Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Mayor Kilpatrick Needs To Resign by Akindele Akinyemi

I have been following the discussions about Mayor Kilpatrick and his so-called text scandal with Christine Beatty.

Young people, who voted for Kilpatrick, STILL want him to finish out his term and said would vote for him again.

Apparently, these are young people who have no integrity just like the mayor because anyone with morals and values would see that this man has to step down from office.

I never voted for Mayor Kilpatrick because I have always questioned his integrity, accountability and trust of the people. We do not need leaders who lie under oath, practice infidelity or any other type of damaging things that you cannot even explain to your own children.

However, the people who still want him to stay in office are people who love the bad boy image. Normally, these are people who cannot read, write and comprehend information. They want someone to think for them. Those who keep on saying it does not matter who the Mayor sleeps with are protecting him because they are doing the exact same thing in their relationships.

It's no wonder that 82% of households in the City of Detroit are headed by single parents (mostly females). Detroiters do not value marriage and family but we embrace screwing at free will. We breed babies into the world here and our leadership reflects that type of mentality. Most of our elected officials are not married, are not engaged in a relationship and have no desire to be committed themselves. So our leadership is a reflection of our community. I can clearly see why the Mayor would do such actions. He is a product of a broken community.

I am glad that Christine Beatty has stepped down as Chief of Staff. It's time that the Mayor step down as Chief Executive Officer of the City of Detroit and turn it over to someone who has integrity to lead and show, by example, how a family man should lead his family and community.

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