Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Self-Hatred, Slave Mentality and the Detroit Plantation by Akindele Akinyemi

The implications an the after-effects of slavery, did a lot of damage to both the minds and the economy of Black people even years after slavery. Racism still flourishes in society. Unfortunately, it is one of those predicaments Blacks have to face in their economic struggle. Our yelling reaction to racism has lost its fire. For many years we sang the song, did the dance, walked the march in the process of outcry about the painful effects of racism. Things have changed and times are different, but many Blacks today are suffering from the after-effects of the struggle for justice.We are mentally lost in a time warp!

I find it strange but not surpising that the only people that are asking me to remove their name from my mailing list are Black people. White people, on the other hand, support my mission for change more than my own people. Whites support my conservative cause for change in terms of education and economics more than Blacks. In Detroit alone, I cannot find one single Black person to have the same energy, the same dedication to push for conscious change from a moderate to conservative strategy.

Most Detroiters chase their own tail when it comes to politics and therefore has left us mentally crippled due to our behavioral choices and actions. We developed the attitude, "Whites must do something for us, or else." We decided to fold our arms, sit down, and watch: "See what the White folks are going to do now!" This behavior indirectly amounted to a surrender for some, and a life of dependency for others not withstanding the success of many hard-working Blacks. But it did not resolve the serious problems of our inability to develop and orchestrate effective strategies to solve social problems at the community levels. We became so entangled with the struggle that even when lights came back on, we were unable to see. Because we vented energy in yelling our outrage against injustice, we ran out of energy to do anything else for ourselves. We want the government to do everything for us, including coming inside our homes to raise our children and chasing the drug dealers from our communities. Yet nothing the government does ever pleases us. Our people here are sick. Yet, Blacks ask me to remove them from my list for not dealing with the truth.

The sight of some Blacks here in Detroit with poor work ethics on the job leads some employers to swear never to hire fools like that. Some of us will fight on the job so loudly over trivial matters you may think they are possessed by demons. They say hypertension is killing Black people; I gurantee you it is self-imposed.

Today, our children are in trouble in the streets! We are unable to understand that kids' behavior reflects adults' behavior. We are not satisfied with our political and economic gains, and we can't seem to find ways to mobilize effective forces for corrective changes in order to rebuild the Black families and communities in the inner cities. Who do you blame? Blame the Whites folks? Blame the Republicans. There is not one single Republican elected offical in Detroit. Mayor Kilpatrick is not a Republica nor is his family. Black power reigns over Detroit and yet we have a high poverty rate and 50% of the population is illiterate and comprehend on a 6th grade level.

What can we do?
We must change our slave mentality to one of thinking we are free and capable of doing things for ourselves, instead of prtoesting in front of the Coleman A Young Building in Downtown Detroit. Many times we sabotage our own efforts on the job due to inability to resolve our differences with other Blacks.

After studying the behavior of Blacks from poorly educated to well educated, from those in abject poverty to those on top of the world; rolling in money and fame, one thing is clear; many of us still act as if we internalize inferiority. While some, although out of the ghetto, retain their ghetto mentality and sometimes bring that to work.

Inorder to break the slave mentality and stop the self-hatred towards each other we need to start with the family. African family values have been reduced to the symbolism of African clothing.. We operate differently from the African traditional values.Brothers and sisters have been at war with each other from the time of slavery. Some say Black men are talking from their waist down, while Black women are fighting from the neck up and aggravating the heck out of the men. No wonder you can't attempt to network with some Sisters without them thinking you are interested in working under the skirt! Ironically, if you don't work under the skirt, some Black women don't even want to work or network with you. The attitude of such women is like, "If I don't get some sweetness out of this relationship, forget it, Brother!" Therefore, some Black men resort to playing tricks with the Sisters, carefully crafting a way through her heart and locking her inside for a while. Once the man gets all he wants, he feeds like a hungry wolf, finishes his business, and leaves. Then the Sister starts hollering! "You know Black men are no good!" Yah, sure! But who throws the panties at them?

We cannot afford to reduce the relationship between a Black man and a Black woman to this level. It takes a village to raise a kid only when the village is able. Presently our village is disabled and our power base fragmented. The village is infected with HIV/AIDS, Herpes, syphillis and other deadly STDs. It;s infected with crack and weed. So how can we rasie a child in a village where there is not a decent two parent home, Friends of Court, and failing schools.We need both the spiritual strength and the economic discipline to rebuild the Black family. In the process, we can reclaim our children and other lost souls from the crime-ridden streets.

Most of the time in non-Black organizations, the purpose is well defined. Members do benefit from the operation of the organizations. Financially, members derive opportunities from the association, either for professional advancement, to improve social interactions, or to form effective networking systems.

Look at our Black organizations. They are not only fragmented, they have been reduced to having dinnders and she-she events that you pay lots of money for with no result. After paying a hefty yearly membership fee, it's party time, folks! So you see Sisters and Brothers dressing up to look good. When the music starts playing, you see our people getting down. Sisters will be shaking that behind like heaven is about to fall, and the Brothers join in like a Hurricane is about to hit the city! There is no doubt we know how to wiggle like snakes from Mama's womb because I've seen some Black kids break-dancing from birth! We are naturally talented dancers, but bad business and community organizers.

Once we switch off the music, turn on the lights, and tell our people, "Let's do some business," immediately, everybody starts hitting the door like tomorrow. A few minutes later, the room is empty. And we still think White folks are the problem! And this is not just lmited to the Black liberal organizations because we cannot even get the Black conservative groups to even meet to find out who's who let alone pray together in church. We are all stuck on this plantation whether we are freaks, conservatives, liberals or whatever. If we do not have any plan to move on something that we feel passionate about then we will remain clueless in Detroit.

We must learn to build both our political and economic strength. If we learn to negotiate with society from the position of strength, we will immediately stop thinking we are being targeted for victimization. As long as we continue to deal with society from the position of weakness because of our slave mentality, we may be doomed as a race. I cannot udnerstand why Blacks in this city refuse to vote Republican or independent. Blacks claim that Republicans have disenfranchised Detroit when there is no proof of this acusation. When Blacks stop being emotional about politics and start being logical then we will be able to change Detroit. 98% of Blacks in Detroit, Flint or whatever city they might live in have no claue about the history of the Republican Party and its relationship with Blacks. Blacks only point out Clarence Thomas, Ward Connerly, George W. Bush, Gov. John Engler and Ronald Reagan. That's the best we can do when we talk about the Republican Party. None of these men have destroyed the plight of Blacks. None of them.

I hate it when I hear Blacks talk about creating a third party because I know all we are going to do is bring in Marxism. We have to revolutionize what we have already in place. We have put in place many miniature programs for economic progress in response to problems in the inner cities. But such efforts are so fragmented across the country, we are not effective. We have never learned to network well together without planning to rip each other off. Like the old African proverb, "If spider webs unite, they can tie a lion." Our fragmented efforts are like small spider webs, easily broken once the wind blows, not even waiting for a storm. Therefore, when we fail at the community level to implement both effective economic and social changes, we start to blame Whites, who have little to do with our failures.

Take the great success of the Million Man March of 1995 in Washington, for example. It was a very good idea and embraced by most Blacks and more Whites than was imagined. The message was for Black males to go back to the inner cities, join hands with the Sisters, and implement changes at the community level. At the implementation stage, it failed across the country because there were no effective forces in place to engineer and establish those changes. A year later, Black children are still car-jacking, dropping out of school and killing other Blacks in our neighborhoods under the guise of Black Political Power that are controlled by Democrats here in Detroit. The weak, docile argument of Republicans have created this chaos in the city is a total lie. Many people have become frustrated and given up. So, the Million Man March is reduced to a historic symbol instead of a catalyst for change and horizon of hope. Therefore, we nned to stop having a Million marches and generate a million dollars for familes in our communites.

Our outcry of racism has emotionally crippled us as we continue to suffer from a self-imposed inferiority complex, complacency, and impotence of action. Everybody knows we must develop a strong economic base through networking and being dedicated to successful strategies in business. We must get rid of this slave mentality to free our minds from cognitive blindness, and mental paralysis. These are serious diseases causing lack of progress for Black people here in Detroit.

Today we need to teach African Americans how to empower themselves economically. Affirmative Action programs have lured Blacks into the false security of a "Share Croppers' Mindset." I also have indicated that people benefited from our slave labor, yet we are happy and settled just to have a place to sit next to Whites. Then we close down the stores and send our children to White schools. When we send our educated children to corporate America and they are not taken care of, we get angry. We need to take care of our own. That is not racist because other races take care of their own first as well. This is why I stand strong for independent charter schools that are not controlled by greed-driven management companies that do not follow up on their promises to help children.

40 years ago, Blacks were the only minority. Today there are more minorities around. We are our own worst enemy in Detroit We talk about the White people as the blue-eyed devils and evils, yet we enroll Black children in White schools to be educated by those blue-eyed devils. We need to stop saying White folks got their feet on our necks. When are we going to generate economic empowerment to free ourselves from the plantation in Detroit.He who has his own and controls his own destiny lays out a path for him to control his own destiny.

Another factor that is keeping us in a slave mentality and have us on the plantation is the Black Church. I am so sick of seeing a Black church on every single corner in the Black community in Detroit. Black churches are part of the major problems for Black people today. Black churches never create jobs or do anything for Blacks economic progress. They brainwash people that God will take care of them. And after all the yelling and jumping up and down, we still go home to nothing. When people ask me am I anti-religious I tell them yes. Religion is a opium for the masses of people (Karl Marx). I strive for spirituality. 90% of us go to church for emotional feeling while only 10% actually practice biblical teachings and follow the scriptures that God has provided for us.We used to sing ourselves to freedom; today we're STILL singing ourselves to slavery and still singing in bondage. If that is not a slave mentality stuck on a plantation I do not know what to say.

Blacks have a lack of an agenda for economic progress and lack of effective national leadership.We cannot even get Black conservatives to come together for a dinner to discuss issues let alone build a cycle of trust. If I say bring conservatives and liberals together that would be a cold day in hell before that happens. Everyone is trapped in emotional slavery. The Matrix to be exact.

Other people with well organized agendas have better economic and political success. All races work both sides of the aisle except us. Blacks are not homogeneous and that differences tend to alienate us from each other. We don't have a plan and we don't know where we're going. Blacks in Detroit do not have any idea about the opportunities out there because we are satisfied being validated physically and sexually instead of through our knowledge. We lead the world in breeding babies in a poverty-stricken neighborhood but lag in math and science scores in schools.

The current Democratic political system in Detroit is designed for Black to be brainwashed as well as a form of mind control. Because of mind control under failed liberal policies this had lead Blacks to failure and hopelessness. Ask yourself, why are Black people constantly voting for Congressman John Conyers year after year when Akindele Akinyemi is running for Congress this year? Did you even know that? We will see if people want change. While Conyers is an institution I am simply bringing a different flavor to the table in terms of platform and vision. Let's see who can create a non-partisan team for me.

Outside of that, why do we continue to vote for the same people year after year with no different result? That is a called insanity. And for those who think I am crazy to put my name on the ballot I thank you because it's not about following the crowd but thinking out the box.

Finally, if we are serious about getting off the plantation and releasing ourselves from the slave mentaility Blacks must know who they are and where they are going and develop a sense of common purpose and direction. Blacks must know their history and know where they come from. The time for Republican have done this and that to Blacks are over. Its time to stop being lazy and learn the history of the Republican Party. Get off the doggone slave VISA card (Bridge Card) and clean up your credit. Stop watching television (telling-lies-visually) and get off welfare (farewell). Promote educational choices and stop making excuses for Black leadership that has done nothing here in Detroit but embarass us. We must repair the relationship damage between the Black man and the Black woman; otherwise, nothing will work. Rebuilding the Black family is very important for our survival as a race.

Watch more Black people tell me to take them off the list. The struggle continues...for them...not me.


Anonymous said...

Coopted ExProgressive - You are not telling the truth - Engler signed the law that took away Black Afrikan majority Detroiters' right to vote for a school board - You are also being deceptive - Clarence Thomas - George Bush - Wardell Connerly & Ronald Reagan have not totally destroyed the plight of Black Afrikans - but their actions have seriously negatively affected the lives of Black Afrikans in the US

Akindele F. Akinyemi said...

You are lying to these people...you cannot prove one thing what you just said...all heresay.

Anonymous said...

Coopted ExProgressive if you research the bill that removed the vote from the Black Afrikan Majority Detroiters for school board you will find that in 1999 - Engler signed the bill which his signature made it into law - Connerly - Thomas - Bush & Reagan have helped foster an environment in the US where it is no longer accepted to make amends to Black Afrikans for past & present racial discrimination that we have suffered at the hands of the US-
Your lack of honesty for political purpose proves that your interest is not in what is best for the majority of the Black Afrikan people

Akindele F. Akinyemi said...

Coopted ExProgressive if you research the bill that removed the vote from the Black Afrikan Majority Detroiters for school board you will find that in 1999 - Engler signed the bill which his signature made it into law -

Blacks only vote 5% in school board elections. Do you feel that that's enough to change things in Detroit? No. In fact, it was BLACK lawmakers who signed off on that bill to help make it law. I supported a school takeover because Blacks were and STILL have not done a damn thing to change the educational process here in Detroit.

Connerly - Thomas - Bush & Reagan have helped foster an environment in the US where it is no longer accepted to make amends to Black Afrikans for past & present racial discrimination that we have suffered at the hands of the US-

Examples......Racial discrimination...you fit my profile in my article here...a plantation mentality.

Your lack of honesty for political purpose proves that your interest is not in what is best for the majority of the Black Afrikan people

I am running for Congress....that means the American people regardless of color, creed or sex.

Titus Billing said...

You've brought some very important things to light. You should consider writting a book or giving rallies. I know you that you will be well precieved, except for the fact that you are a republican becuase becuase most blacks don't understand republican values. I am not a republican myself. You may not be an obama supporter but you can admit that he seems to unite people. You his succes to propel your own.

Akindele F. Akinyemi said...

Thanks titus. Actually, people overlook the fact that I am a Republican because I do not walk lockstep with the party. I owuld love to give rallies on issues surrounding marriage, relationships, education and economic justice.

Anonymous said...

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