Monday, January 14, 2008

Clinton vs Obama on the Black Vote? by Akindele Akinyemi

Who gives a damn about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama fighting over the Black vote? Both are for expansion of big government, they both support universal health care which I totally oppose the the fullest, they both support big government schools that are failing, they both support same sex marriages that kills the foundation of traditional marriage that has been sanctified for millions of years, they both support bringing our troops home when they have never crafted solutions to prevent another terrorist attack and just rehash the same old failed socialist policies that have crippled every single Black community in this country.

When I hear about these two fighting for our vote I shake my head. When I saw Bob Johnson, who founded BET, support Hillary Clinton I was not surprised at all. After all, Hillary's position on the Black community is the same as Bob Johnson, keep promoting garbage in our community with filth and decadence.

And when I hear Dr. Michael Eric Dyson get on the Today Show to say that Blacks are sophisticated voters and not monolithic voters I ask myself why is he lying on national television. Here is one of the prince clown scholars of the Democratic Party who never support our position on anything and even went as far as writing a book against Bill Cosby because Dr. Cosby was telling the facts about how Blacks need to promote more personal responsibility and less government.

I wish our people would stop for a second and understand that if we are social conservatives then why are we supporting candidates that contradict our value system? The entire city of Detroit are ran by Democrats because of the union power in the city. However, our city struggles because we keep trying to do things the same way over and over again.

Republicans needs to stop being scared and jump in a fight for the Black vote because the platform is more value and policy focused than promoting social policies. This is why you hear Black Democrats always taking about bringing in more money to promote social programs. I have yet to hear a Black Democrat talk about economic policies and promoting quality education through choice.


Mahndisa S. Rigmaiden said...

01 15 08

Hey Mr. Akindele:
I TOTALLY Agree with your sentiment here. I am curious to see who you support for President. I am leaning towards Mr. McCain, but still am uncertain.

Whatdya think? Are you for him, Romney or who?

Akindele F. Akinyemi said...

Mahndisa..I am for Huckabee dear...