Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama's Secret Weapon: The Young Adults by Akindele Akinyemi

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Barack Obama greets a young supporter in Monticello, Iowa.

Once again, Senator Barack Obama has won in Wisconsin and Hawaii to push his win streak to 10. Once again, his secret weapon behind all of this that we are not paying attention to are the young people who are voting for him.

Republicans can no longer ignore the fact that this man may be the actual nominee for the Democratic Party. If Sen. Hillary Clinton split with Obama on March 4th between Texas and Ohio she is most likely finished.

Republicans also have to realize that the youth vote has fueled Obama's message with Hollywood, Oprah and To be honest I have never seen such a youth movement on the Democratic side before. My conservative comrades keep telling me that its all emotional. I keep telling them to come better because we have not done a damn thing to swing young people to vote Republican.

For real, Sen. John McCain is the frontrunner for the GOP. If it comes down to voting for Obama and McCain Obama will make history. I thought a couple of days ago that McCain would beat Obama but looking at the voting trend right now there is no way in hell a 71 year old man will beat a 46 year old man. There is no excitement in the GOP for that we are STILL divided in this party over who is more conservative and who is not. Young people in the GOP are not united and will not vote for McCain in November. This spells doom for the GOP.

Young people are a factor in the political process. While fellow conservatives are talking about how our young people are falling for the okey doke from Obama we are over here attacking his character. For example, I have heard repeatedly from hardcore conservatives that he was (or still is) a Muslim. I thought America was the land of opportunity and progress. Are we in the business of discrimination on this side of the aisle? And I cannot understand how ANY Black conservative would fall for this trick when we know how Black Churches inour community have repeatedly failed our community. Again, when I look at Blacks practicing Islam, African Spirituality or even Judaism Black families tend to stay together. Until Black conservatives show me a sound example of how the Christian church in large urban areas have helped transformed our community we should not even waste our time talking about Christian vs. Muslim. It is the dumbest arugument I have ever heard. If we are that paranoid of Obama then you have no working knowledge of real clear politics.

And why are conservatives attacking this man's wife? He is demonstrating family in this campaign. He is not banging his women on his staff like Mayor Kilpatrick here in Detroit. There is some integrity here and for his wife to be there every step of the way is great. Can we say the same here? I have no wife and I am running for a federal office and with everyone attacking me I would like to have a rock to lean on myself.

Young people are fueling this Obama movement. We cannot take that away from Obama. America are seeking a new first family and this time they are Black folks. I thought Clinton would have wrapped this up a while ago but the trend has drastically changed. Young voters do make a difference and with McCain running on fumes in this race against the Democratic Party we are in serious trouble.

Obama has created an overall surge in Democratic participation — but while overall Democratic turnout jumped 90%, the number of young Democrats participating soared 135%.

A lot of fresh faces are always in those audiences, and many of them left wearing one of his extremely cool t-shirts. But Obama applied lessons learned — re-learned — in recent years about the importance of face-to-face grassroots organizing.

After decades of relying on phone banks and mass-mailings to motivate voters, Republicans began experimenting in 2001, comparing face-to-face contacts to the other methods. They found that having a trusted neighbor or peer make the personal appeal is a far more effective way to get voters to the polls. Obama has keyed into that and built his campus organizations. It's really a return to the way we used to organize in the 19th century heyday of political machines.

In other words he is using our tactics against us.

Moreover, Obama's appeal to young voters fits seamlessly into his larger campaign themes of change and renewal. What does McCain has to offer? The man is a walking corpse for Christsake.

We had Brownback, Tancredo and Huckabee to pick from. We wanted Giulani, Romney and McCain. We fell for the divide and conquer crap and now we are stuck with McOld to go up agianst the Democrats. Obama is trying to include everyone across the board with his baseless speeches.

While I cannot support Obama because of his positions ( he is way too liberal for me) I must admit that he has engaged the youth in voting. That is a good thing for America regardless of political party or position. Now those who understand the game must take those same young people and teach them the facts without emotion to help them understand that logical voting, not emotional speeches, is what makes America great.

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