Thursday, April 17, 2008

Detroit Meet Robin Dillard For State Representative by Akindele Akinyemi

If the City of Detroit needed someone to help us from our destruction that person would be Robin Dillard. Here is a woman of complete charm, total integrity and is willing to transform Detroit into a 21st century global market. For once, someone understand my position on making Detroit a financial market through family values and educational choice.

Her task is very challenging. She must overcome the incumbent, State Representative George Cushingberry. However, Cushingberry is not popular in his district these days. Look at what this guy has proposed:

Introduced 2007 House Joint Resolution X (Raise sales tax to 7 percent ) to place before voters in the Jan. 15, 2008 presidential primary election a Constitutional amendment to raise the sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent, with any new money going for general government spending, instead of being earmarked to specific purposes like the rest of the sales tax revenue.

Introduced 2007 House Bill 5135 (Impose new service tax ) to authorize a new excise tax on most services, at a rate that is not specified in the bill, but would be “determined by the legislature”.

Introduced 2007 House Bill 5058 (Increase horse race bet commission charges ) to increase the maximum commission that horse race tracks are allowed to take out of horse race bets, and require them to pay two thirds of the increase to the Michigan agriculture equine industry development fund that subsidizes the horse race industry.

Introduced 2007 House Bill 4859 (Use tax records to establish geographically proportionate jury pools ) to allow county jury boards to add income tax payers to jury pools, and require the Department of Treasury to deliver to counties the names and addresses of all taxpayers in the county.

Introduced 2007 House Bill 4752 (Pay Detroit School Board members $61,890 salary plus pension ) to authorize salaries for Detroit School Board members equal to 90 percent of what Wayne County Commission members are paid, plus a pension benefit equal to 90 percent of commissioners’ pension. Commissioners get an annual salary of $68,767.

Introduced 2007 House Bill 4754 (Spend $300,000 to open government "trade office" in Arabia ) to authorize spending $300,000 to open a Michigan "African and Mideast Trade Office" in Qatar or the United Arab Emirates.

Introduced 2007 House Bill 4755 (Authorize use of taxpayer names for jury pools ) to create an exception to the prohibition on the Department of Treasury disclosing the names and addresses of taxpayers that would allow it to give these to jury boards for purposes of selecting juror pools.

Introduced 2007 House Bill 4513 (Increase liquor tax ) to increase the state liquor tax. This is levied through a system in which all liquor is sold to retailers through the state, which applies a “markup” (tax). The bill raises the markup from 65 percent to 75 percent.

Introduced 2007 House Bill 4500 (Increase state income tax to 4.6 percent ) to increase the state personal income tax from 3.9 percent to 4.6 percent and raise the personal exemption from $2,500 to $3,360.

Meanwhile, people in District 8 in Detroit continue to lose their homes, their jobs and what does Cushingberry wants to do? Raise taxes and waste money. Here is an incumbent that said that we need to raise the sales tax even higher.

So why should Cushingberry return for his last term? To tell you the truth he should not. Detroit is hungry for new leadership. A leadership that is Christ-centered and will help restore our families in our city.

This is why all family advocates should and must get behind Robin Dillard for State Representative.
We want a state representative who shares our political and moral values and priorities, can win in 2008, and can govern effectively thereafter by articulating and implementing a values-based governing strategy. This is just what Robin Dillard can and will do as state representative.

Robin would be a state representative who embraces a comprehensive and positive values agenda: standing for the sanctity of life, protecting traditional marriage, defending religious liberty and basic human rights at home and abroad, combating poverty and disease within our city and fighting for better quality of life for our citizens.

As a legal mind who is willing to go the extra mile to preserve and rebuild Detroit, she's the only candidate in District 8 who can hold the family coalition together. Many people are coming together to create a strong, well-organized campaign with the firepower to win for Robin. Every single other state representative candidate either alienates a key part of the coalition or has weak a operation incapable of defeating a well-funded, ruthless, counter-to-our-values opponent in the primary election.

Robin Dillard is a true standout when it comes to transforming Detroit. She believes in the traditional family, and she continues to fight for it. She's shown courage under fire in several challenging situations, and has lived out her values (both publicly and privately) during a time when other Democrats, sadly, have not.

Urban conservatives do not have to compromise on our values this election: Robin Dillard embodies all the principles for which we've long fought. Plus, she has the organizational strength, legal experience, and moral rectitude to remind us what being a Detroiter is all about.

In other words, she's not just a candidate constituents can support -- she's the best choice for state representative in District 8. It's not even close.


maidintheus said...

Our lovely Robin Dillard is not only the right person at the right time, she is a gorgeous example of "classy."

Unlike the Ghetto Queen, neck rolling, man hating....Conyers person. It funny when people use big words but don't know what they mean. Like: R E S P E C T

Anonymous said...

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