Friday, April 11, 2008

The Booming System by Akindele Akinyemi

You know I think I have been wrong after all about Detroit's lack of culture. I think we do have culture in this city. In fact it's called the booming system.

We have bars on every corner in our city. This includes the number of topless bars you see on 8 Mile Road.

Churches are booming on every corner in our city. This is adding to blight in our city. We know churches have failed because 80% of the city population are headed by single families.

Liquor stores are booming on every corner in our city. This is adding to decadence to our city.

Fast food restaurants are booming on every corner in Detroit. There is a Subway or McDonalds at damn near every BP Gas station in the city. Then we get mad because Detroit is the most unhealthy city in America.

The Chaldean community is booming because they control 90% of the economics in Detroit even though Detroit is 80% Black. Don't forget about the Asian population that controls the wig shops or Lee Beauty Supply Stores. There is a strong hair weave culture in Detroit that is booming.

We have a underground hip hop culture that glorifies violence.

We have a booming political system that mimics the same thing with no result.

We enjoy a booming tattoo culture where people wear tattoos on every part of their body, public and private.

We have a booming school system that has failed our children.

Against the background of conventional logic, there is a haunting question which lingers over issues relating to the current status and condition of the social aggregate identified as Black people. The Black population in Detroit is not simply divided against itself, it is critically dangerous to itself. And so the question must be asked, in the face of oppression, why is there so much divisiveness, antagonism and mistrust within the Black population in Detroit? This question addresses a situation which defies logic, since logic dictates that an oppressed people would mobilize around their common interest in liberation. But it is a situation which is very real and has crippled the Black population with what can be termed, self inflicted wounds. The factious discord internal to the black population is far more intense and go well beyond the disagreements which may develop from mere differences of opinion.

However, what at first blush may seem perplexing and inexplicable, becomes clear, if one understands the debilitating mental and psychological effects of a process called indoctrination. Detroit's
dysfunctions are the symptoms of a deeper mental and psychological result of indoctrination that noted psychiatrist and scholar, Frantz Fanon, called, the internalization of inferiority. Simply defined, Internalized inferiority is the condition where the victims of oppression believe, subscribe to and internalize the misinformation which is based upon the proposition of the inferiority of their own group.

The dominant social, moral, and cultural values are shown here in our city. This include aversion to work, proclivity for violence, contentment with little to no education, sexual promiscuity, short-term thinking, drunkenness, an anti-entrepreneurial spirit,and a reckless pursuit of excitement.

The Detroit culture has been baptized into the seeds of death with reckless abandon. When Black kids from the inner city call studious Blacks “White,” or when Black kids scold other Black kids for sounding “White,” they have adopted a inferior mentality. Only the ghetto culture would ridicule the pursuit of education, the speaking of correct English, and working hard. They boast of violent activities, sexual promiscuity, and “gettin' high and drunk,” “acting a fool up in da' club,” or bumping and grinding on the dance floor. The ghetto mentality celebrates being out of control and spending money instead of saving and investing.

Internalized inferiority poses the most serious threat and erects the most formidable barrier to Black people's growth and development in Detroit, particularly because it operates from within. Primarily, it sabotages the progress of the Black population, forbidding its mobilization into a community. The patterns of thought and behavior which are motivated by internalized inferiority, whether consciously or subconsciously entertained, whether voluntarily or involuntarily practiced, constitute the demise of the Black population in the interest of and in service to white dominance and supremacy. No amount of ideological justification could change that reality or make it more acceptable. Within the scope of the thought and behavior patterns, the social decadence called Black on Black violence is as much a function of internalized inferiority as is the refusal of the Black middle class to identify with the problems of the Black underclass or the failure of black elected or appointed officials and other civic leaders to adequately represent the interests of a Black community. In a word, members of the Detroit population are actively involved in holding the Black community hostage, threatening its survival. Despite the presence, persistence and dedication of urban conservative leadership in our city, the disturbing image is that of a Black population orchestrating its own destruction.

It's time for Detroiters to stop asking other factors to save us when salvation is right in front of us. State representatives who are running for office this year should look into what I am trying to say here. We need bills coming from Lansing that will truly addresses our city's great need for moral and economic renewal.

The supposed beneficiaries of big government have proven to be its most devastated victims. More than any other Detroiters, the poor have suffered the most from the creation of the victimization... Rather than empower government, your proposal empowers people. Instead of asking what Detroiters can give to government, we need leadership who will encourage them to give to each other. This includes but not limited to:
  1. increased job creation;
  2. small business expansion and formation;
  3. moral renewal;
  4. expanded educational opportunities;
  5. greater private philanthropic to aid the poor; and,
  6. greater participation by religious organizations in providing services to the poor.
None of this will come into fruition until we solve the internalized inferiority complex that has created a culture of death in our city. We have to shut down the booming system in Detroit before it's too late.


Anonymous said...

Coopted ExProgressive - You should tell the complete story of Dr. Franz Fanon supported Decolonization in the Afrikan mind & in the government structure on the Afrikan continent & throughout the world
Detroit is a majority Black Afrikan city - it suffers because its leaders support White European-American colonial control over the Black Afrikan majority population

Akindele F. Akinyemi said...

I am not suffering because of a White European-American colonial control.I suffer because of my own receiveth me not.

Anonymous said...

Coopted ExProgressive - Your suffering is not the issue - the issue is that the Majority Black Afrikan population of Detroit suffers because its leaders support White European-American colonial policies against the majority Black Afrikan population of Detroit - deal with the issue -