Saturday, May 17, 2008

Detroit's Civil War: A Star Is On The Rise by Akindele Akinyemi

Last night, I met one of my favorite conservatives at the Joshua Trail's Annual Banquet in Livonia, Michigan. Star Parker was the keynote speaker and turned the place out.

Joshua's Trail is one of the very few Black conservative radio programs that tells the truth about our communities. It is hosted by the Rev. Dr. Levon Yuille and can be heard locally on WDTK-AM 1400 every Saturday from 8:00AM-10:00AM.

It's very rare that I get a chance to really hear a Black woman speak her mind from the heart. Star unloaded on the liberal establishment by discussing how the California Supreme Court overturned a decision to allow homosexual marriage. Speaking of such, this brings me to discuss that the fight to protect moral values is getting started in Michigan.

Homosexual Billionaire Jon Stryker is on the move again this year in state elections. He pumped in more than $5 million into state campaigns to elect Democrats in 2006. He's cut personal checks totaling just under $680,000 to his Coalition for Progress political action committee. Stryker is targeting Michigan Supreme Court Chief Justice Cliff Taylor and Congressmen Tim Walberg and Joe Knollenberg. Also, Stryker is targeting U.S. Senate candidate Jack Hoogendyk. Stryler is totally against morality in Michigan as he prepares to control the Michigan Supreme Court and expand the House Democrats in this state. Then he can usher in his homosexual agenda.

The Stryker's homosexual movement is like Al-Qaida. They operate very slow and strategic. Our children are exposed to this because of the breakdown of families in our communities. We can teach a child not to hate those who are different but we can sure teach them not to be gay or lesbian when there are other choices out here.

Back to Star Parker. She also discussed how we needed to oust Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick from office as well as expanding educational choices in our inner cities. She mentioned the use of vouchers in failing schools and how the federal No Child Left Behind law allows this window of choice for our children. However, liberals refuse to save our children.

Therefore, they want to keep our children trapped in Detroit Public Schools. However, only 24% of students graduate from DPS. 76% of the students drop out. And now Detroit Public Schools' irregular accounting practices of paying teachers whose salaries and benefits were not budgeted has contributed to a $45 million deficit that could force additional layoffs.

But they don't want additional charter schools and even State Rep. Bettie Cook Scott from Detroit wants to lower the number of students of DPS from 100,000 to 75,000 students to keep it as a first class district to prevent additional charter schools opening in the City of Detroit. This is why we have targeted her seat by running Carol Banks for office.

State Rep. Brenda Crack (I mean Clack), from Flint, wants parents to register with the local failing school district if they are homeschooling their children. Anything to restrict the free market educational system. This is why I am passionate about expanding choice. Republicans who keep talking about we do not have the money to match Jon Stryker or the teacher unions are forgetting one thing. The grassroots movement. We preach about recruiting precinct delegates but do nothing with them beyond that. We have to change this mentality.

Star has written numerous articles on how educational options are necessary to help our children compete in a global society. She is even willing to come here and fight to expand those options (such as fighting for vouchers on a local level). I have accepted her offer the same way I have accepted Jack Hoogendyk's offer to expand charter schools. Both are freedom fighters in our community.

Star called on us to take a stand against the war on abortion. Over 48 million children have been aborted since 1973. If that is not a holocaust then I do not know what. State Rep. Rebekah Warren and State Rep. Alma Wheeler Smith from the Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti area (Washtenaw County) promotes the death of Black children by supporting groups like Planned Parenthood and always pushing measures for abortion.

Let me stop here for a second about why I do not support a candidate because of the color their skin. Just like Black people are supporting Barack Obama for President (we are supporting him because he is Black and that is all) I supported Alma Wheeler Smith for Governor back in 2002 (this was before she joined in with former U.S. House Rep. David Bonior as a Lt. Governor). I too followed her blindly because she was Black. Not one time I read her positions on anything or researched her. I even invited her to come speak to my class at the Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences back in 2002. She sounded charismatic just like Obama. Years later I found out that she was the biggest cheerleader in killing Black unborn children in the urban community.

This is what Obama believes in and when young people (especially Black people) try to call me names and challenge my credibility they have no clue that I was once on that emotional roller coaster. It was great to support a Black candidate (regardless of their platform). Today, I fight against those, Black or White, who kills the unborn for the hell of it. In the Black community alone, we should be outraged. There is enough death in our community (diabetes, heart disease, AIDS, Cancer, Strokes, homicide and now suicides are on the rise). When are we going to promote being pro-life for once? How about fighting for marriages, healthy relationships between men and women, promoting educational options by closing the door on failing traditional government schools, and fighting against the genocide of our community?

Star called on us to take a stand against mandatory sex education in our schools. I feel that this should be taught other than the classroom that I am paying tax dollars for. If we are going to teach this them we need to expand homeschooling and other free market method of education.

Our moral values are in trouble. There were people who were very upset to hear that liberals, the very people who they have been voting for many years, were behind this. People started looking at Detroit differently and our leadership. Some even asked what could they do to help change the city.

Detroit is in a Civil War. Michigan is in a Civil War over values. Star is right. We need to get up and stand for what is rightfully ours. Urban conservatives have to take a stand in order to restore balance in our community.

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Anonymous said...

This is a great and refreshing article. As one of the (rare) conservative Michigan public school teachers, I will never support and candidate who votes with the "culture of death" crowd. If a person's judgement is that poor, I would not trust him or her with making any policy decision. I pray for our leaders who are a part of this weak morality to be awakened to the horror of the national sin of abortion while they are in office, to publicly repent and to persuade others until all hearts are turned to embrace life.