Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Conservative Tuesday by Akindele Akinyemi

Never mind the fact the Super Tuesday is now over. I can see why Gov. Mike Huckabee never decided to drop out of the race regardless of money.

Because you have people who want to vote for him.

I can clearly say that Gov. Huckabee shocked the nation with his wins. When I heard Huckabee won West Virginia over Gov. Mitt Romney I knew it was on.

Speaking of Romney, what on Earth made you think that he was going to win West Virginia?

Huckabee won Alabama, his home state of Arkansas, Georgia, and Tennessee. While John McCain has been resurrected from the dead to become the solid front runner for the Republican Party. McCain almost swept Super Tuesday.

I am also impressed with Sen. Barack Obama's wins over Hillary Clinton. I do not agree with his positions on most things but he has been able to swing voters towards his way with a new youth movement. Impressive. I mean, for God sake, Obama won 80% of the votes in Idaho. Who the hell votes for a Black man in Idaho? In Utah? In Alaska? You cannot take this man for granted anymore. Good wins for Obama.

All those Romney supporters who sat and taunted me about my support for Huckabee better remember one thing. If Romney is supposed to be the "true conservative" he could have won the Southern States, regardless of Huckabee's strength. That did not happen. Hopefully, Romney remembers that minorities do vote in Republican primaries as well as caucuses. Did you see how Obama carry the Black vote on his back in Georgia (90% of African Americans voted for Obama BEFORE they counted Atlanta)? Huckabee did the same thing.

What I like about Huckabee is his revolutionary approaches. People paint him as a liberal when you have DOCUMENTED information that Romney has flip-flopped on SIMPLE issues like abortion and gay marriage. You never heard Huckabee say anything about returning the party back to Ronald Reagan or President Bush's policies are good for America. Who are you trying to reach Gov. Romney? He is reaching out to a small percentage of conservatives. I hope people can see that. Also, if Bush policies are always good for America then why do Republicans have a problem with Bush? Earth to Romney, you are running for President of the United States, not being a mouthpiece for Bush.

You see, a true conservsative must have cross over appeal to swing votes from the Democrats. Not just play into the big corporations playbook like Romney has been doing. They dog McCain but he KNOWS how to swing votes away from minorities. McCain has been in Detroit while I have not heard any report of Romney not even trying to reach out to minorities. Something is wrong with this picture if you are trying to bring minoritites into the Republican Party.

The mood of the country is not so ultra conservative like many people are trying to hype up but moderate conservative. People are tired of Bush. They are seeking new leadership in this country. So for all of those who claim that Huckabee is not a true conservative you must be joking. The man is a Baptist minister. That alone appeals to Blacks. Romney is a Mormon. The Mormon faith as a whole has never appealed to Blacks. Huckabee did not skip out on the Morgan State debates to reach out to minorities. Romney did. So did McCain and like I said all long Blacks are paying attention to these things because people like Tavis Smiley will not let you forget about these things in the media. This is another reason why Huckabee did well in the Southern States. He never forgot those minoritites. In return, they never forgot him.

When the dust settles and I see McCain get the nomination (because he will get it regandless of my support for Huckabee) McCain need to tap Huckabee on his team. A McCain/Huckabee ticket can take votes away from the Democrats. While Blacks hand the Democrats 99% of their vote to be taken for granted year after year strategically this would be a great move for the Republicans. The problem I am having is the fact that no one pays attention to the Black vote in the Republican Party because most conservatives feel that it is a waste of time trying to conduct outreach. Those days and lies are over in this Party. It is time that we re-examine why the Republican Party was created in the first place and STICK to that value, if all FAILS. You know damn well Mitt Romney cannot swing one minority vote anywhere in this country so those who support Romney, pump your brakes, make a U-Turn, and drive in the right direction for once.

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Huckster might not have saved his candidacy last night but he might have killed Romney's.

Interesting dynamic.

Guess folks weren't far off when they were putting he and McCain on the same side of the ideological spectrum. We'll see if he gets "tapped."