Friday, February 01, 2008

Get Rid Of Black History Month by Akindele Akinyemi

I almost forgot today is the beginning of Black History Month. This was not on my radar like most of Black people because this is where all of the cultural nationalists show how Black they really are in the Black community. They will play the drums, wear African clothing and speak a langauge that they do not even use on a regular basis. They will recite poetry to stroke their ego and talk about the African American Expereince with Michael Eric Dyson and Cornell West. We will watch the Civil Rights Movement on video as well as people reminding us how racist White people are. They will recite the Nguzo Saba and talk about how we need to go to Africa.

Black History Month has no significance to me on a personal level. In fact, I cannot remember the last time I even celebrated Black History Month. It has been so long because Black History for me is everyday.

People need to understand that Black History is American History. Black history is world history. So I refuse to place my history for 28-29 days in February when my-story expands the whole globe.

Blacks help build America and maintained it for over 400 years. Now we get excited to hear how Black we are during the month of February. In fact, this is where Black liberals get together to brainwash our children on extreme socialist philosophies that will damage them down the road and keep our babies angry at the White man.

Actor Morgan Freeman said this about Black History Month on 60 Minutes:

"The notion of a special month for black history may be hurting rather than helping efforts for racial equality, Freeman believes. How are we going to get rid of racism? Stop talking about it!"

I agree. If you want to get rid of racism stop bringing it up in discussion. You are giving life to racism or sex when you keep bringing it up in your mind and verbalize it physically.

During this special time of the month you will only hear about Black liberals and their contribution to the Black community. That contribution is normally keeping our people on the plantation. On the flip side you will never hear Star Parker, Clarence Thomas, Alan Keyes, Thomas Sowell, Condoleeza Rice, or any other Black conservative because we are the only race of people that call those who may not agree with the plantation mentality "sellouts."

Carter G. Woodson is the father of Black History Month. Of course, Woodson, Dr. King, Malcolm X and many other leaders who are dead would die again to see how Blacks in our community have degenerated. Whites do not have to hang us from trees because we kill oursleves. The Black family is non-existent in the community because we have traded parenting for breeding children like animals. We produce more Ph.Ds in sex and breeding in our community than Ph.Ds in mathematics and science.

Where we once valued our women MOST of our men in the community are now practicing infidelity in their relationships and are getting away. Just ask Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick. He is the mayor of Detroit and can sleep with his former Chief of Staff over and over again and then hide in HIS church and sit in front of a teleprompter on televsion to apologize to the City of Detroit for his actions and have his wife, who he has three children with, look extremely pitiful, wearing his suit with her rehearshed sob story that she rehearsed in the mansion for a week. She is trapped in this marriage with this unfaithful deadbeat.

It is immorality, not White people, the White media or White racism, that has devastated the Black family. In 1963, more than 70 percent of black families were headed by married couples. In 2005, 35 percent of black children were living with two parents, compared to 84 percent of Asian children, 76 percent of white children, and 65 percent of Hispanic children. 80% of households in Detroit are headed by single parents (mostly women) and we want to support a Mayor who is immoral. You keep supporting things and people who are immoral and you will get immoral results. How come the supporters of Kilpatrick forgot to tell you that? That is because a majority of them practice the same thing as Kilpatrick and the liberal Black churches just tell their congregation to just "pray for them" and "move on." No accountability and no integrity. I am losing faith in our Black churches.

Seventy percent of black boys in the criminal justice system come from single-parent homes. Fatherlessness is correlated with criminality, poverty and low academic achievement. Fatherless children are more likely to beget fatherless children — and the cycle continues. This is called living on the plantation and Black failed liberal policies simply do not work in our community. Just look at Detroit.

Our forefathers would scream to see how Black Nationalists and Black politicians have exploited race as an excuse for NOT taking responsibility in their homes and using the Black experience to pimp our community to the breaking point.

At 13 percent of the U.S. population, blacks commit more than half the reported murders.

Now Carter G. Woodson was born in 1875 during Reconstruction to a poor family with nine children, Woodson couldn’t attend school regularly because he had to work to help support the family. After years of working and going to school when he could, the son of former slaves received a B.A. in literature and became a teacher. He studied at the Sorbonne University in Paris, received a master’s from the University of Chicago in 1908, and a Ph.D. in history from Harvard University in 1912 — all accomplished without race preferences.

So why do we need affirmative action? Oh I forgot that Ward Connerly is a sellout in our community for fighting against racial prefernces. So is Bill Cosby. We brag about Black History Month but what do we really have to celebrate in this day and time? Nothing.

For those of us who want to celebrate Black History Month this would be the time for us to discuss rebuilding our familes, bringing Jesus Christ back into the churches and understanding that souls, not building large mega churches, is the key component to restructuring our communities. During this month our men should stop sleeping with other women and go home to their wives, girlfriends and for once help their children with their homework. Women need to stop crying about how they cannot find a man, stop sleeping with every brother they see or desire to feel neeed and GO home to their husbands and follow Ephesisans 5:25 and Provers 31 in the Bible for once.

Lastly, we need to stress that economic justice, not social justice, will be the new engine to move our community to a higher plateau. We are still stuck on social justice issues and never talk abotu economics. This is why we are crippled as a community. Research Black Wall Street that took place in 1921 and Paradise Valley Cultrual Center that is going on right now in Detroit that Blacks are NOT even taking advantage of because they want someone to give them a handout and not a handup from an impoverished mindstate.


Anonymous said...

Coopted ExProgressive - U have the right to your own opinion - But it is against the Majority Black Afrikan people - Your stance is not even Biblical - The Bible teaches that His people are to create memorials to remember their history Joshua 4:7

Akindele F. Akinyemi said...

for you to tell me about something biblical when you nationalists don't even practice anything that is biblical is hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

Coopted ExProgressive Profanity using Christian - U claim to be a Christian yet your teachings & behaviour violate the Bible
Many of God's Biblical leaders were nationalists even Jesus Christ - U don't understand the Bible
Joshua 4:1,3,6,7 "the LORD spake unto Joshua, saying: (3) Take ... out of Jordan ... 12 stones ... (6) THAT WHEN YOUR CHILDREN ASK THEIR FATHER'S IN TIME TO COME; WHAT MEAN YE BY THESE STONES? (7) then ye shall answer them, that the waters of Jordan were cut off before the the ark of the covenant of the LORD; ... THESE STONES SHALL BE A MEMORIAL UNTO THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL FOREVER"

Akindele F. Akinyemi said...

The Bible also denounces racism..somthing that you practice daily when you call me names for loving all races of people.