Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Circle Is Complete With Sheila Dapremont by Akindele Akinyemi

We are family in this race. First, I endorsed Carol Weaver for District 7. Then I endorsed Denise Monroe Hearn in District 12 (over Carl Ramsey). Now I must get behind Sheila Dapremont (the one in the Denise Hearn Monroe shirt) in District 6 over Fred Durhal, Ajene Cheeks Evans and Brian White.

Anytime you can bring two nations together under one roof you will get my support. Both Carol Weaver and Sheila Dapremont were able to bring Maurice Badgett (yes Grassroots, HTC) and I together for one common purpose. Get our sisters elected to the State House.

Sheila has an uphill battle to fight because there are two people in the race she should be concerned with. Former State Rep. Fred Durhal is from the old school. My concern was with him was I don' t know if he is willing to work with Republicans in Lansing. I have heard his anti-Republican rants before. Ajene Cheeks Evans (the ACE) keeps on lying about his educational attainment to people. Plus, I am not supporting any candidates connected to Mayor Kilpatrick (by blood or friendship). Brian White of the NAACP is a good candidate but my fear is will he run on the NAACP platform. That was the same mistake Korey Hall did two years ago when he ran for state representative in District 5.

So I must defend and support my sister Sheila Dapremeont.

To me, Sheila is a people person. She reaches out and touch people. She has no intentions of expanding government when government has done nothing to protect the innocent citizens in District 6 or in the City of Detroit.

Here is someone, for years, have worked to bring common-sense leadership to the policies that affect our families, neighborhoods, and businesses. As a State Representative, Sheila will stand her ground for the people of District 6. While many who are running in this district will work to expand and raise taxes as well as expand the budget Sheila will not raise taxes at all.

At a time when our state's economy is in the toilet with no income because of our extraordinary but ridiculous state tax system, we have the opportunity and responsibility to give this money back to the people to make Michigan a vibrant state again– property owners and small businesses.

The most important thing that Sheila stresses is the family. Rebuilding the family in the district creates economic stability. The family in her district is especially crucial for maintaining the safety and happiness of our community. Detroit depends for its survival upon values and principles that it does not have the power to compel. A city and state government such as ours does not have the power to force individuals to be responsible, civic-minded citizens. It cannot compel loyalty or a strong work ethic. These values are only meaningful when they are freely chosen. And there is no institution better suited to the task of transmitting the values and principles of a free society than the family.

Sheila believes that to value our families is to value what families do best. Valuing families in her district means recognizing their crucial role in the formation of happy, productive, and responsible citizens. Families provide nurture, support and encouragement for their members better than any government program. Families provide moral education better than any school. Families impart values and a sense of right and wrong better than any organization. This is not to say that other things are unimportant. They simply cannot replace families as the primary social unit by which we bring new citizens into our nation.

Families deserve leadership that works for them. We can be activists in our own right but if there is no economic engine behind the activism then the movement will die. Sheila believes in economic prosperity that will be the cumulative result of the creativity, courage, and leadership of individual men and women in District 6. In business, science, politics, and the military, the relentless pursuit of innovative visions has been the driving force of our success. This is the value of entrepreneurship. It is the spark of energy and purpose that leads individuals to create something new and productive in their world. It breaks through existing barriers, challenges the status quo, and draws upon the strengths of others to achieve real results. It is the will to work hard, coupled with the intelligence to work smart. Fundamentally, entrepreneurship is the audacity, perseverance, and competence that turns an individual into a creator, whether of wealth, technology, or political or military success.

This is what Sheila Dapremont will fight and strive for when she is elected in Lansing.

Sheila acknowledges how entrepreneurship in District 6 is most commonly associated with business, but entrepreneurship also has relevance for politics. In fact, in our present society entrepreneurship is quite possibly needed in politics more than anywhere else. Entrepreneurs are ultimately those who find the right ways to get the right things done. This means knowing both what needs to be done and how to do it – neither of these challenges is very often adequately addressed by both Detroit and Lansing politics. The entrepreneur is the one who realizes that change often must come from the outside, not from within. In politics as in every other field, the current establishment often resists the entrepreneur because he or she represents a threat to their established ways. This is where the courage of entrepreneurship matters most of all, because this kind of change is often the most necessary.

While others run against Sheila in this race we, as her supporters, understand that achieving real change is not easy. Detroiters, however, have always realized that change is possible and often very necessary. Our history is a repeated story of determined individuals rising against impossible odds, removing permanent barriers to bringing government to the people, and naively leading ordinary people to do extraordinary things. Detroiters have demanded that their leaders refute the cynicism of skeptics and cowards. They demand that their leaders reshape our society to fit our values, to fight for a reality that ‘‘can’’ and ‘‘should’’ be. When the leaders of the day have failed to do this, Detroiters have always taken it upon themselves to do so themselves.

Sheila's bold, unapologetic, and persistent dedication to action has made her district what it is today must never be forgotten. We must not grow complacent or expect that challenges to doing what is right will rise. When our core values are threatened, as they inevitably will be Detroiters in District 6, under Sheila Dapremont, must act. Now is exactly such a time for the residents of District 6. Now is the time for those not to stick our heads in the sand, pretending that problems do not exist or waiting for someone else to deal with them, but to understand that free societies depend on the exact kind of civic virtue and revitalization of core values and principles that is now being asked of us.

So yes, I am supporting Sheila Dapremont in this race. She is part of my CDS crew (Carol Weaver, Denise Hearn Monroe and Sheila Dapremont) to go to Lansing. I would have supported no other candidate in that race.

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Precious said...

I know for certain that not raising taxes is a good idea...Sorry I don't think that counting on the rich to throw scraps and the poor is the answer. Only way this land can truly be just is the poor rise against the rich and take their wealth!