Saturday, December 01, 2007

Why I Am Supporting Gov. Mike Huckabee for President in 2008 by Akindele Akinyemi

Today, I am officially announcing the endorsement of Gov. Mike Huckabee for President. Whether he wins or not I am highly impressed with his genuine approach of solving issues here in the United States.
I was watching the CNN/YouTube debates last night and Gov. Huckabee impressed me. Here is the final hook for me during those debates. An African American male from Los Angeles, CA asked a question on why African Americans do not vote for Republicans when most of us are originally conservative. Gov. Huckabee stated that the Republican Party has not done a good job in reaching out to African Americans and he clearly stated how 48% of African Americans voted for him when he was Governor of Arkansas.
If the Republican Party want to find someone who can swing the votes in the African American community it will be Huckabee. No one else.
Mayor Guilani cannot do it because he has been historically hostile towards Blacks. Gov. Romney cannot do it because Blacks are traditionally skeptical of the Mormon faith. Most Blacks do not even know Fred Thompson or the other candidates and they have not been reaching out to the urban community.
Speaking of Blacks, the Florida Republican Party is on fire. Not only they have had two Republican debates in the state but they even hosted a Black Republican Conference recently to gain more support for Blacks who are in the Republican Party as well as expanding their outreach efforts to bring Blacks into the Party. I am impressed unlike some of us in the Midwest who want to continue the status quo and wait until election time to bring Blacks into the Party just for a vote. Not interested in Johnny Come Lately types of campaigns.
In various national polls, Huckabee is coming in a solid third behind former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson. In fact,the former Arkansas governor is now running in a dead heat with Mitt Romney in the lead in Iowa.
I think he will beat Romney in Iowa. Huckabee is the sleeper in this race.
Republican voters rate him first in both honesty and morality. Some Democrats I know are even switching their vote for Gov. Huckabee. The very fact that he is in the South makes him a stronger candidate than Romney or Guilani, who are looked at as either an Yankee or Liberal Republican.
The other thing we are not looking at is how this man, with his honesty and being genuine, is correct on many social issues that Huckabee, a Baptist minister, is the real deal. This is playing well among Iowa Republicans, a third of whom are evangelicals and 70 percent of whom are conservatives.
When Huckabee says that "strong families are the foundation of a strong country," he means this. I am SOLD on that alone with him. He fits perfectly into the Genesis Project's aim for opening family centered charter schools.
No one else, Republican or Democrat who is running for President, comes close to this.
In order for our community to build a new form of economic engine we need to take a look at what direction the family has gone in the past 40 years. We have seen the family breakdown and values breakdown that drive poverty in our country today. Poor families are overwhelmingly single-parent families.
Star Parker points out how crime and unemployment among black males is a values crisis, and transforming these young men to productive beings is an economic as well as a values initiative.
Huckabee's stance on the FairTax Initiative is important because it would replace the income tax with a national sales tax. Voters here in Michigan, who are being overtaxed to death, need to understand that embracing the idea of taxing consumption rather than income and production would have every family increasing wealth in their families. That to me sounds like a plan.
Huckabee supports a free market approach to health care, unlike Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who supports Universal Health Care. Universal Health Care is a government form of controlling health care. This is something Congressman John Conyers supports as well as most of the Democratic candidates running.
Under a Huckabee Administration his reform of health care would allow individuals the same tax preferences for purchasing health coverage as employers and that would allow a national market, rather than our current state-regulated fiefdoms, for buying health care.
On Social Security, Huckabee's plan would eliminate the payroll tax and he has expressed support for the idea of personal retirement accounts.
I know many people wanted me to support Obama but I cannot. I want to support a person who reflects my values as a man. While Obama has brought in new potential voters I want young people to understand that it is not always the color of a person's skin or his "rock star" appeal that carries a person to victory. As potential parents and family men and women we need to look for a candidate that is not speaking from the script, have experience in both reaching out to Blacks and Hispanics and would bring America back to being a moral country again.
That person is Gov. Mike Huckabee. I hope people would join me in supporting him for our next President in 2008.

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