Monday, April 14, 2008

Monica Conyers Is The New Monica Lewinski by Akindele Akinyemi

The City of Detroit must have been smoking crack, weed or 51s (weed and crack in a joint) to elect this ignorant quack to the Detroit City Council. The way Monica Conyers have been defending Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick these days one must ask is there some sex and money going on behind closed doors. Someone is getting banged behind closed doors. Someone is getting served on the 11th floor of the Coleman A. Young Municipal Building after hours.

It seems like Monica Conyers (Lewinski) is the perfect hoodrat we have been looking for to replace the late Kay Everett. That confrontation between former Council members Everett and Sharon McPhail has nothing on the recent confrontation between hoodrat Conyers and Council President Ken Cockrel Jr.

I have always wanted to ask this question. Is this hoodrat really married and is faithful to Congressman John Conyers? If so why were she in a bar fighting over another man? The Congressman is on Viagra and she is playing around. I would have to kill myself first before marrying this queen of the streets. She has a separate living quarters...why is that?

And I must ask this question. With all that "education" why did she make an complete ass out of herself on television? Calling the Council President "Shrek" showed me that she is incompetent of leadership and she may be the other woman the Mayor is screwing. I will carry my own cross across Detroit that there is some sex and money involved in this and only a damn fool cannot see this clearly. Someone is getting turned out and it seems like Monica is the one getting sprung. Look at how she has been defending this Mayor. It's almost like she has taken Christine Beatty spot in terms of being the Mayor's freak.

When I saw the video I thought she was on her monthly. Her attitude was that of a demon straight from hell. She told Cockrel to control his house. My thing is how come Ken Cockrel cannot control the women on the Council?

Detroit should be ashamed for NOT voting for Roy McCallister, Hilmer Kenty or Ortheia Barnes into office. Once again, we voted for CONYERS and not realizing that this is the same joke of a woman who ran against State Sen. Buzz Thomas back in 2002 and could not win within her own district. So why did we give this rat a chance for City Council of all places? Because we love watching the circus on TV. Hell, I will place Monica Conyers right behind Benny Hinn as one of the biggest CONs on TV. We don't even need to switch over to digital TV to see how asinine she has handled to whole situation.

Here is the facts. Either Kilpatrick or someone out of his camp has turned Conyers out sexually or monetary. She is the sole ignorant plant on the Detroit City Council that is consistently disrupting the Council on purpose. She is attacking Ken Cockrel on purpose. For Kilpatrick to do this directly would destroy him further politically. So Kilpatrick sends his new freak of the week to do the damage. That is what Monica has been doing.

This woman should not ever be elected to dog catcher, let alone a serious elected seat to represent people. She has made a fool out of herself, she is suspect and we should not take her antics seriously. She is the Black Monica Lewinski, hoodrat style.


Michael said...

I keep on saying it,we need more republican in office.And these democrat out of the way.
I'am so happy that i woke up ,and out of the democratic party.

Anonymous said...

Monica Conyers is more like Monica Lewinsky than anyone can imagine. She too was a 25 year old intern working for Congressman Conyers and gave him sexual favors as well. However, the difference is that she became pregnant allegedly BY JC (his favorite nickname which calls to mind both Julius Ceasar and Jesus ego as big as a planet). The local pastors of Detroit ordered the (literal) shot-gun marriage in his parents' home which is now his. His parents, John Sr and Lucille, are both now deceased, however, Lucille was removed from her home by her other son, Nathan Conyers, because she was abused and neglected by the nasty and evil Monica Conyers. The real tragedy of this story is that the mentally disturbed Monica has threatened to reveal that the two boys, who Conyers hopes to carry on his "legacy", are not his after all. DNA tests proved it. She holds that over his head. The irony is that he never wanted to be married nor did he want children. But he does care for them now. As everyone knows in Detroit, mostly and including those close to him, his marriage to Monica was born in hell and he is living in it every day.

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