Sunday, December 23, 2007

No Trust in Government by Akindele Akinyemi

The decline in citizens trusting our government is declining every second. Politics can be so full of crap that it makes you vomit.

Presently, 76% have a low respect for Congress,and 69% have a low respect for the President. I am not surprised with all of the bickering and greasing each other pawns that go on in D.C and Lansing.

78% believe the federal government has too much power while state and local governments have increased power as well.

In fact, trust in government correlates to trust in certain professionals--lawyers and news professionals. Most federal & state legislators are lawyers, yet Citizen Trust in the Honesty & Ethics of lawyers has declined to new lows. Is there a coincidence that while the USA leads the world in lawyers per capita it also leads in trade deficits?

What about the news professionals? Citizens depend on news professionals to monitor government and report unbiased news, although 96% believe it's their duty to 'educate' the public, instead of simply providing balanced and unbiased news, yet at election time 89% of those reporting news vote for the political party most aligned with 'big government'.

In other words they align with the Democratic Party.

This does not surprise me at all. I could never figure out why all of the news media is attacking Fox News Channel. Also, the NNPA (Black Press) is the MOST biased newspaper network I have ever read. The same goes for Black local newspapers like the Michigan Citizen and Michigan Chronicle. I cannot forget the Native Detroiter magazine who enjoys their love fest to Jennifer Granholm and other liberals that have done a wonderful job in destroying the economics here in Detroit.

Speaking of Michigan and state government few citizen recognize the massive growth of state & local governments. If they think government growth is only at the federal level - - they think wrongly. Most people know today's working people 'carry on their backs' more seniors than any prior generation - - with little expected in return.

Since 1990, state & local government employee head-counts increased 26%, compared to a 19% growth of the national population - That's 37% faster growth than the population. The excessive growth continues. Headcount should have increased slower than the 110% population growth over the past 60 years, if there were efficiency in government. But, government head-counts increased 474%.

It sounds like we need to privatize services in state government. I cannot see all of the fuss about Chief Judge Mary Beth Kelly on the Wayne County Circuit Courts wanting to privatize the Friends of Courts.

Truth be told states are privatizing utilities, prison management, data processing, foster care and others. Counties and cities and schools are privatizing fire protection, police protection, waste-water treatment, street lighting, tree trimming, snow removal, hospitals, custodial and jails.

With all of these factors working against the average citizen it is no wonder that we continue to walk in the dark.

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Anonymous said...

The reason why people don't trust the government is because the government is becoming too secretive & the government doesn't serve the needs of the majority of people - destruction of Prisoner of War Interrogations - secret / Continue to fight & occupy Iraq & Afghanistan under false pretenses when the majority of the citizens want the US to stop the War & occupation & meet the domestic needs of the US