Sunday, January 20, 2008

Genesis Project Analysis: Creating Public Health Academies by Akindele Akinyemi

In my last blog I spoke on the need for an investment academy to help our children become more financially literate on a global market. I also would like to develop an academy that deals with public health.

For those who might not know what the working definition of public health it is the study and practice of addressing threats to the health of a community. The field pays special attention to the social context of disease and misery, and focuses on improving health through society-wide measures like vaccinations or the fluoridation of drinking water.

Public Health Academies are needed from grades 7th-12 grades in Detroit because the goal of public health is to improve lives through the prevention or treatment of disease. With 83% of Black women in our city who are HIV positive we need to begin the process of education that will not only help eradicate poverty but also create the prevention of diseases in our community.

These public health academies must be based on the free market concept of health and not a socialized form of health (you guys call it universal health care). Speaking of universal health care within these public health academies we will teach our students public policies that are dealing with public health as well as narrowing down the fields of study into epidemiology, biostatistics and health services. Environmental, social, behavioral, and occupational health are also important subfields. Children should be knowledgeable in all those field of study and will be required to travel abroad into Africa to help those in need in places like Ghana and Nigeria.

The public health academies are VITAL because the Black and poor communities in the United States are hit hard with poor health. Politicians are vultures when they toot their so-called universal health care crap with the poor to gain votes. A free market health system works if we would stop being greedy and handle businesses.

These academies are also vital because we must be in the business of training our children prevention rather than treat a disease through surveillance of cases and the promotion of healthy behaviors. In addition to these activities, in many cases treating a disease can be vital to preventing it in others, such as during an outbreak of an infectious disease.

One thing I disagree with in the public health arena in terms of prevention is the distribution of condoms. Our children in their present state should not be encouraged to have sex before their time and when government programs are passing out condoms to high school students this is no more than promoting risky behaviors. We need to teach abstinence as a prevention method.

No one in the hood talks about setting up a charter high school that deals with public health. Now is the time to develop a program in the City of Detroit that will bring a new awareness with our students in terms of public health. Even teaching our students about public hygiene to individuals can take to improve their personal health and wellness.

Detroit can become a health environment to raise our children again with we take some free market approaches to education. This is one of them.

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