Monday, March 24, 2008

Kilpatrick Lied, Tamara Died by Akindele Akinyemi

I am NOT saddened by the end for Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick and his former Chief of Staff Christine Beatty. When Wayne County Prosecutor Kim Worthy took the stand this morning at 11AM in Downtown Detroit I knew this was the end for the mayor.

The hammer was laid down harshly and swiftly.

Count 1. Kilpatrick and Beatty. Conspiracy to obstruct justice. 5 year felony.

Count 2. Both. Obstruction of justice for firing former Deputy Chief Gary Brown, interfering with his investigation and committing perjury to hide the firing and the mayor and Beatty’s extramarital affair. 5-year felony.

Count 3. Both. Misconduct in office by firing Brown and interfering with his criminal investigation of the mayor and his security team and committing perjury to conceal his relationship with Beatty. 5-year felony.

Count 4. Kilpatrick only. Misconduct in office for authorizing an $8.4-million settlement of the Brown and Harold Nelthrope whistle-blower lawsuit and a similar suit by another officer to hide the existence of incriminating text messages. 5-year felony.

Count 5. Kilpatrick only. Perjury for testifying last Aug. 29 that he didn’t fire Brown or know Brown was investigating him. 15-year felony.

Count 6. Kilparick only. Perjury for testifying Aug. 29 that he didn’t have an affair with Beatty. 15-year felony.

Count 7. Beatty only. Perjury for testifying Aug. 28 that Brown wasn’t fired and that she didn’t know he was investigating the mayor or the rumored Manoogian party. 15-year felony.

Count 8. Beatty only. Perjury for testifying Aug. 28 that she didn’t have a romantic or sexual relationship with Kilpatrick . 15-year felony.

Count 9. Kilpatrick only. Perjury for lying in a notarized statement June 26, 2003, about the circumstances surrounding Brown’s dismissal. 15-year felony.

Count 10. Kilpatrick only. Perjury for lying in a notarized statement Oct. 11, 2004, about circumstances of Brown’s removal. 15-year felony.

Count 11. Beatty only. Perjury for lying in a notarized statement Dec. 9, 2003, that she didn’t know Brown was investigating the Manoogian party before his dismissal or the circumstances of his removal. 15-year felony.

Count 12. Beatty only. Perjury for lying in a notarized statement on Dec. 9, 2003 that she wasn’t aware of mayor’s philandering. 15-year felony.

Now since this has rocked the Mayor's self-esteem now is the time for us to go after his foundation. His foundation is ANYONE who supports him. This includes pastors like Horace Sheffield, churches, radio personalities, TV personalities, people running for office and the likes. They all MUST go. The lawyers in the Mayor's office must go. John Johnson and Sharon McPhail MUST GO. The Detroit City Council MUST GO. Anything that is tied with Kilpatrick MUST GO.

This year is the year we will begin to purge people out of office as well as prevent anyone who is tied in with the Mayor. We will seek free market candidates who are seeking office. We are seeking new fresh leadership that will not engage in the Kilpatrick, Lemmons or Conyers machine. It is time to see new people take the baton for once. We are tired of the same buffoonery and thuggery. It's time for a change.

Irrespective of the prosecutor's decision, the Kilpatrick and company machine has done irreparable harm to the integrity and trustworthiness of the city's government. Detroit is becoming an irrelevant concern of Michigan given the decades of corruption, nepotism, misspending and racial rhetoric venom spit out by some of its' leaders for their own personal gain. It has gotten old and the our people patience is thin.

Lead trial lawyer Dan Webb who is trying to save Kilpatrick from going to jail need to be EXAMINED. Who is this guy and why is he helping Kilpatrick?

Not to mention that this girl, Tamara Greene, died under this Mayor's direction. Yes, there was a party at that mansion and any of his followers who are denying it should be automatically removed and ostracized.

This whole mess could have been eradicated if the mayor resigned from office. Now, businesses do not want anything to do with Detroit. Millions of dollars are not coming into the city because of this crap.

I thank Kym Worthy for standing up for truth, justice and freedom for Detroiters and the region.

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When you consider who some of Kwame's friends are and what's happened to some of his enemies the Wayne County Prosecutor deserves extra props for having the nerve to do her job.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Nick. I never heard much about Ms. Worthy until I saw her press conference on the charges against Kilpatrick and Beatty. She seems like a great lady who is head strong and means what she says.