Sunday, May 25, 2008

Are You Supporting Monique Baker McCormick? by Akindele Akinyemi

I know I am fully supporting Dr. Carol Weaver in District 7 for State Representative in Detroit. I cannot forget the other District 7 race for Wayne County Commissioner here in Detroit.

Her name is Monique Baker McCormick and she is not afraid to help rebuild families here in Detroit.

McCormick is an actively involved parent of two Detroit Public School students, a community advocate and a Real Estate Business Owner with 15 years of experience in selling millions of dollars in real estate. McCormick’s expertise is in property management, home foreclosures and contract negotiation. McCormick has rescued many Detroiters from home foreclosure. As a past Director of Residential Sales for Strather Realty Group, McCormick assisted and taught students at Wayne County Community College District how to invest in real estate in Detroit. McCormick served her country in the United States Army and earned a Masters Degree in Management from Walsh College helping her to be a well rounded business entrepreneur. McCormick will immediately apply these skills as Wayne County Commissioner.

I am supporting Monique Baker McCormick's bid for Wayne County Commissioner for several reasons.

(1) The incumbent in this race, Commissioner Burton Leland, has not lived in Detroit for over 20 years. Proof of this is watching this video here.

So if he does not live in the district then why is he representing us? Because he has a house on Bentler that he owns in Northwest Detroit. However, the house is being used as a office space but not living quarters.

Other candidates such as LaKyta Howell, Shannon Moody, Diane Washington Crigler and Ramon Patrick (who at one point ran as a Republican against current Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano and then ran as a Democrat against Tyrone Winfrey for Detroit School Board) will not have a strong platform nor emerging plan compared to Baker-McCormick.

(2) Monique understands the history of our county which is essential to planning its future. She understands the importance of balancing job creation and growth while preserving our quality of life.

(3) Property Tax Relief for Senior Citizens - The message we are sending to our seniors is that they are not wanted here. It is a crime that folks who have lived their whole lives here can no longer afford to stay because of skyrocketing property tax increases. Tax increases are especially hard on seniors because most have fixed incomes. Monique will introduce legislation to freeze property taxes for anyone over the age of 65 who has lived in the county at least 25 years. She will create a “Pioneer” tax deferral program.

Monique will make it easier for seniors to remain in their homes as they become older. She will change the current zoning ordinance to allow a “practical difficulty” standard when considering variances because of medical conditions. This will make it easier for seniors to renovate their existing home, adding things like first floor master suites, and handicap accessible bathrooms. With this change seniors can continue to live in Wayne County, in their existing home.

While other candidates will talk fluff to residents Monique's vision for the 7th is second to none. Wayne County has undertaken many economic development initiatives to actively support a prosperous climate for business and job growth. Bringing that climate to the 7th district will be vital as we help Monique turn Detroit into a financial market. Part of Monique's vision for Wayne County is connecting Wayne County with the rest of Southeast Michigan with hi-speed rail. Private investors can come to the table through an emerging market program, which will be the anchor of development throughout the county in terms of putting together a real regional transportation system. Also, Monique is dedicated of bringing high tech jobs to the district.

Monique will also work diligently to support general business growth and retail development within the district and within the County. She believe one way to achieve this objective is through the streamlining or elimination of burdensome regulations that hamper economic development efforts. In our economy, we cannot allow unnecessary rules and regulations to impede much needed job and business growth.

We must continue to support our small businesses. Private development and public investments will be what continues to drive this economy. The focus has been on an industrial based economy and we need to continue to support them. However, we also need to look forward for opportunities to cultivate and attract professional and business services like durable goods, healthcare, education, and the arts.

We must have leaders that are progressive and innovative with ideas. Building on the strengths we possess, doing more with what we have, and living within our means. This is why we must make sure that this is the year to beat incumbents in district 7. This is why we now have a family candidate who is interested in rebuilding our tax base in our community by rebuilding families. Monique Baker McCormick is not only for shared equal parenting but also believes that our community must embrace family values that will help reshape the district and help reshape Wayne County.

So please join me as we make history in August as we celebrate the win of Monique Baker McCormick.

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I found my candidate. Thank you.