Friday, February 01, 2008

It Does Not Matter Anymore About The White House Races by Akindele Akinyemi

Well I see we are down to the final four of the Presidential campaign. On the Democratic side it will be Hillary Clinton squaring off against Barack Obama in the Western Conference finals. In the Eastern Conference Finals it will be John McCain against Mitt Romney.

What about Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee? Nothing. They are still in the race and I have not counted Huckabee out 100% only because I feel he may win some states on Super Tuesday. Even though I endorsed him for President it is unlikely America wants a moral leader in the White House.

The sad thing is if this race comes down to John McCain and Hillary Clinton Republicans will get their asses kicked by this woman. Therefore I highly recommend the following in case of emergency.

There might be nothing we can do on a federal end for a while as Republicans but we, as conservatives, must preserve our way of life. What I mean by this is we cannot have ANOTHER Democratic governor in Michigan. The union base here is weaker than ever and it is time to run candidates THIS YEAR on a platform of educational empowerment and international economic development that will help rebuild Michigan's inner cities. It's time that we began to think out the box when it comes to investments, brining new trade developments and building theme based academies that will help give our children a new sense of direction in their academic careers.

Barack Obama is right about one thing. We need change. And while we might lose the White House in November to Clinton (I cannot see McCain, Romney or Huckabee retaining the White House for the Republicans) we need to reinforce the notion that all politics are local. Blacks are blindly going to give 98% of their slave vote to Clinton when she receives the nomination.

Michigan is experiencing a failure of leadership on a scale that dwarfs the successes or failings of any individual elected official. It is a failure of our political parties to lead, the failure of Lansing to respond to Michigan's challenges, the failure of our mainstream media to tell the truth, and above all, the failure of our political system in Michigan to provide the change we need through free market economics. Free market health care must be preserved and not fall for the tricks of universal health care.

State Representatives who will be runing for office in 200 here in Michigan will follow Sen. Obama's rhetoric on change. However, our current system of politics and government can't deliver change, because that's not what it was designed to do. The system was created by consultants and special interests in order to keep the former employed and keep the latter in power.

To get the change we need it is to break out of the current system and go straight to the people in Detroit and out-state. Even thought Detroit is 50% functionally illiterate there are some of us who live here that have embraced free market principles through true Christian values.

We are wasting time in thinking we can beat Hillary. She is going to get that seat unfortunately. I am focused on the governor races in 2010 to postion ourselves to have an advantage. The social conservative movement here in this country (and even in Michigan) is at a stand still right now. I will not even get into how the Black church has failed the Black community here in places like Detroit where over 80% of households are ran by single parents (mostly women). I guess if the Black Church are supporting Mayor Kilpatrick (who lied under oath and cheats on his wife consistently) then I can clearly see why our community is in the condition it is in presently.

Folks are STILL trying to get me to go with
Governor Mitt Romney. When running for Governor of Massachusetts, Romney campaigned as “pro-choice,” pro-gay rights and anti-gun. In office he continued to promote the “pro-choice” and pro-gay agendas. Now running for President, he says he has had a change of heart and that he is anti-abortion and against gay-marriage. One of Romney’s supporters is Rev. Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition which fights against homosexual marriage. In the past Lou Sheldon has been critical of governors such as Romney who seemed to have pro-gay agendas.

Yet, people are asking me to support him because of his economic positions. I strongly support integrity FIRST before economics. Our young adults on both sides of the aisle are having trouble in this concept of accountablity, integrity and trust. Some want to be a super liberal and some want to be ultra cosnervative. That is not what is in store here. What's in store is CREDIBILITY.

The GOP is now made up of blue collar social conservatives and small business people. When will Romney understand that he cannot buy his way into the White House? Dick DeVos found that out the hard way last year when he lost to Gov. Granholm. This primary season puts populists who care for the people ahead of the country club sets in both parties.

Regardless of who wins the GOP nomination the social conservative movement, and particularly evangelical leaders, lose. In an attempt to gain influence by backing pro-abortion and pro-gay candidates, evangelical leaders are losing their credibility. Had these leaders backed 100% pro-life social conservatives such as Mike Huckabee, Duncan Hunter, Alan Keyes, Sam Brownback or Tom Tancredo, their integrity would have remained intact and their word trusted when it counts in November. Unfortunately the desire of some evangelical leaders to walk with the seemingly powerful rather than with the righteous will discourage their base.

So while the media focus on the final four candidates I cannot possibly see us keeping the White House in 2008. We need to focus on turning Michigan back to a red state. The way we do that is grassroots activism not grandstanding. A minority conservative grassroots initiative would help us penetrate every urban center in the State of Michigan. Blacks, Hispanics and other minorities must join forces to help our communites through sound conservative principles to salvage what's left of the urban community.

There are so many issues that none of the Presidential candidates are discussing in public. Building a conservative coalition of educators, investors, economists, legal bodies, faith based leaders and community activists is necessary to help us take Lansing back in 2010. We do not care what party you declare yourself my concern is are you conservative and are you serious about REAL CHANGE?
If so help us rebuild the quality of life here in Michigan and don't worry about the White House.

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