Thursday, February 07, 2008

Will Dennis Archer Run for Governor? By Akindele Akinyemi

I just read in the Detroit News yesterday that former mayor Dennis Archer may consider a bid for Governor in 2010 when Gov. Jennifer Granholm term expires. Archer was the Mayor of Detroit from 1993-2001.

Archer is an intersting choice because he has cross over appeal on the Democratic side as well as Republicans. I can remember the days when former State Representative Ed Vaughn called Archer a sellout during his futile run for Mayor back in 1997. Nowadays I know that any Black person who is called a sellout is doing the right thing.

It was Archer who helped bring Detroit back to becoming a city of respectablity. Comerica Park, Ford Field, The Super Bowl, rebuilding the Davison Freeway, Campus Martius, Compuware, low crime, half-decent schools, and the Empowerment Zone happened under Archer's watch. Race relations improved under Archer.

Dennis Archer was the best Mayor we have seen in recent times in Detroit. Even better than Coleman A. Young. Archer was able to bridge the gap between Detroit and the suburbs creating regional cooperation. I mean, here was a Mayor that actually took care of business, not getting cauight up in text message scandals and trying to prevent people from seeing secret documents.

However, Lt. Gov. John Cherry might jump in the race. State Rep and House Speaker Andy Dillion might jump in the race as well as Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano. On The Republican side Attorney General Mike Cox might jump in as well as Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land. Do not count out Dick DeVos.

Whoever runs on either side in 2010 just do the right thing for Michigan.

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