Thursday, February 07, 2008

Will True Conservatives Please Stand Up? By Akindele Akinyemi

We are past Super Tuesday and we heard insults accusations and people crying.

Mitt Romney crying because he did not win West Virginia. He accused John McCain supporters crossiung the vote over to support Mike Huckabee so Huckabee could pull it off.

John McCain and Mike Huckabee are not conservative enough. Jesus Christ.

While the Republicans are aruging over who is conservative enough the Democrats have two candidates that has united their party. It does not matter who gets the nomination in August at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. That candidate will kick the Republican's ass in November because Republicans are having stupid arguments about who is conservative and who is not.

It is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. It's like listening to my 4th graders argue in class about whose is the most popular in the classroom. I oftentimes wonder who is really educated in this party.

So you have a problem with John McCain because he work with Democrats. Hello, Earth to the Republican Party..that is a good thing. I refuse under any circumstances to endorse a candidate here in the State Representative races in Michigan this year if he/she cannot work across the aisle. For any conservative to come in my face and say such nonsense demonstrates that they have a long way to go in the field of political science. Bi-partianship on critical issues demonstrates to the American people that their government is somewhat working at half-capacity.

You have a problem with Mike Huckabee. NOT one person can explain to me how this man got 48% of the Black vote as Governor of Arkansas. I want a Christian man in office with some values. I think most Blacks would agree with me on that issue. Huckabee is a moderate conservative. In this day and age, where the media has done a great job in demonizing the Republican Party we should look at a moderate conservative. Someone who will work collectively with other across the aisle to make America a better place.

You have a problem with Mitt Romney. Hell, I have a problem with him too but if he was the nominee in September I would support him. He does bring a business background to the table as well as values.

But when I hear spin doctors like Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity trying to paint McCain or Huckabee as liberals do they realize that they are giving the Democratic Party fuel to win in November? In fact, at this point, Hillary Clinton is going to walk her ass right back into the White House.

She is going to win because Republicans are arguing over "conservative principles." Unless you are part of Newt Gingrich's American Solutions you are wasting your time and spinning your wheels. It is getting so bad with conservatives that they have turned to conspiracy theories on why America is moving in the direction it is moving. Again, we are giving the Democrats fuel for the fire in November.

Anytime I agree with Howard Dean (of ALL the people in the world) about how fractured the Republicans are that is serious. I was listening to a Republican political pundit on Farai Chideya on her radio show on NPR last night and he said if there is a McCain/Huckabee ticket that it would be diasterous for Republicans and that most of us would sit out. This guy could have not been a actual pundit or expert but a spin doctor. The GOP is always tooting their values about bringing Blacks into the party but what candidates have they put out there to demonstrate that they are serious about breaking the gridlock on the Black vote from the Democratic Party?

Do these fools understand that a moderate ticket like a McCain/Huckabee can begin to break that gridlock? Blacks feel comfortable about McCain. Black people voted for McCain in 2000 here in Michigan to defeat then Gov. George W. Bush for the nomination here in Michigan. Huckabee has Evangelical Christians behind him which is important. For those who think Blacks are liberals (as a whole) get it right. Blacks (mostly in the inner cities) are moderate/social conservatives but vote liberal because of SOCIAL policies. If White Republicans would ever take the time to find out the root cause of why Blacks support social polices over economic policies is because Blacks in this country are the only modern race of people that created a political powerbase, before we created an economic powerbase. So we value social power over economic power. If this party has never talked about breaking that gridlock alone you will continue to see Blacks vote 95%+ in Democratic elections.

I will not put this blame on the RNC or State Republican Parties to educate Blacks on the economic values of the Republican Party. It is time for our Black conservative grassroots operations to become stronger. It is our responsibility as Black Conservatives to show the vision for the poor, the under-served, and the wealthless of the world to see themselves differently. We can do this by helping to expose, to educate, to empower, and ultimately to inspire them. To see themselves for what and who they truly already are; rich in spirit. Assets, and not liabilities on the world's global balance sheet. That low-wealth communities, the world over, represent future emerging markets waiting to be born.

Romney imploded because he "FLIPPED" the script by tooting himself as this super ultra-conservative (which I know first hand he is not). People saw through his nonsense and now you have independents voting for McCain. Also, Romney's message is no more than a Bush soundbite. People are seeking originality whenthey are ready to vote. If Romney had an original message he would be the front runner right now. He cannot say return this party back to Ronald Reagan and expect Blacks to vote for him. 90% of Blacks do not understand economics so why would you expect for Blacks to vote for Romney. Who exactly is he talking to? A very small percentage of the conservative base. I cannot figure out why no one has seen this yet.

People do not understand on the conservative side that it's not about returning the party back to Ronald Reagan but creating new revolutionary ideas that will usher in a new generation of conservatives that will be able to break the gridlock on the Democratic Party by nurturing Hispanics, Blacks and guess what...foreigners who are legal residents of the United State of America. In other words, there are a large/moderate African population in this country. Have ANY GOP outreach program EVER reached out to them (other than myself)? Better yet, have any Black Republican groups reached out to those from Africa who want to create economic and educational opportunites for our community. You see where I am going? That is a hidden constituency that is untapped.

I have to ask myself sometimes are we serious about change in this party? Obama is about change and I can see how many Black Republicans are lining up behind Obama. Again, you hae to ask yourself WHY are they lining up behind Obama?

You have been reading what I have been discussing about investing in Africa. Why are we missing the boat on this opportunity? We are so busy trying to be hardline conservatives that we forgot that we are part of the larger community called the world. America does not live on an island by itself and for conservatives to be this arrogant about NOT investing in other parts of the world demosntrates to me that we are not ready to keep the White House. The new manufacturing job in the inner city is creating financial markets that will keep up viable on a global scale.

We have to stop this division among ourselves. Now the media has fed into our division and they are killing the Republicans. I hate seeing Howard Dean smile on TV because this guy is right on the money. Right now, people would rather choose a Clinton or Obama than any Republican candidate. That to me is very sad.

Let me sum this up. Economcs, not politics, is the key to uplifting poverty in our community. We cab sit and argue about who is more conservative than the other but if you are not talking about creating an economic engine in the inner cities of America then your "conservative argument" falls on deaf ears. NO ONE on the Republican side have discussed how to help the inner cities in America. And guess what? I really do not expect them to discuss it. If conservatives are serious about rebuilding the party back to golden standards then keep in mind all politics are local. We must train, nurture, and run candidates who are serious about economic policies, spiritual values and education. All the other sound bites are garbage.

And we can get rid of the racism on the conservative end please? Attacking Hispanics and Arabs are not going to cut it down the road. You keep dogging Muslims in this country who have no ties to Al-Qaida and see who they will support in November. It will not be the Republicans. Leave these Muslim alone. They live in their own communites and do not bother anyone. Hispanics in this country are voting for Democrats because of how we handled the illegal immigration situation. Leave other races of people who come here legally and trying to raise their familes alone. If you are serious about reaching out to minorites then you need a MODERATE approach not trying to deport everyone who is not American. This country was founded by immigrants and built on slave labor (Blacks were brought here illegally against their will) .That is how you build a urban conservative movement in our community. Bringing different races of people with different backgrounds together for a common cause.

The conservative base must be united with the candidate who will go against Hillary Clinton in November. No excuses. All this talk about not voting for McCain/Huckabee in November is outright stupid. We keep this up and Hillary will be our next president.

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