Monday, February 18, 2008

Detroit Must Move In The Direction of Progress by Akindele Akinyemi

Detroit remains a lull in the scope of her business development. This is however attributable to her choking pace of appreciating technological innovation.
Detroit have been stuck on stupid when it came to revolutionzing the free market. While we are losing jobs in urban areas across Michigan it is time that we look at transforming urban areas from being an automotive center to a financial market. Globalization today represents a dynamic that is geared to different speeds of business growth depending on geography and where with certainty, urban Michigan remains in the Dark Age-the threat of being cut from the rest of the world.
Technology plays a huge role in developing financial markets similar to the Four Asian Tigers here in urban Michigan. Conservatives must understand that globalization is necessary to keep Michigan moving. This does not mean outshipping jobs per se out of the state but making places like Detroit another financial hub like New York City.
However, when one discuss capitalism and economic freedom in Detroit it is perceived as part of the white man's conspiracy. The political and economical strucutre in Detroit is designed to keep people on a plantaiton. In other words, to keep people dependent on government to take care of us. Therefore, political leaders who we elect year after year have long felt and acted anti-capitalist and anti-free market. During Michigan's educational crisis, the teacher unions have channeled much aid to state lawmakers, trying to buy friends to keep educational options off the table. Our leaders focused on the interests of the donors to obtain even more money. Because of the easy option of being bought off by special interets, our state lawmakers never have to get involved in the difficult business of improving productivity. Most of them, on both sides of the aisle, are addicted to money and donations and became mere whores for the special interest groups to block free market education and economics. Therefore, the interests of the people are never taken into account.
Detroit must recognize that she is not a poor city. Detroit is rich in subsurface wealth. Detroit has a huge market of people struggling in poverty simply because our educational and economic system have pledged an allegiance to our plantation masters who makes it difficult to enact a uniform business oriented legislation that will make it easy for entrepreneurs to spring up and address the demands of this market.
Detroiters can make poverty history by owning the Detroit problem. What Detroiters ought to recognize is the fact that economies do not grow by one addressing only the demands of his neighborhood. Detroit investors must look beyond the horizon. The Detroit leadership should facilitate the local investors’ ability to expand to enable Detroiters to build freely and invest in the city from a free market perspective. More emphasis must be placed on the business climate in the city, and efforts made to increase security for Detroiters. By trading its wealth, Detroiters will be able to take care of the health of their citizens, improve their infrastructure and provide quality education to our citizens.

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