Wednesday, December 12, 2007

We Need To Flush Teacher Unions Down The Toilet by Akindele Akinyemi

Of course I feel that teacher unions in the State of Michigan has disrupted the educational process. These unions have got to be one of the most anti-family movements I have ever witnessed in modern times.

I am for eliminating teacher unions and trying a more free market approach to solving the problems of our educational school systems here in Michigan.

The teacher unions here in this state are not in favor of alternative teacher certification requirements for the working families in our community. We, as parents, do not have time to take classes 2:00 PM in the afternoon as if we are still 18 years old.

We do not have time to take additional courses for our certification requirements. If No Child Left Behind is the law of the educational landscape then how come we cannot push for more alternative teacher certification requirements here in Michigan?

It is ridiculous for those people who have been working in the field of economics, finance, engineering or working in a scientific laboratory to go back and go through the politics and bureaucracy to get a provisional teacher certification.

This is engineered by the teacher unions. The same unions that keep teachers in failing school districts that cannot pass their Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) year in and year out.

The teacher unions and educational administrators in this state know that 85% of middle and high school students use inaccurate science textbooks and, honors high school texts are no more difficult than an eighth grade reader was before World War II.

U.S. 12th grade students score at the bottom in the International Math & Science Test Series, compared to students in other nations.

Allow me to point out another perspective to this insanity.

Older teachers who have watched the trend toward these horrible methods, known as a group as constructivism, feel powerless and threatened. The unions are in bed with the academic elite on these issues, and therefore will not protect a teacher who stands on the principle of teacher-centered, basic skills methods. If you express the views I hold in a teacher education classroom, either at the undergraduate or graduate level you may not pass the course. If you express them at an interview you probably won't get a job. I am a victim of both.

Teacher unions have allowed the chaos and disorder to occur in our urban educational systems. The very fact the education establishment and its unions openly fight so vehemently against teacher standards and exams, vouchers, standardized student tests with world-class content, and private & religious schools proves such stonewalling is solely aimed to protect & retain their monopoly power position. The 'separation of church & state game' is employed, not to protect religion and students but to protect their monopoly position.

Over 53% of the money for public education is CONTROLLED by federal & state bureaucracies - immune from parental influence at the local school district level. I keep trying to explain to people that the larger the school the greater the rate of crime, violence, discipline problems, absenteeism and tardiness. Large schools have 4 times rate of serious discipline problems than small schools.

In the meantime too many in Congress (and Michigan State Legislatures, local school boards, and especially in school administrations) will continue to stonewall true education reform - - by assuring once and for all clear measurable world-class achievement standards with monetary consequences for states and school districts and their employees that do not comply, including transferring money to parents to relocate their children outside the monopoly. Education-establishment lobbies are perhaps the largest and best-financed and organized in Michigan, and too many politicians rely on the power and money of that establishment for their own job security, and are scared to death to counter.

In the meantime, too many parents are not watching (and/or don't care to know) so as to take direct action to relocate their children to a high quality education service provider elsewhere. For a parent to be stuck with a poor quality television is one thing - - that just costs a bit of time to return the merchandise and get your money back, without any long range impact to his child. But the downstream inability of a parent's child to recover the 'cost' impact for wasted years of poor education services, because year after year the parent was even less vigilant or willing regarding the child's education quality than to TV quality, is another thing.

So, dear parents, instead of blindly accepting what perhaps educators or the press tell you, for the sake of your child's future please become informed and give your child a real choice to the very best and that means, allow your child to attend only a school system proven by hard data to perform high compared to other nations on the international math & science exam series as well as super ACT and SAT scores with a positive trend. To take any other position may subject your child to a life-long handicap.

This is why the Genesis Project is important for parents to get involved. To help build family centered educational institutions to provide for our children.

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