Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Kilpatrick Klux Klan (KKK) by Akindele Akinyemi

As Mayor Kilpatrick and Christine Beatty are headed straight to hell in a handbasket by being arraigned on 12 counts of perjury today we must begin to preserve our way of life. It is important that we begin to regionalize Detroit with free market and conservative thinkers who want to run for office.

The following people will be targeted for blindly following Mayor Kilpatrick:

1. Congresswoman Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick for the following statement:

"We will appeal no matter how much it cost the city"

There is rumor that Former State Representative Mary Waters may run against her. Two drunks in the same race is STILL bad for Detroit. Senator Hansen Clarke can win this seat. My ideal candidate in this race is an independent conservative who is a Black woman with Christian values, married and educated.

2. Frankie Darcell and Karen Dumas. I am no fan of Frankie Darcell on WMXD 92.3 FM but I like Karen Dumas when she fill in for another apologist, Art Blackwell, on WGPR 107.5 FM. However, both ladies are apologists for the Mayor. That is what sickens me. If Karen's husband was bangining his secretary at work and she found out she would have filed divorce. Both sisters must be silenced. Art Blackwell might want to focus on saving Highland Park.

3. Do not support the following politicians for ANY office unless they have changed their position with Kilpatrick.

United States Congressman John Conyers

State Senator Samuel “Buzz” Thomas

State Representative Marsha Cheeks

(Former) State Representative Ken Daniels

Former State Representative Lemar Lemmons

State Representative Lemar Lemmons Jr

Jewel Ware
Jewel Ware, Chairperson,
Wayne County Commission (Why is she still on the Commission?)

Wayne County Commissioner Keith Williams

4. Pastors of the Churches that Kilpatrick supports. Boycott ALL of these churches unless they have changed their minds. Make their offering and tithes dry up. do not support the valley of the dry bones.

Bishop Phillip R. Cousin

Bishop Charles Craig, III

Bishop Nero Butler

Bishop Roy D. Ferguson

Bishop Wayne T. Jackson

Bishop Michael Jones

Bishop Andrew Merritt

Bishop John H. Sheard

Bishop Nemiah Smith

Bishop Robert Thomas (retired)

Bishop Dennis B. Walker

Bishop Grover L. Wimberly

Bishop Andre Woods

Bishop Frankie Young

Dr Kevin Young

Cardinal Mbiyui Chui

Jaramogi Menelik Kimathi

Minister Robert L. Neal

Minister Malik Shabazz

Missionary Hattie Humphrey

Rev. David W. Akins

Elder Norman Allen

Pastor Tyrone Anderson

Pastor Wendell Anthony

Pastor D'Andre Armstead

Pastor Rayford Banks

Pastor Ricardo Bartlett, Sr.

Pastor Lee Bernard

Pastor Anthony Brown Bey

Mrs. Alberta Blackburn

Pastor E.L. Branch

Rev. William P. Bridges

Pastor Kenneth Brock

Pastor Robert Brumfield

Pastor Samuel Bullock

Rev. Donzell Burns

Rev. Clifford Burrell

Pastor Lennell Caldwell

Pastor Tellis Chapman

Pastor Claude O. Cline

Pastor Hurley Coleman, Jr.

Pastor Michael Cousin

Pastor Clarence Crews

Pastor Michael Cunningham

Pastor Willie Downer

Pastor John E. Duckworth

Pastor Emeritus Jack Ealy, Sr.

Pastor Donald F. Failes

Pastor Lawrence T. Foster

Rev. Cleaven Futch

Rev. Darryl Gaddy, Sr

Pastor Patrick P. Gahagen

Pastor Lawrence Glass

Pastor Arthur Gooden

Rev. Henry Green

Pastor Joe Green

Pastor Cecilia Greene Barr

Pastor John Grice

Pastor Ronald Griffin

Rev. R.V. Hall

Pastor Sidney L. Hampton, II

Pastor Robert Harris

Pastor Jeffrey Hatcher

Pastor Milton Hawkins

Pastor Anthony Hill

Pastor Jim Holley

Pastor Edward Holly

Pastor David L. Howton

Pastor Edwin Holmes

Pastor J. K. Jackson

Pastor Phillip Jackson

Pastor Everett Jennings

Pastor James Jennings Sr.

Pastor James Jennings, Jr.

Bishop James L. Johnson, Jr.

Pastor David A. Johnson, Sr.

Pastor Willie F. Johnson

Pastor Joseph Jordan

Pastor Oscar King

Pastor Earnest King

Pastor Jerome Kirby

Pastor Edward Knox

Pastor Loyce Lester

Pastor James Lewis

Pastor Rudy Lewis

Pastor Dennis Lyons

Rev. Dennis E. Lyons, Jr.

Pastor John Marks

Pastor Stephen Marsh

Rev. Michael T. Martin

Pastor Sampson Matthews

Pastor Edward McCoy

Minister Jacque McDaniel

Pastor Wallace R. Mills, Jr.

Dr. Charles E. Morton

Pastor Damon Moseley

Pastor Kenneth Moseley

Pastor James H. Moses

Pastor William H. Murphy, Sr.

Pastor Michael Owens

Pastor Ryan M. Parker

Rev. Lonnie Peek

Pastor James Perkins

Pastor Glenn Plummer

Rev. Betty Pulliam

Pastor Howard Ramsey

Rev Bernard Robertson

Pastor Frank Robinson, Jr.

Pastor Larry Robinson

Pastor Walter Rushton

Pastor Johnnie Saulsberry

Pastor Victor E. Sharpe

Pastor J. Drew Sheard

Rev. Andrew Shepard

Pastor Horace Sheffield

Pastor Leonard S. Shepherd

Pastor Anthony Shipley

Pastor Diane Smalley

Pastor Reginald Smith

Pastor Shaheerah Stephens

Pastor Joe Stevenson

Pastor Valmon Stotts

Pastor Ocie Tabb

Pastor Lernard Thomas

Pastor Vincent Thornton

Pastor Darryl Totty

Pastor Skip Wachsmann

Pastor Willie Walker

Apostle V.B. Washington

Pastor Jerome Washington

Pastor Roosevelt Watt

Pastor Marcus Ways, Sr.

Minister Kawagi White

Pastor Terry White

Pastor Richard White III

Pastor Curtis Williams

Pastor Dennis Williams

Pastor Ernest Williams

Pastor Richard L. Wilson

Pastor Marvin Winans

5. Do not give your support to these unions or PACs that the Mayor and his family has compromised.

Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU)

Fannie Lou Hamer Political Action Committee

Black Slate

Eastside Slate

Community Coalition

International Seafarers Union

International Union of Operating Engineers Local 324

Laborers Local 1191

Laborers Local 334

The Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights


Service Employees International Union Local 79

Service Employees International Union, Michigan State Council

United Food and Commerical Workers 876

6. The Mayor's Team must be ousted immediately. They are insignificant in the development of the City of Detroit. Anyone attached to the Mayor must follow Christine Beatty's lead and rightfully resign.

Anthony Adams

Deputy Mayor

Kandia Milton
Chief of Staff

Norman White
Chief Financial Officer

John Johnson
Corporation Counsel

Ella Bully-Cummings
Chief of Police

Tyrone Scott
Fire Commissioner

George Jackson
Chief Development Officer

Cathy Square
Chief Operating Officer

Sharon McPhail
General Counsel, Mayor's Office

Eddie McDonald
Deputy Chief of Staff

Pamela Scales
Budget Director

When we are done cleaning house with the Mayor's supporters then we must get rid of the next group of people. The Detroit City Council. All 9 members must go for ineffectively running the City of Detroit.

This council is the worst in the nation. We must replace every last one of them with free market and conservative business minded people who will not do the following:

1. Fight in bars with other women (Monica Conyers)

2. Want to give homes in Indian Village to poor people (JoAnn Watson)

3. Praising Mayor Kilpatrick for his efforts because she is a slum lord (Martha Reeves)

4. A communist (Kwame Kenyatta)

5. Falling asleep in council meetings or having to get her out of bed because of an impending vote (Barbara Rose Collins)

6. A plant for the unions to keep socialists policies going in Detroit (Brenda Jones)

7. Being investigated by the Feds (Sheila Cockrel and Alberta Tinsley-Talabi)

8. Egotistical himself (Ken Cockrel Jr.)

All must be shown the door-exit stage left.

Carlita <span class=
Carlita Kilpatrick should either divorce her husband or go to jail herself for striking Tamara Greene with an object.

The following initiatives must be looked upon very seriously. Are these programs working or are they window dressing? Anything affected by the Mayor must be critically re-examined.

And let me say this for the record. Any community activist or civil organization that is supporting the Mayor and his connections must be disconnected from those who want serious change. Keep showing your face in public.

This rally will take place at the Shrine of the Black Madonna Church on Linwood on Thursday. We will see who really shows up and who does not show up. If you want Mayor Kilpatrick to go then you must take the steam out of his supporters.


Anonymous said...

It is a disgrace & a shame that "Christian" leaders are supporting the government instead of seeking the truth of whether a party was held at the City $ residence of the Mayor of Detroit & 2 women who entertained at the party are now dead
True Godly leaders like Moses stood up to government to seek the truth
The Making of a Slave, Lushena Books, Chiccago, Il 1999 pp. 16, 17

blaffinity said...

I am with you all the way with a lot of the information in the blog. One thing that I challenge you on is the christian values point. From my viewpoint christian values are what is causing the whole problem. Christianity was introduced to our people by the europeans that invaded our continents. This so-called religion that we uphold for them is what is keeping us enslaved. Where do you see that christianity is doing us any good? The easiest way for a charlatan to put something over on the people is to say that that he or she is a christian. Never in my life have I seen or heard the words christian values or god used as right now. Also, anything words that a politician will use to get elected, you should be trying to get away from. Christian values are slavery in its purest form. Think about it!

Anonymous said...

Did you read today that Detroit has the Highest Drop out rate in the Country??? and...
Foreclosure, Crime, and Unemployment is among the highest in the Country????
Dont be Sooooooooo Stupid...its so Sad how Stupid we are...This Mayor Kilpatrick thing is a SMoke Screen and we stupid enough to fall right into the trap...You so passionate about gettin Him outta office..there are more things to be Passionate about....be about that! and not so Stupid to fall into the trap

Anonymous said...

I personlly thin k this page, blog or whatever you call is a complete waste of time instead of dogging these people maybe you should be praying for them praying that god will allow them to see the error of there ways. and another point it not christianity that is the problem it people claiming to be christian but only following the guidelines when it convienent for them. being a christian is more than just words it's a life style so don't say your christian if your cussing and drinking all weak long but coming to church on sunday saying god knows my heart, true he does but at some point you have to be held acountable for your actions.

Anonymous said...

I feel that all have done wrong and he who hasn't through the first stone. So I guess none of you have done wrong since that's what you're doing! I do not agree with the act of the former Mayor or Mrs. Beatty let's be clear on that, However, I think we as citizens are not helping with the image or the healing of this processes because of conversation and staments that WE make about our own city. Bottom line to me if you are not trying to help the situation then with all this talk you are just as much of the problem. About our religious leaders they are entitled to support who they want, Many of us were fooled by the Kilpatrick administration the only difference is that you are not in the Public eye as they are, so Please stop the Judging,the negativity and playing your part of keeping up the hype because it is not needed. Help with the healing speak good about your city, You Live Here! Take the same time and energy you used to research the negative and post it and DO SOMETHING POSITIVE! With all due respect thanks for reading and I love DETROIT!