Saturday, February 02, 2008

Michigan's Two Most Miserbale Cities

On Neal Boortz's website Friday, Neal posted a short article about Forbes Magazines List of America's Most Miserable Cities. Lo, and behold, two Michigan cities made the top ten list. Is that surprising?

Detroit was ranked the number one most miserable city in America. Flint was ranked third. Is it possible to grasp the enormity of this statistic? Out of all the cities, in all 50 states, our illustrious state has taken two of the top three spots.

According to Boortz, "Forbes defines misery as a state of great unhappiness and emotional distress. Forbes used criteria such as unemployment, taxes, commute times, crime, pollution and weather."

Only one of those criteria included something that was outside the control of our politicians and business community - the weather. Every other one can be controlled, either with business-friendly politics, or right-to-work laws. Boortz agrees: "I think that I've noticed some commonalities. Strong union presence, for instance, and liberal politicians."

Unions have kept out the Japanese automakers (both Toyota and Nissan had plans to open plants here). Toyota, at one time, wanted to take over some of the closed "Buick City" plants to open a truck plant to manufacture the Tundra. The UAW tried to strong-arm Toyota, forcing them to organize without giving the employees a voting opportunity. Toyota chose to build elsewhere. Toyota also looked at building a test facility (which they may still be planning, not sure) down in the Dundee area. Again, liberal activists (i.e., union supporters) fought tooth and nail to keep them out.

Nissan, even though their North American HQ is in Farmington Hills, has not one single manufacturing plant in Michigan. In fact, they plan on moving their HQ in the next couple years to Tennesee.

I'm sure the Dumbocrats who troll here will try to claim that all of this was Engler's fault. Actually, there's probably some blame to be placed at his feet. He could have been MORE aggressive. But, clearly we have had a majority of liberal governors over the years, that oversaw the destruction of our economy. Milliken (RINO), Blanchard and Granholm all are hugely culpable in letting the unions control things in this state - allowing them to organize plants that haven't even hired one employee yet, controlling the hiring process at the former MESC. These all led to an anti-business atmosphere.

In addition, our Big Three automakers have been complicit in all this by going along with these union thugs. The first time these goons went on strike and walked off the job, they should have had the doors shut. Perhaps permanently, or at least until replacement workers could be found. It happened in Petoskey in the hospital up here. The nurses went out on strike years ago. They have yet to return to work. The new nurses, non-union, all give the hospital high marks.

Our state is going down fast. Two of the top three most miserable cities are located right here in "the winter wonderland." Once a great state, we have watched the liberals and unions destroy this place. Things have to change. The first thing to go should be Granholm.

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Anonymous said...

You are not alone. Those who are committed to the truth are committed to God. That is you. Most Churches and their teachings are built on sand, not rock. They are built on making a profit for their family, and not listening for Christ in prayer. Their flock is Fatherless.
You see the world as imperfect. Great! At least you see it. Others just see what they want to see. Pray for the family.
You are a Shepherd, not a sheep. I am not one to write in a blog, but I found you by the grace of God. All mankind is called to His kingdom. I am sorry for getting preachy on you, but you are so close to being so right. You are strong and inspiring. I pray humility stays with you in all your days. Be inspried! Keep writing and investigating!!! - A Roman Catholic man, 31, NW Oregon.