Saturday, December 29, 2007

President Reagan Was Not Hostile To Blacks by Akindele Akinyemi

I have to put away the greatest myth in modern Black history before we close out 2007. Did former U.S. President Ronald Reagan hate Black people? Was he against the working class in our community?

I ask that question because everyone in my family hated this man. I was taught that Democrats fought for the working class and people have jobs when a Democrat is in office. I was also taught that the Republicans hated Black people and we never have jobs when Republicans are in office.

I was also taught that if Black people became Republicans we were sellouts and Uncle Toms.

I was taught that Ronald Reagan is the moral enemy of the Black community. After leaving my "hatred of White people" stage in my 20s and began to view the world in a different light I went back to examine the actual policies of Ronald Reagan. Come to find out that he was not a bad President after all.

For example I remember growing up here in Detroit that President Reagan cut social spending for the poor. After doing some serious research I found out that Federal spending for social programs increased from $344.3 billion in 1981 to $412 billion in 1989, a 19.7 percent increase using 1982 dollars. As a percentage of Gross National Product, social spending during Reagan's two terms averaged 1.73 percent.

I was also told that Reagan supported the apartheid in South Africa. After doing some research on this it comes to find out that President Reagan Reagan pursued a policy of "constructive engagement." According to the Journal of Modern African Studies, Great Britain, "This policy held that quiet diplomacy, contact with oppositionist bodies, application of fair employment practices under the Sullivan Principles by American companies operating in South Africa, assistance programs to train Africans, and public statements endorsing reform would do more to undermine apartheid than would confrontational measures, including sanctions and disinvestment."

More importantly what I have never heard of until now was how from the end of 1982 to 1989, black unemployment dropped 9 percentage points (from 20.4 percent to 11.4 percent), while white unemployment dropped by only 4 percentage points. Black household income went up 84 percent from 1980 to 1990, versus a white household income increase of 68 percent. The number of black-owned businesses increased from 308,000 in 1982 to 424,000 in 1987, a 38 percent rise versus a 14 percent increase in the total number of firms in the United States. Receipts by black-owned firms more than doubled, from $9.6 billion to $19.8 billion.

So in other words, the Black middle class GREW under President Reagan. So how come we hate this man so much if this was our decade of prosperity?

Sounds like to me that people in my own family as well as around here in my community disliked Reagan because they had a problem with his ideology. We can say the same with Former Governor John Engler here in Michigan. We all know that Engler was a much better Governor than Jennifer Granholm because unemployment was 3% under Engler.

Criticism of Reagan from black leaders is motivated by hate and fear, not an objective review of policies adopted during Reagan’s eight years in office or the status of black Americans. Reagan increased funding for civil rights enforcement, his Justice Department brought more suits to enforce voting rights in its first three years than the Carter administration had in four years. And of course, Reagan signed legislation making Martin Luther King Day a national holiday.

The Reagan tax cuts were a boon for black businesses and entrepreneurs no less than whites, and millions of black Americans went to college, became homeowners, and started achieving the American Dream. Most do not even know he saved Meharry Medical College in Nashville, Tennessee with a $50 million grant to keep Black graduates attending the school to graduate.

On the flip side, under Presidents Johnson and Carter whose "war on poverty" and "Great Society" programs led to today's massive welfare system has kept blacks in poverty, in poor neighborhoods with bad schools, and left them with few options to improve themselves.

Inner-city blacks, who have given their vote to the Democrats for the past forty years, are left wondering what that party has done to remedy the still-prevalent problems within their community.

The leaders of most black advocacy groups refuse to see or admit this. They are still liberal, and so they blame Reagan for their loss of political power and relevancy. As well they should.

Furthermore, Black teenage unemployment fell faster than did white teenage unemployment. And blacks started businesses at a rate faster than that of whites. In 1981, the nation's poverty rate stood at 14 percent. It declined to 11.6 percent in 1988, Reagan's last year in office.
U.S. Census Bureau statistics concur. A set of minority economic profiles released by the Census Bureau show that black households had a median income of $19,758 at the time of the 1990 census, up 84% from 1980, The Associated Press noted in 1992. During that period, white median household incomes climbed 84 percent. The New York Times also reported on the 1990 Census figures indicating blacks did better economically during the Reagan 80s. High school graduation rates also increased, records indicate.

So if President's Truman words are exact by saying the "buck stop here" in the White House we can easily say that President Reagan was a good friend of Black America. If we STOP looking at things emotionally in our community and look at things logically we can begin to see through the lies and deception of the liberal left or through those who claim to be independent voters/thinkers.


Anonymous said...

Coopted ExProgressive - Reagan said poor people can only eat ketchup as a vegetable with government paid lunch - Reagan supported illegal cocaine sales to finance an anti-people rule rebellion in Central America - Reagan honored SS Nazi soldiers

Akindele F. Akinyemi said...

you are such a damn liar. i do not even know why you fabricate S*** when trying to debate someone as superior as me. i am an authentic african not you.

my facts can be sustained. period. reagan honored nazis? bulls***.

you are so hell bent on trying to prove me wrong. your ass have been trying to do so and have failed each time. poor negroes like yourself do not deserve a piece of the american dream but a piece of north korea.

crawl back in your black nationalist/marixist/socialist hole.

Anonymous said...

Coopted ExProgressive - Young Man Reagan was president from 1980 - 1988 - when were you born? I saw video of Jewish people protested Reagan's planned honoring the gravesite of SS Nazi soldiers - I saw Reagan lay a wreath at the gravesite of enemies of the Allies after being asked not to honor the SS Nazis -
So you are superior to me because your bloodline does not have White European in it? That sounds racist to me - I do not refer to you with racial slurs -
I do not call you a "Negro"
Being a true Black Afrikan politically is not based upon blood - it is based upon supporting the Black Afrikan policies that benefit the majority Black Afrikan people - Republican Conservative policies do not benefit the majority Black Afrikan people - Reagan honored racist SS Nazi soldiers - enemies of the US Allies
You should tell me to go back to a Bible-based hole

Akindele F. Akinyemi said...

fool I met with Reagan. He is NOT what you think.

You Black Americans in this country are so paranoid. You want a handout from the "enemy" yet you profess that the White man is the enemy. Full of damn hypocrites.

"Being a true Black Afrikan politically is not based upon blood - it is based upon supporting the Black Afrikan policies that benefit the majority Black Afrikan people - Republican Conservative policies do not benefit the majority Black Afrikan people"

I love free market economics buddy. I actually WORK to get ahead not beg. I seek a woman from the continent to marry not those who are tainted here in Detroit.

Yes I am superior to you because I am building a Kingdon here on Earth. You are calling me names...that alone demonstrates your inferiority towards a true African.

Anonymous said...

Coopted ExProgressive I am not calling you names - based on your professed history you are a coopted ex progressive - unlike racist slurs people can change their politics -
True Christians are supposed to build their kingdom in heaven not on earth
Back on point Reagan honored racist SS Nazi soldiers - the enemies of the US allies- after being asked not to

Anonymous said...

I am a white republican that voted for Ronald at the time.But truly Ronald did honor nazi soldiers.Anonymous user name was trying to make a valid point but all you did mr akindele was call him names.I am sure not all African americans need a handout and not all want a hand out.
There is no need for you to slur other african americans and call ta poster on ypur blog a liar ,all men are created equal and i am suprised that you would call yourself superior in such a fashion,Reagan had some good policies that helped the economy for all races unfortunately he was also kept relations open with south africa during the NP regime and was insensitive to some minority out crys.Both of you are right ,there is no need for insults at the moment..Even white people need help with hand outs and some want nothing else but handouts..Well dont vote democrat or republican vote for whom can get the country out of its current situation and help all races and nationalities said...

The fact that a Democrat Leader, Byrd, was in the KKK, and has said many, many negative things about blacks doesn't bother the Black community?
You forgive Byrd, because, what? He gives you a handout? But you don't agree with Reagan because, even though your Economics improved, you disagree with him on one issue? Honestly, I never heard of this Nazi thing, so I can't really comment on it, but I do know that there are others in the Democrat party who have done Far, Far worse, and have been forgiven for it, because they have the "Right" Ideology.

James said...

Trying to discredit Reagan by making a point that Reagan kept relations open with evil regimes is simple thinking. Presidents do this all the time. Currently the Messiah president elect himself plans on open relations with Iran, North Korea and the like.

Blacks hatred of Reagan is missplaced like a child or drug addict who hates his parents for tough love and more importantly, Higher Expectations of personal achievement. Honestly, the black community as a whole should expect better of themselves and stop the inferiority complex. Expect more out of yourself and you will achieve more then what you currently have.

Here is another reality: Vote democrat (oh ya by the way it is the "Democrat" party not the democratic party)and you will stay where you are. Vote Republican and now a days there is not much difference then voting democrat, you might have a slightly better chance of improving your situation.

Vote Conservative and you will have the best opportunity to achieve your goals. Notice, no pomises, no gauarantees. It is up to you.

Anonymous said...

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