Sunday, December 02, 2007

Send a Message To The Michigan Democratic Leadership by Akindele Akinyemi

This is a plea to my brothers and sisters who are part of the Michigan Democratic Party. I want you to know that I feel that you have been cheated by people who have no concern for Detroit.

It has been brought to my attention that you wanted to support Senator Obama for President and wanted to cast your vote for him the upcoming Michigan Primaries on January 15, 2007.

However, this will not be the case. Even though Hillary Clinton is leading in the polls I concur that the grassroots community could have turned out the vote for Obama and gave Hillary a run for her money. Hell, I would rather see Obama (regardless of how I personally feel or why I did not endorse him) get the nod in Michigan rather than a loon like Clinton.

The Democrats will be on the ballot…Hillary Clinton leading the pack…but John Edwards and Barack Obama gave into a blackmail effort by NH and IA Democrats….and I hope our brothers and sisters in Detroit and other urban areas who support the Michigan Democrats and voters in general remember that. They are running for President of the United States, which includes Michigan, not just Iowa and New Hampshire.

There was an effort to put all the Democrats on the ballot, but gamesmanship on the part of the Democrats, particularly Senator Schauer and Speaker Dillon killed their chance as they ran out of time. They have no one to blame but themselves.

If I was a Democrat I would be pissed off and want action.

If I was you I would vote Republican by the masses on January 15, 2007. I am supporting Gov. Huckabee for President. Any Governor who can get 48% of the Black vote in Arkansas of all places deserves a chance to make history. If you don't like Huckabee check out Ron Paul. Here is a man who just don't give a damn about what comes out of his mouth because he is telling the truth. Both are not popular candidates but all of us, Democrat or Republican, cannot continue supporting the media candidates for President (Clinton and Giuliani). I am not saying that the Michigan Republican Party is all that because it too has fallen off to lobbyists, immorality and ignoring the needs of minorities. Some wanted me to support Romney because he is from Michigan but hell I have not even seen this man in Detroit talking to the urban conservatives. I am not driving 100 miles to hear any Republican candidates. Gas is too high. And where is OUR urban agenda. We call ourselves a party of inclusion but where is the beef?

Brothers and sisters this is not about partisan politics. It is about morals and values. It is moral to include our brothers and sisters for one goal, Jesus Christ. Anything else is null and void when we cannot clean our hearts and minds.

I remember when Democrats voted for John McCain in 2000 over George Bush because Former Gov. John Engler boasted how he was going to deliver the state for Bush. I think that effort was led by Sen. Buzz Thomas (when he was a State Representative).

You have another chance to let the Michigan Democratic Party know that you will not be taken for granted anymore. Start the trend here and let it catch fire nationwide.

Tradition must be challenged. If not you could be living a lie. Our people in Detroit and other urban areas have been living a lie for too long now. In the Book of Mark Chapter 7 verses 1-23 it speaks on traditions. My thing is the elders in our community who continue to support a party that lies to people, deceive people and will not allow the people to vote for their candidate because of blackmail from the DNC deserve another vote?

Generations that do not challenge traditions will always transfer ignorance to the next generation. Break that generational curse of traditionally voting Democrat on January 15, 2007 and SWITCH your vote to REPUBLICAN to send the leadership in the Michigan Democratic Party a message that you are important, your vote is important and what you stand for, as grassroots activists, is very important.

We can debate the issues and candidates but I think its time for Detroit Democrats as well as other Democrats in urban areas to stand up for what's right.

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Said as only Akindele can say it. Added this to the Around the Sphere column this morning... good stuff.


Another Detroit Brother said...

Gov. Mitt Romney was in (Downtown) Detroit in October 2006 as the keynote speaker at the 40th anniversary luncheon of New Detroit.

Note: New Detroit is an organization that was co-founded (along with Detroit Mayor Jerome Cavanagh and business leader J.L. Hudson, Jr.) by his father (Gov. George Romney).

It is "a citizens’ coalition comprised of a cross-section of community leaders committed to finding solutions to the problems that had spawned that summer’s violence and destruction (1967 Detroit Riot)."

"New Detroit not only serves as a forum for identifying urban problems, but also, by providing financial and technical assistance to grass roots community development programs and to a multitude of New Detroit-initiated projects, promotes strategies to reduce them. The organization’s work is divided among several task forces and subcommittees focusing on a wide range of issues: racial and ethnic discrimination, unemployment and job training, minority business development, inadequate health care and housing, drug abuse, substandard education, police harassment, family assistance and child development."

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