Thursday, January 24, 2008

Mayor Kilpatrick Failed Democratic Leadership by Akindele Akinyemi

I get sick and tired of reading and hearing about men sleeping and lying behind their spouses when it comes to infidelity. As a man who is supposed to be a role model for other men and women here in the City of Detroit we should pick our leaders more carefully as well as understanding if they will lead based on integrity, accountability and trust.
Unfortunately, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, who I feel has been under the radar in his second term as mayor, violated all three principles. I am not surprised at all with this type of behavior.
As a leader of the largest city in Michigan he KNOWS that the media is waiting for him to mess up so they can character assassinate him. For him to get involved with his Chief of Staff Christine Beatty, while he was going through marital problems, was a huge mistake.
Now I heard about these allegations almost 4-5 years ago from the streets. However, why would you lie under oath only to be caught down the road? It's better to tell the truth than to lie if you ask me.
But keep in mind how 82% of single family households are right here in Detroit. Keep in mind that poverty is very high as well. When you have a leadership that is immoral that are running your city it is common sense to see how that immoral leadership is reflected through the citizens.
Did Mayor Kilpatrick forget that he wants more educational options in the city? This is something I would like to see as well but the so-called text messaging scandal will overshadow that and now it will make our jobs a lot harder to get more charters in the city because every move he makes now has to be looked under a microscope.
However, how many of our elected officials who represent Detroit are married? Who are actually raising families? Who are also practicing infidelity? I can clearly see why our city is in the condition it's one wants to help rebuild marriageable families to build a stable economic tax base here in Detroit. As long as there are no strings attached we can continue destroying each other and not feel guilty about our actions.
Mayor Kilpatrick, my brother, you are NOT President Bill Clinton. Is that how you want to go out when you are done with your term as mayor? Do you want a legacy like that? Christine Beatty, my sister, you are smarter than this. Knowing that you too are under a microscope (just like all of us in leadership) why would you get caught like this?
I keep trying to explain to people that Detroit needs stable, moral leadership. Leadership where people can actually be married, demonstrate that they can work their problems out without a whole lot of fanfare and not get involved with other women or men while holding office. Mayor Kilpatrick was exposed. We need to check ALL elected officials representing Detroit. Remember, these are Democratic leaders whose main job is to keep us on the plantation.
I voted for Freman Hendrix in the last mayoral election. I felt that Mr. Hendrix could run the city better and I would not have to worry about any scandals under a Hendrix Administration. Many young people voted for Kilpatrick because he is young himself. Now I see why they voted to re-elect him. Most of them enjoy the immorality themselves and not looking at the bigger picture of handling the day to day operations of the city. Think about how many married or people involved in relationships that work or support both Kilpatrick and Beatty. Beatty herself is divorced (because of this crap and more).
I am seeking a moral leadership that can lead by example. Unfortunately, Kilpatrick and Betty has failed to do just that. Now, the mayor has his people running in these state representative races this year. I highly recommend that we look at their backgrounds as well to see if they too are serious about leading by example.
Remember, Hillary Clinton is for expanding gay rights. Barack Obama is for sex education for 5 year olds. Mayor Kilpatrick wants to be President Bill Clinton. I hope you can see why our city is in the condition its in and why they push for "single-family" homes here.
Finally, Mayor Kilpatrick said that these text messages are very embarrassing. I am embarrassed to see us re-elect him for another 4 years because 50% of us cannot read, write or comprehend information. I am also embarrassed to see our leadership not leading but chasing their own tails. Lastly, I am embarrassed to see Black people in this city continuing to vote for a Democratic party that has failed them time and time again. This so-called text scandal is just another example of failed Democratic leadership.

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I like the Mayor, personally. And I like him often times politically too. But geez. C'mon man.

I think it's time to go.


Man of principles said...

I bet Gill Hill doesnt know how to use texting. Personally, I feel Detroit needs less Hip-hop. Especially form elected officials.