Monday, May 12, 2008

Are You A Believer? By Akindele Akinyemi

When you look at this woman we see hope to a city that has a graduation rate of just 24%. When we see this woman we see that hope is going to be restored over time. When we see this woman we see the Christ is moving in areas where the city has died and is planning for the resurrection of Detroit.

Dr. Carol Weaver is the only candidate in District 7 that supports family policies that work for our city. Family policies that will spur economic development. Dr. Weaver understand how small business growth is very important to our community. Michigan needs to create an economic environment that is friendly to small business growth. The better our small businesses develop the more local citizens they employ. I’ve talked to small business owners from across Wayne County and the state. One of the things almost all of them mentioned was the lack of support and communication they received when they were first starting their business. They didn’t mean financially, but simply information. Dr. Weaver will work to make sure the state, through business labs, provides the kind of help that these small business owners need to be successful.

Families are being killed by raising taxes. Because Dr. Weaver believes in the family and understands that the family in her district and community is the backbone of our society she will fight to protect it. Dr. Weaver supports lowering taxes. The reason? Lower taxes will encourage business growth and economic development. If the government has more money than what it needs, then the government should take less from us the taxpayers. However, many of our “tax and spend” friends in the legislature must be disconnected from the everyday taxpayer because no one wanted to raise taxes here in Michigan.

Dr. Weaver's position on rebuilding families in Detroit is a major asset to repopulating our city with a fresh new tax base. While failing schools and increase in taxes are driving families out the city we need to start seeking better leadership to guide us.

Let's take a closer look of why Dr.Weaver wants to help with rebuilding families. For one she supports equal shared parenting between two parents. Of course this is being fought at the county, state and federal levels (which I think is ridiculous). Equal parenting provides something that no other parenting arrangement provides: quality assurance. If one parent is failing to provide adequately in one part of the overall parenting domain, the other parent can easily, and legally, step in and help. The child can get help in math at one home, help in French at the other, and help in personal relationships at either. And if one parent is stressed out to the extent of harming or neglecting the child, the other parent can be the child's champion.

The key element of Equal Parenting is for the system work to reduce tension, rather than the current "winner take all" system that encourages inflaming the situation and family and child dysfunction. The friends of court in Michigan is destroying lives and we need legislators who are willing to go out an fight without being afraid of the consequences.

It's not an accident that when the inner city became a laboratory for politics and university research in the '60s and '70s, the black family collapsed. Single-parent black households have almost quadrupled since then.

Today, inner-city Black children grow up in broken families, go to public schools where traditional values are off-limits, and consume popular American culture that celebrates the relativism that has destroyed these communities. Therefore, only 4% of young people believe in God today. I see this everyday when I go to work.

We hear politicians in Detroit talk about the quality of life in our city but not in our region. Dr. Weaver understands that Detroit does not sit on an island and that it will take the entire region to get Michigan going. While some people running for office will give false promises like bringing in jobs to the district Dr. Weaver will work towards improving families by improving education FIRST to get people prepared for jobs. Because her strong and immovable stance on family and education is a major key to revitalizing Detroit and the rest of the region she knows government schools will never educate Black children who live in social chaos. This is why she is not afraid of promoting educational choices for our children.

Problems today in Detroit are complex. Many poor families are broken, single-parent homes. This itself is a major predictor for failure in school. Kids from these homes get sent to public schools where prohibitions on providing any framework for values make it impossible to help them find meaning amidst the chaos in which they live. It doesn't take much imagination to predict where this leads.

We know for a fact that Dr.Weaver is for our families because her vision for Detroit and the Southeast Michigan region is far more superior than others. You see, Dr.Weaver embraces a New Detroit by transforming our city into a financial market to bring goods to the city. Whereas other cities in the United States have seen their living standards improve in spite of enormous challenges, Detroit, on the contrary, has experienced stagnation or retrogression. After more than 50 years of externally generated panaceas from failed policies Detroit continues to plunge further into poverty.

Dr. Weaver have successfully connected families with education to create an economic engine by supporting the following to revitalize Detroit:

(a) Detroiters must assert their individual rights and embrace a culture of independence that failed leadership has suppressed.

(b) Detroiters must rid themselves of the crippling ‘can’t do’ attitude and exercise free trade which they always did before.

(c) Detroiters states ought to be decentralized by allowing larger involvement of the community into decision making.

(d) To advance in the 21st century, Detroiters need to do a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis of their status quo with a view of understanding where they came from, where they are, where they want to be and how to get there.

(e) The role of government in Michigan must be clearly spelt out and its size shrank to allow individuals and the private sector to run the economy.

(f) Detroit must set up a common trans-African media highway to market both the city and continent.

(g) Detroit needs to take custody of her destiny by understanding that creativity drives trade.

The people who should be part of this are the families. The reason? As Detroit arises and grows into an economic power house, it is important to understand the stakeholders involved and their roles.

Dr. Weaver acknowledges the fact that Detroit belongs to what in more friendly terms is referred to as the emerging market. Under Dr. Weaver's leadership Detroit’s position as a player on the global scene will be strengthened. A Dr. Weaver's platform on family values and economic development through education will help us make great strides from a dark city associated with the ills of mental slavery, poverty, disease and corruption, to a city to be reckoned with by our more highly developed counterparts. While it’s evident that some parts of the city plagued by higher taxes and crime, political turmoil, poverty, corruption, inadequate infrastructure and institutions, developing leadership and economic programs continue to emerge and the private sector is beginning to take the center stage on the economic front here.

Dr. Weaver knows that Detroit and the region will rapidly advance and consequently can no longer be sidelined on the global scene if she is elected to the State House.

We must appreciate the vital role of a sound government here in Michigan. As the people who elect governments into office, we demand of them that they carry out their role. We understand that governments cannot effectively serve in isolation and it is this limitation that warrants the need for partners as key allies in creating suitable conditions for businesses to not only spring-up but also grow.

This is why Dr. Carol Weaver is the TOP candidate for State Representative in District 7 here in Detroit and I seriously URGE you to join us to be a believer in Dr. Weaver. No one will come closer than executing a global plan for our city and for the district than Carol Weaver.

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Great profiles, A. Thanks for bringing these folks to a larger audience. I'm as guilty as the next out-stater of lumping candidates together into one large, sad, regrettable pot in the D.

Nice to know there's someone to root for in a few of these contests.