Monday, February 18, 2008

Michigan Republicans-R-Us by Akindele Akinyemi

The Michigan State Republican Convention took place in Lansing, Michigan this past weekend. The place was electric and Republicans were fired up to take control in November.

But before we become fired up we must make sure that we are on one accord with each other.
There can never be a more noble call than a call for our party to strategically position itself in the 21st century here in Michigan. Michigan Republicans do not need a rhetoric of development but the practice of development. Michigan Republicans do not need some delusional epistemological or ontological revolution of paradigms but practical and pragmatic approaches to both economics and politics to save Michigan in the months to come.

While endemic, pervasive and persistent poverty continues to disfigure the face of urban Michigan I have been calling on the revolution of transforming Detroit and Benton Harbor into strong financial markets like the Asian Tigers. We, as conservatives, must lead the way to help create tremendous economic growth in our urban centers in Michigan.Our economy have been shrinking and regressing despite a declared commitment to do the opposite and decades of preoccupation with development.

We may take a lesson from China. While people hate China here (for whatever reasons)
China has set an example internationally for reducing poverty and raising hundreds of millions of people out of poverty in 20 years. China’s celebrated success in rural poverty alleviation was premised on a powerful vision of a developmental State. After carrying out a well thought out, comprehensive and coherent poverty alleviation strategy the number of persons living in poverty in China was reduced from 250 million at the start of its reform process in 1978, to 80 million by the end of 1993 and to 29.27 million in 2001.

I have yet to hear the Republican Party here in Michigan discuss ways to reduce poverty. No one discussed it in their district caucus (due to the national selection of delegates). While we had business to handle for the party when are we going to tackle everyday issues that will make more people appreciate our party? That ends this for the pictures.

I am with State Representative Jack Hoogendyk who represents District 61 in Texas Township. He is a strong charter school proponent and is willing to work with me to reform charter schools here in Michigan. That is why I have endorsed him for U.S. Senate this coming November.
Congrats to the new National Committeman Bishop Keith A. Butler of the Word of Faith International Christian Center in Southfield, MI. We know that this man of God will help the Michigan Republicans move mountains.

The supporters for Keith Butler were out in full force. Most of his supporters are members of Word of Faith Christain Center.

I am with Holly Hughes (our National Committeewoman) and 14th District Chair Bill Beddoes. Yes, there is a 14th Congressional Chair on the Republican side.
Keith Franklin and his son from the 14th Congressional District. It's good to see more Black Republicans out and supporting conservative values. And you are never too young to get involved.

My good friend and Harper Woods City Councilwoman Cheryl Constantino and her children. The Councilwoman is a staunch supporter of charter schools just like me.

I am with State Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop from Rochester.

The ever so beautiful Muskegon County Clerk Karen Buie. Now I know two fine sisters who are county clerks (the other clerk I know is my good friend Wayne County Clerk Cathy Garrett).

If the urban conservative movement is going to begin in urban areas acorss Michigan we will need someone like Princella Smith leading the way. A true urban conservative this young lady was at the convention on behalf of Newt Gingrich's American Solutions ( which I highly recommend everyone to read and adopt).

The two titans meet to discuss politics between African American and Hispanic community. My good friend and educational choice supporter David Olivencia, chairman of the MRNHA.

I am with Gov. Mike Huckabee's wife Janet Huckabee.

We are still supporting Huckabee regardless of McCain's wide lead in delegates for the GOP nomination.

State Senator Cameron Brown speaking to our 14th Congressional District meeting in Lansing. The Senator has lived in Nigeria as a youth.

While our convention was overall successful we still have work to do. We must get the vote out in November if we want to win Michigan. Hopefully, with a backwards economy under the Grnholm Administration, we will turn Michigan into a red state.

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