching them responsibility.

What is strange is that Ike Randolph is seen at every press conference with Mayor-elect Greg Ballard. Why is it when Black tokens get a little power we go bananas?

And now the Indiana Republicans are backing off Ike. That's what happens when you put your name on a ballot as a mayorial candidate. Of course this caused as strained relationship with the IRP and therefore he didn't even run for re-election to his own seat. It did not matter because his district switched over to the Democrats. Most observers recall very little effort that Randolph put forward openly to support Ballard's election this past year.

In this city we need people who are going to stand up and do what is right. The Black communities in Indianapolis are the tragic results of class/ race subjugation, an oppressive situation created and exploited by the liberal/socialist movement of this corrupt state, and systematically perpetuated and reinforced through their various institutions. The wretched conditions that are inherent within these ghettos continue to exist not because there are no means of erasing them, but rather because they have proven profitable to the class that created them.

So while Ike Randolph is sitting around waiting for perks we must begin to supply the region with some dynamic leadership as well as devoted brothers and sisters. Those truly progressive elements of the urban conservatives movement that can be won over to the side of the educational struggle should be focused on by the movement and principally dealt with. The failure of the educational and revitalizing economics in our community to put the Black conservative principally against the wall is inexcusable. If the people are to understand the impotency of our bourgeoisie, its opportunism, and the role they are made to play in maintaining our collective oppression, the movement as a whole must create conditions that will lead to such an understanding.

Furthermore, I contend that if urban conservatives can become the basis for our struggle succeeding, and that each of the primary categories of the Black population will assume some leadership responsibilities in leading the struggle, the primary category of urban conservatives will constitute the dynamic revolutionary leadership of the movement will be the urban students in the school framework, and youth as well as those young Black adults who have acquired the basics of professional training. The crucial element in developing this dynamic potential is the training of this segment of young adults.

Urban conservatives, whether they are students and young fledgling professionals must be politicized more, involved in the educational process and have a clear focus on the importance of educational options in our commmunity. We have to produce leaders like Attorney Darla Williams who are not afraid to stand up and do what's right.

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