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The Mis-Education of Detroit by Akindele Akinyemi

The major 21st century instrument of deculturalization was and remains mis-education. Mis-education is the term coined by historian Carter G. Woodson (1933) to describe the destructive effects on the inner city mind by schools that use a pedagogy and curriculum that deliberately omits, distorts or trivializes the role of urban people in and their seminal contributions to world history and culture.
The Detroit Public School system, like many other urban school systems in Michigan, is a major mis-educator (brain-washer) of inner city people, and has been since its inception in the 1890s. But it is only one of three agents of mass mis-education used by the liberal elite to manipulate and control African Americans over the past century. The other two carry equal weight. They are the popular media (print and electronic) and the traditional, mainstream Christian church that have a church on every single corner in Detroit.
The end goal of mis-education is three-fold: First, to produce inner city people who identify with and embrace as their own European history, traditions and culture, but who are ambivalent or indifferent toward African history, traditions and culture. Second, to produce inner city people who have been what political scientist Jacob Carruthers (1994) calls diseducated, meaning people who have had their intellectual development arrested by the public schools. And, the third and ultimate goal of mis-education is mentacide, a term linked to genocide and diseducation coined in 1984 by Bobby Wright as a label for the liberal campaign to destroy the inner city mind as a prelude to destroying urban people as a whole.
Literally from birth to death, African Americans are awash in a sea of liberal-designed, mass media disseminated disinformation, misinformation, half-truths and whole lies about the people, history, culture and significance of real African and African American History. This, of course, is no accident. It is part of a finely crafted, century-long campaign to stop the inner city from connecting with their rich ancestral homeland, understanding that Blacks do have a historical connection with conservative policies and developing a Pan African worldview from a free market perspective. While at the same time, it serves as a cloak under which liberals can hide from the inner city their plunder of Africa’s mineral and biological wealth. Our liberal rulers and their Black puppet supporters clearly understand that Black mis-education is the backbone of liberal domination.
Careful analysis of Black institutions that uphold mis-education and those living in Detroit who have been crippled by it reveal a number of highly identifiable features. First, these institutions will favor and their patrons will embrace conceptual incarceration. Conceptual incarceration is the term for urban conservative imprisonment in liberal/socialist belief systems and knowledge bases.
When it comes to defining themselves and the world, mis-educated Blacks restrict their range of thought (and action) by their habit of drawing exclusively from their liberal background. By limiting themselves to this one, small facet of their vast, tricultural heritage, they confine themselves to a tiny, narrow corner of the world where they sit locked in a mental prison (colony) with only one set of lenses to see the world.
By embracing liberal perspectives exclusively, the inner city cut themselves off from self-knowledge. And when that occurs, deculturalization claims another victim. Fortunately, Black American conceptual incarceration in large measure is self-imposed. Blacks in America can choose to expand their cultural frames of reference and consciously embrace their African and Native American heritages. And when this happens, their conceptual incarceration ends.
Another feature of urban institutions that mis-educate and mis-educated Blacks is learned indifference. This is a process which is a pervasive and self-destructive psychological disorder marked by disinterest in issues, causes and organizations that promote the political and economic liberation of inner city people. By this measure, most of our established Black churches and prestigious Black schools mis-educate, and nearly all of our multi-millionaire Black athletes and super-star Black entertainers are mis-educated, (right along with nine out of ten Black Americans). As causalities in a war they don’t even know is being waged, the Black elite have been captured with wealth and fame by the forces of deculturalization.
A third feature of Black mis-education is what I call utengano. Utengano is a Swahili word meaning “disunity” and refers to the deeply entrenched, failed liberal policies in cities like Detroit and Saginaw that has created intergenerational predisposition among Blacks to accept dysfunctional divisions in the Black family and community as normal. Utengano afflicts urban people who expect and tolerate teen pregnancy, absent fathers, inferior schools, run-down buildings, ineffective leaders and dirty, unsafe streets filled with illicit drugs, alcohol and X-rated music as normal and thus acceptable. But if they were truly educated, they would be outraged by these perversions and committed to changing these wretched conditions or die trying.
To effect sweeping change in our value and belief systems, the youth of today must become truth-seekers who will go out and practiced self-definition, self-determination and self-defense from an urban conservative perspective. As a way of liberating themselves from failed Democratic policies and others from the shackles of mis-education and diseducation, urban conservatives must be in the business of establishing independent and charter schools dedicated to developing a global centered curriculum and pedagogy while others established research organizations dedicated to recovering traditional conservative knowledge bases.
Removing liberal thinking is a journey of self-discovery culminating in a reawakening and a reorientation. It involves a conscious decision to first uncover, uproot and remove all vestiges of slavery imposed failed liberal values and beliefs ingested over centuries of mis-education that are detrimental to present-day Black family stability and Black community empowerment. Next, as the colony is being dismantled, urban conservatives must fill the liberated spaces with those life-sustaining social values, beliefs and customs that enabled their ancestors to establish stable, autonomous families and communities prior to the welfare program invasions of the late 60s and 70s.
Like all transforming, liberatory states, liberalism is actually a protracted process demanding constant vigilance and intense dedication to task. It cannot be achieved in a single evening by reading a single book or by attending a single lecture or even by taking a single course. However, reading, lectures, courses (along with focus groups, study groups, talk parties and conferences), are critical to the success of any decolonization project. Because it is an effort to recover and reconnect with the best of conservative values as a means of ending liberal dominance of the Black psyche, for Detroiters in Detroit, decolonization is redefining urban conservatism.
Redefining urban conservatism in this context is critical to the revitalization of Detroit. It is an idea as well as a movement to promote a return to conservative cultural values and institutions among our citizens. In the urban conservative context, revitalization is a long-term, transgenerational, family project. Among other things, it demands family-wide embrace of select urban conservative centered values, beliefs and practices regarding the family and how it organizes and allocates its financial and human resources. To pull all of this together takes years of immersion in traditional Pan-African conservative cultural values and daily living in an conservative centered mental space practicing conservative African values, beliefs, orientations and perspectives.
On a deeper, internal level, however, extreme individualism along with sexism, classism, racism, genocide and other liberal social practices and cultural orientations that give rise to aberrations like conceptual incarceration, learned indifference and utengano must be expunged from the value and belief systems. Selfish and divisive liberal perspectives and behaviors must give way to wholesome, life affirming, conservative, communal values like community service, cooperation, and sharing.
The second step in the battle to decolonize the Black liberal mind requires dismantling the instrument of deculturalization and neutralizing the agents of mis-education. In essence, this means rejecting the pro-liberal/anti-spiritual teachings of the Christian church, disregarding the pro-liberal/anti-urban conservative messages conveyed by the popular media and deconstructing the pro-liberal/anti-conservative indoctrination of the public schools. It also means implementing the first of three five-year, comprehensive, Pan-African centered, self-education program from an urban conservative perspective designed to end one’s conceptual incarceration, learned indifference, and utengano.
Furthermore, urban parents in Detroit can rid themselves of time-squandering, resource-draining behaviors like conspicuous consumption of liberal thought produced goods and services, over reliance on TV, video games, sporting events and night clubs as entertainment and the other debilitating orientations.
Urban conservatives understand that Black deculturalization is essentially Black mis-education. And the cure for Black mis-education is to read, discuss, study, learn and then use the lessons of cultural history along with the best of urban conservatism as offensive weapons in the war against the liberal outpost implanted in the urban psyche.
A fourth weapon in the struggle to reverse the seasoning process is what I call intellectual disobedience, which is the soul-deep belief that the inner city have a moral imperative to resist all attempts by the dominant social order to constrict, restrict or regulate the content of their education. In other words, urbanites have the divine right to resist all liberal efforts at mind control.
Today, freedom-seeking Black youth must keep in mind that the brain-washing (deculturalization) of their people in this country has been in progress for the past 350 years. But, it has never been completely successful. There have always existed liberated minds within the African American intelligentsia. Jacob Carruthers (1999) calls these scholar-warriors “intellectual maroons.” Men like C. Mason Weaver, Shelby Steele, Thomas Sowell and J.C. Watts are sterling examples of Blacks who emancipated themselves from liberal mental bondage by decolonizing their minds.
More important, freedom-seeking urban conservative youth must stand up and declare total war on their own liberal thinking. They must attack mercilessly its instruments and agents, deconstruct its intellectual base, and thereby break out of conceptual incarceration. To win the war for their own minds, urban youth must immerse themselves in the knowledge bases that gave rise to Kemet, Nubia and Axum as well as ancient Zimbabwe, Ghana, Mali, Ile-Ife and Songhay. This will provide them with a solid foundation on which to construct a historically accurate and healthy sense of themselves as modern, 21st century people connected to the world’s first and finest civilizations.
Predictably, Blacks under 25 years of age who are living in family centered households and attending quality schools of choice are prime candidates to achieve a removal from liberal thinking. From amongst their ranks will come the intellectual maroons of the 21st century. Regrettably, millions of Blacks teenagers and adults from all social classes and economic backgrounds have been so thoroughly and completely brain-washed that nothing short of institutionalize deprogramming would pry loose the bars of their conceptual incarceration, learned indifference and utengano.

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