Monday, February 18, 2008

Detroit, The Fascist City by Akindele Akinyemi

I often ask myself this question all the time. Is Detroit a fascist city?
Fascism -- a political philosophy, movement or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual, and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition. (The state has power over every aspect of the economy to plan and regulate its workings. The factors of production are owned privately, but controlled by the gov­erning authorities as to what and how they are to produce, and what level of profits they are to retain.)
Capitalism -- an economic system characterized by private or corpor­ate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by pri­vate decision rather than by state control, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market. (The state is neither to own nor operate the factors of production, nor to interfere in the peaceful decisions of their operation, leaving them to be controlled by the natural laws such as supply and demand that operate within the marketplace.)
Obviously the two systems are different in the fact that fascism advocates STATE control over the factors of production and their profits, while capitalism advocates PRIVATE control over those factors.
Detroit is considered a fascist form of govenrment because you have a Mayor who will not resign, a City Council that refuses to privitize services and state lawmakers who are hell bent on not raising the cap off charter schools.
The primary distinction between the two systems is that capitalism is a system of economic organization without government involvement, thus its descriptive adjective of "laissez-faire," which means to leave alone. The government's job is basically to preserve the peace and perform those few limited functions granted by the Constitution. Detroit should be moving towards this form of economic freedom. However, we are still trapped on the plantation.
Under fascism, the government's job is to intervene into the marketplace to control all the various economic interactions of its participants. Its role is to manipulate the economic interactions through regulations and the conveyance of special privileges. Government assumes this power because it is felt that this is the only way stability and order can be maintained in society. Again, Detroit is practicing this form of goverment.
Under capitalism, the term "private" means free of government control or involvement. Thus, PRIVATE enterprise is FREE enterprise. Private businesses are entities in which the individual owners (rather than public officials) make the decisions of hiring, pricing, wage determination, production levels, policy planning, profit disposal, etc. Government is divorced from these economic decisions.
Fascism is thus a command economy where massive centralized government is developed to regulate its citizens' lives. The major power centers of society -- government, corporations, and banks -- form a triad to monopolize and manipulate the economy according to their liking, their aggrandizement, and their profit at the expense of the individual and his rights.
Where has this form of government ever worked anywhere on Earth? It has never worked. In Detroit, this form of government has never worked in the past 60 years so why do we continue to vote for tax and spend liberals who continue the status quo?
It is because we never moved off the plantation.
You see, a majority of Black people in Detroit are still enslaved by liberal policies. Yes, we are free to have a house that we cannot take care of, free to send our children to failing public schools, free to make babies that we cannot take care of and free to kill oursleves. This is a slave mentality.
"The essence of fascism," writes Thomas J. DiLorenzo of Loyola College, "is that government should be the master, not the servant, of the people. Think about this. Does anyone in America really believe that this is not what we have now? Are Internal Revenue Service agents really our "servants"? Is compulsory "national service" for young people...not a classic example of coercing individuals to serve the state? Isn't the whole idea behind the massive regulation and regimentation of American industry and society the notion that individuals should be forced to behave in ways defined by a small governmental elite?" [Ideas on Liberty, June 1994, p. 289.]
"Virtually all of the specific economic policies advocated by the Italian and German fascists of the 1930's," says DiLorenzo, "have also been adopted in the United States in some form, and continue to be adopted to this day. Sixty years ago, those who adopted these interventionist policies in Italy and Germany did so because they wanted to destroy economic liberty, free enterprise, and individualism. Only if these institutions were abolished could they hope to achieve the kind of totalitarian state they had in mind." [Ibid., p. 292]
Why then do our political elites, our corporations, and our bankers attempt to maintain the fiction that we are a capitalist economy when we are so obviously becoming every decade more and more of a government manipulated FASCIST economy?
Business owners do not have true control of their businesses without the right to freely set prices and wages, retain their profits, formulate policy as they see fit, etc. Ownership without control is a fiction, a contradiction in terms. But this is what we have in America today -- ownership without real control. Government sets price ceilings and floors, dictates wages through laws and labor courts, and confiscates profits. This is Mussolini's corporate-statism, i.e., fascism -- not full blown fascism yet, but well on its way. Under such a regime, government becomes a "partner" to all corporations, and they, in essence, operate jointly.
Indeed, what kind of "partnership" is it when Lansing's black limousine crowd skims off whatever profits it can bamboozle 51% of the people to vote for? What kind of partnership is it that allows businesses to continue to operate only if they remain obedient to Lansing's dictates? This is not free enterprise! This is the evolution of economic fascism! Our corporations in Michigan have become more and more fascist every decade because our state government assumes more and more control over them through regulations or tax policy, or both. Ironically many corporations welcome the omnipresent regulatory arm of government, because it can often be used to monopolize their markets and protect them from competition.
Hopefully you will be able to see that fascism is growing in Michigan and in its urban areas like Detroit through government intervention into the economy and the myriad controls that Lansing forces upon our businesses and banks. But it is not inevitable; we do not have to meekly tolerate its growth. Fascism (like any other form of collectivism) cannot be sustained without confiscatory taxation. Thus if we wish to stop today's tyrannical drift in Lansing, we must become concerned with RADICAL TAX REFORM.
This is why I support the Michigan Fair Tax. We do not need a Michigan Business Tax (which is a cute and neat form of the Single Business Tax).
Any perusal of history shows that every dictatorship that has ever solidified its tentacles around its citizens' lives has used the ability to tax their income as its lever to power. For this reason, the Founders were firmly committed to a country WITHOUT AN INCOME TAX. Therefore this must be our ultimate goal -- total repeal of the income tax. But in fighting this fight, we must remember two things: 1) We're up against fascist mentalities. They are ruthless, totally immoral, and in love with power over all other pursuits in life. They have formed a tacit alliance with masses of unthinking voters by subsidizing them at the expense of those productive members of the middle and upper classes. To overthrow this corrupt game will require courage and commitment of the highest order. 2) Secondly, we must understand that while radical LEGAL change can sometimes be won quickly in the courts, radical POLITICAL change comes about only through incremental victories.
Until that happens, we will still be stuck on an economic plantation that will continue to enslave us as a people.

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