Monday, March 10, 2008

What Is The Detroit Agenda by Akindele Akinyemi

The assault on Detroit history and Detroit intelligence ought to be an eye opener that if the city does not chart its own course and identity, it will drown. The world is driven by agenda. If Detroit does not set its agenda, it will not only be forced to fit into other peoples' agendas, but it will also be analyzed and receive prescription from external perspectives.

It is time Detroit quit pepetual pace following and became pace setter. The city has been following hard on the heels of global pace setters. When it was bombarded by policies that has failed, Family planning became the in thing. Population institutes were set up. Then came HIV/Aids, Structural Adjustment Programs, the war on terror, Millennium Development Goals, and global warming. When shall Detroit also set its own agenda? Detroit’s intellectuals watch as families are denied jobs that will boost productivity, and play the same tune. Detroit’s leaders stand by as their people are denied the use of educational choices. Whose agenda is Detroit pursuing?

The socialist agenda to extract Detroit's resources and exert dominance saw the city partitioned. Even after the exit of white folks, welfare was introduced to perpetuate dependency; kill Black productivity in the city, create an environment that prevented Blacks from migrating to other cities and sustain them in debt. When Detroit says "educational options or more charter schools," the teacher unions introduces policies to weaken not only options for families but pushes policies that are detrimental for children. When Detroit says no failed policies but free movement, our own state and local officials introduces policies to keep Detroiters in Detroit trapped on a plantation.

Geopolitical agenda's keep on shifting. An elected oficial in Detroit that is demonized for being corrupt by the media will suddenly be hailed as saintly by those in our community when it suits geopolitical interests.

Detroit must resist all manner of lies propagated to sink the city deeper into inactivity and dependency on "superior" intelligence. The city must resist the disempowering divisiveness that is instilled deep into the Detroit spirit by indoctrination and conditioning to bring about self hate, self distrust and self doubt. It must be Detroit’s sacred duty to become self creating with a view of countering the nihilistic threat to its existence.

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