Saturday, March 01, 2008

The End of Mayor Kilpatrick's Family and Friends Plan by Akindele Akinyemi

The City of Detroit is paralyzed by Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's foolishness. Anyone that is trying to save both Kilpatrick and those who support him in any capacity is a damn fool.

The city deserves better leadership than what we have from the Mayor's office, Detroit City Council and State lawmakers. Our city must move in a direction that will bring it back with prosperity and hope for all families that are paying taxes in Detroit.

The city is in danger of losing millions of state funds because Black people who run this city cannot meet the deadlines of filing the proper paperwork on time. The mayor is incapable of handling the city's business. Our city council and state leadership have fallen short.

It's time for a change.

When I see brothers like John Bennett running for Detroit City Council I know he will deal with the people. The man has integrity and accountability. He would be a good fit for council unlike Charles Pugh, who also wants to run on the popular and gay agenda. Not saying that Charles is a bad person but pushing the gay and lesbian agenda when no one is married in Detroit is not the smartest thing to do. Read Charles Pugh's announcement for Detroit City Council and how many young people are supporting him at

We are in a great position to take out the Kilpatrick machine forever. His mother, Rep. Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick is now a vulnerable candidate for reelection. Even if she manages to squeak past this election it will not be long before someone like Hansen Clarke take her out.

Now the leadership we must begin to push for are candidates who understand the importance on rebuilding family values through educational choices to generate wealth creation. This hold true on all levels.

The next three years are going to be very critical to changing the leadership here in the City of Detroit. We must begin to overcome all obstacles even in the face of those voting on name recognition.

It is time we begin to endorse free market candidates who understand education, economics and family policies.

By endorsing free market candidates this will challenge all Detroit leaders. This historic effort will require leadership, courage and a willingness to depart from the ways of the past, if it is to do for Detroit what the European Union has done for Europe. Excellencies, should be our aim - to rebuild after a series of devastating poverty, unemployment and poor leadership, uniting across old divisions to build a region characterized by peace, cooperation, economic progress and the rule of law.

But my concern has always been the intelligence of Detroiters. People here operate on a sixth grade level and this is one of the main reasons why we are still stuck on a plantation.

Beginning in May, Detroit and the world may wake up to the reality that we will have the same people running for state office and win. Lamar Lemmons is up to his tricks again in District 3. So is the mayor. We will not prevail over the forces of hell in this city unless we become smarter. Since 2001 under Mayor Kilpatrick's family and friends plan, we have always reassured ourselves that things will be all right and would never get any worse. In 2005, we have walked out of polling stations with a sense of satisfaction and egotistical self-esteem bordering on complacency that for once, we voted in the 'right’ column is seal of future prosperity.

For the first time since 2001, Detroit voters are awake to the fact that their vote will usher the city''s destiny into a proverbial pillar of stone. We either vote for the future and go forward, or wallow in lethargic self-pity and continue to sink. Assuming that the trend of catastrophic events remains in the post-2001 negative mode, it is a correct prognosis that all elements responsible for volcanic action will trigger a crisis on the August 5th State primaries here in Detroit.

The rationale is simple: as long as Mayor Kilpatrick and anyone tied to him politically, economically and socially retains power, national, regional and international confidence in the ability of Detroit to re-invent itself will remain low, or altogether evaporate, unless we begin to unseat every State Representative and Wayne County Commissioner this year, Detroit City Council next year and oust the Mayor to undergo a serious and complete transformation. If we do not begin to change the mindset of this city and make it compatible with the rest of the world we will continue to deal with unemployment, migration, brain-drain, child mortality, school and college dropout, industrial, and financial withdrawal.

Voters should inquire whether voting for any of Mayor Kilpatrick's cronies this year in the State elections will reverse Detroit’s prevailing negative social, economic, political and infrastructure decline. If (as Mayor Kilpatrick wants the us to believe) Detroit's woes are traced to him being a victim of the media and suburban vilification, how is he going to regain their confidence when he is already on the front page of the paper daily for lying?

As long Mayor Kilpatrick’s brand dominates Detroit's post August 5 political market, no known computer or prophetic model can extrapolate the magnitude of and resultant human catastrophe. On the other hand, the City of Detroit needs to overcome huge obstacles, including the family crisis, AIDS pandemic and mass poverty in our city. Such a future is within our reach, I am convinced.

We need an intelligent opposition to make government work in Detroit – not the rah-rah noisy opposition that is only capable of waving placards and chanting “Kilpatrick Must Go!" The opposition must do its home work. It must know its enemy, study its tactics and develop effective counter-strategies accordingly. If the opposition doesn’t do its home work, contests on a field that is not level and loses, it should not come out screaming “Foul, foul!” Detroit holds state elections in August. Do we want to see a repeat of the same foolish mistakes?

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You couldn't be more right about one thing in particular... none of this will end until the people in Detroit decide they've had enough.

It's that definition of insanity again... doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.