Saturday, February 02, 2008

Christianity Has Failed Black People In Detroit by Akindele Akinyemi

During "Black History Month" (whatever that is) I want people to understand how Christianity has failed the people of the City of Detroit. We have a church (associated with a liquor store) on every corner in the hood, yet, the quality of life has declined in our city. Crime is up, poverty is up, unemployment is up, screwing is up, breeding babies is up and race pimping is up as well.

Our estimated population from July 2006 was 871,121. I doubt that we will have 700,000 residents by the year 2010 when the next census come out. If God was pleased with our city our population would increase NOT decrease.

Estimated median household income in 2005: $28,069 (it was $29,526 in 2000)

Detroit $28,069
Michigan: $46,039

During this time of year the Black and Cultural nationalists come out in their African garb to talk about how Blacks are from kings and queens in Africa. They discuss with our children how we were living a wealthy lifestyle. If you look at the estimated median household income above you would see how that is nowhere near wealth but looks like poverty. Again, if God was pleased with our city we would not be living in these conditions because we would follow His instructions and not man's carnal desires.

Everyone preacher claim that they can hear God and then turn around and open up a storefront church. Do they realize that a storefornt church adds to the already growing blight of a community that is dying? You place a cross on the site of someone who is physically dead in the graveyard and then you place a cross on top of the church. Does this symbolize the mental and spiritual death of the congregation inside or does it symbolize the 400 year spiritual bondage that we are accustomed to in this country that has gotten our people nowhere?

Percentage of residents living in poverty in 2005: 31.4% (25.8% for White Non-Hispanic residents, 32.4% for Black residents, 22.7% for Hispanic or Latino residents). We have a church on every corner in Detroit, yet, the race pimps hustle our families out of resources that places them in debt (including foreclosures). So how come in a city where the Democratic Party rules that people cannot find jobs? They claim that they have the best plan to bring jobs into the city. The church is the biggest corporation in our community and yet poverty is sky high.

Look at this:

Races in Detroit:

  • Black (81.6%)
  • White Non-Hispanic (10.5%)
  • Hispanic (5.0%)
  • Other race (2.5%)
  • Two or more races (2.3%)
  • American Indian (0.9%)

Black Power resides in Detroit. During "Black History Month" when the race pimps forces you to reflect on the Black Power Movement thank them for allowing failed welfare and socialist policies to consume the very soul of the Black community. While people were screaming Black power back in the 60s we are now screaming because someone broke into our homes, shot and killed our cousin down the street or screaming because their home was taken away from foreclosure. God is not pleased with the City of Detroit.

For population 25 years and over in Detroit

  • High school or higher: 22.7% (graduate on time)
  • Bachelor's degree or higher: 11.0%
  • Graduate or professional degree: 4.2%
  • Unemployed: 14.4%
  • Mean travel time to work: 28.4 minutes

Now if Christianity worked in Detroit like it was supposed to and we stop using the pulpit to hear ourselves gloat we would be able to establish our family values in our community. During Jim Crow and segregation we supported educational values because our families were intact. Today, marriage in our community is an alternative lifestyle. Our children do not value education. The parent(s) do not have any education to begin with becuse 50% of the population cannot read, write or comprehend information. If they did they would have never elected Bettie Cook Scott to being a State Representative, Martha Reeves to the Detroit City Council or re-elected Mayor Kilpatrick.

Only 11% have a 4 year degree in Detroit and 4% have a graduate degree. If we were to seek compatiability in terms of finding someone on our educational and economic level for marriage it is virtually impossible to do that in Detroit. The Black church has become a meat market for both sexes. No one is interested in being courted anymore.

Only 45, 239 Black people here have a Bachelor's Degree out of 871,000 people.

There can be no denying the fact that 'Christianity' was forced on Black people in order to carry out the African Holocaust/Maafa (Transatlantic slave trade) and the Black church was used as an agent of social control to carry on the slave legacy on the spiritual and mental level long after the physical chains had been rendered obsolete.

In elementary physics class, we are taught that an object in motion tends to stay in motion. Therefore, the Black church has not much deviated from its original intent, which is to control the actions of Black people by using a few religious symbols that will create predictable responses shown in the action of Black people.

Today, the failure of Christianity in Detroit has produced rebellion and confusion in this young generation whose access to information and ideas far surpasses that of previous generations. When theology meets Hip Hop philosophy the results are often catastrophic, a generation trying to find God using the methods of the oppressor.

Is it hypocritical to blame the young folks for making religious martyrs out of slain gangsta rappers, when the church has made saints and religious icons out of popes and preachers who either condoned White supremacy and the enslavement of African people, or refused to take a stand against it? Is it hypocritical to blame the younger generation for worshiping a God who blesses them for advocating Black-on-Black crime, and disrespecting women with Grammy awards and private jets, while the Church has worshiped a God who has rewarded the murderers of Black people with political offices and billion dollar corporations? The religion of Hip Hop is not a result of the practice of an African spirituality, but the mirroring of a non-traditional religious concept.

Now while Christianity has failed Black people in Detroit what about the growing number of Blacks who are becoming Muslim? Black people who I speak with who are interested in Islam consistently explained Islam’s appeal in terms of four benefits: a new sense of personal empowerment; a rigorous call to discipline; an emphasis on family structure and values; and a clear standard of moral behavior. I find that there are more married couples in Islam and other religions than in Christianity. 80% of the population here in Detroit are single, yet, there is a church on every corner in this city. We have a Mayor who is supposed to lead by example and not only he was banging his Chief of Staff (Christine Beatty) but was banging another woman while he was in North Carolina on January 21( MLK Day). It's not just him but state lawmakers from Detroit as well as political leadership here in the City of Detroit. What God are they serving? This immoral type of leadership demonstrates the failure of Christianity here in Detroit.

I do not understand how Black and White conservatives call Islam evil and Christianity good when I can drive anywhere in Detroit and see the full decadence of my community. In fact, look at African countries that have huge Islamic prescence and point me to one that has significant AIDS/HIV problem.... you can't. Because adulterers, homos, pre-marital sex(which is also forbidden) are punished to the law, ya know? Cause religion over there plays a huge role in daily life.

In Detroit, our solution is to create MORE social programs (no one ever talk about economic programs). The operative word here is SOCIAL...SOCIALISM. That is the problem, socialism. Add that to the fact that 97% of us in Detroit vote Democratic and not Republican goes to show you that we are still on a social plantation.

Speaking of plantation, how can we feel comfortable going to church, worshipping God, and hear the pastor talk about moral values when he support politicians that contradict the church's beliefs? How can you call yourself a true conservative supporting Jennifer Granholm or Kwame Kilpatrick? How can you call yourself a true conservative supporting John McCain or Mitt Romney for President? How can you say you are for pro-life and then turn around and support Sen. Barack Obama? How can you say you are pro-fmaily and turn and support Sen. Hillary Clinton? Christianity in Detroit has failed when we do not conduct spiritual education with our congregation to help them understand that their values towards God is the ultimate gift and not following tradtions of men that contradict God's word. If our values are so important to us and Blacks in Detroit are socially conservative then why are we supporting Mayor Kilpatrick or Gov. Granholm or any Republican who refuses to teach the poor how to fish and take personal responsibility?

This is nothing more than plantation politics that keeps us enslaved to a religion that has not brought our families together but refuses to deal with relationship issues in our community to bring families together. Thanks to the weakness of Christianity in Detroit it is more acceptable to be gay or lesbian in our community than be married to the same woman or man in a heterosexual relationship. Gay and Lesbians run our middle and high schools in Detroit. Conservatives blame the Triangle Foundation and their LGBT networks. However, we knew what their agenda was from the beginning. I mean their headquarters are not even 10 minutes from my house here in Detroit. What are the churches doing about these issues and because Christianity is weak in Detroit we have allowed Congressman John Conyers to support a homosexual bill on Capitol Hill without any checks and balances.

How can Christianity in Detroit revive itself?

Any strategy for dealing with the crisis in this city must be based on respect for the moral identity and heritage of the Black community. That moral identity and heritage may be summarized as the primacy of moral and spiritual over material concerns. If moral and spiritual concerns are of first importance, then relations with people are more important than power over things.

What does the world look like to the morally healthy black community that are engaged in true Christian practices? Those who succeed materially at the expense of others (for example, drug dealers, gangsters, vice peddlers, or unscrupulous business people and politicians) deserve condemnation. Those who strive to live decently and with respect for others deserve admiration, even if they appear to fail in material terms. Any of the poorest day laborers who work honestly to support a family, live faithfully in the bosom of their church, and may die broke, are worth more to the community than all the flashy, cash-stuffed drug dealers, gang chieftains, and pimps who afflict less fortunate neighborhoods.

You see, all those Christian ministers, apologists and key people who support Mayor Kilpatrick and his infidelity as well as constant lying are doing the same thing themselves on some level. This is why they came to this man's aid when the story broke out on is infidelity. His followers, including the men of the cloth, have sold their own people on the social plantation for a few pieces of silver. In fact,
the pursuit of the liberal agenda has led many Blacks in Detroit to act without regard for the preservation of their own institutions, such as church and family, which are the repositories of the moral heritage that is the real source of health for the community. Christianity has failed Detroit because Christian ministers
have been co-opted by the secular liberal political network. They act as the government's agents in the Black community, rather than as authentic representatives of the community's interests and principles.

If the present condition of our families and neighborhoods is any indication, this era of government dominance has been a disaster for many Detroiters. Government projects and institutions cannot adequately address the moral dimension of life here in Detroit.

Government-run schools like Detroit Public Schools cannot deal with moral and character formation. Government-administered welfare programs cannot exert moral pressure on young parents to marry and otherwise meet their family obligations. Government-financed job-training programs cannot effectively appeal to conscience or moral aspiration to supply the defect of material motives that necessarily haunts the lives of the poor.

The future of Christanity in Detroit depends on restoring the ethic that people matter more than things. The effective pursuit of happiness by the members of that community will resume only when they remember that happiness is the result of making the right moral choices, not having the right material possessions. This liberating doctrine restores to each person the confidence and hope that he can, by his own actions and beginning right now, take effective steps toward a meaningful and rewarding life. Families do not need to wait for bureaucratic assistance or financial success. When such a confidence spreads in a community, miracles of the human spirit soon become commonplace, and the community can raise itself back to health in ways that look like levitation to those with only eyes for the material factors of life.

To preserve our happiness, therefore, we must continually ensure that our actions are the stuff of which happiness is made. At the communal level, this means reclaiming and strengthening the focal institutions through which we have lived and acted as a people.

The conservative agenda of reclaiming our power and money from Lansing is finally justified not chiefly by abstract arguments about administrative efficiency or even of justice, as though we and the government are parties to some dispute. The question is whether we will resolve again to live our lives in the places we are — to live and love and strive seriously and well to make ourselves happy and make others happy.

The challenge of renewing the foundations of Detroit is one that urban conservatives should take very seriously, because in understanding how to help the spirit of Detroit to revive, we will be remembering the things that are necessary for spiritual renewal.

Otherwise, we cannot blame no one but ourselves for Christianity to fail here in the City of Detroit.


Anonymous said...

Your point is well taken, but I will suggest that moral Islam will not long endure in those conditions. It is novel and a way for some to set themselves apart, but human nature is what it is. I expect we only see the public face of Islam around the world. God does not give morality, God expects morality- just as you do.

Renew Detroit said...

It's the lesbian movement. Black "lipstick" lesbians are all you find on the campus of Wayne State... and they're starting to take over our public schools too.

Get them in check, and you'll get the morals in check.