Saturday, May 10, 2008

Why You Should Support Dr. Carol Weaver by Akindele Akinyemi

A while ago I told you that I was supporting Dr. Carol Weaver for State Representative in District 7.

Nothing has changed. The story is STILL the same. We are still moving forward making Dr. Carol Weaver our next State Representative in that district.

I will tell you exactly why I am urging people to get behind me and support Carol Weaver on Tuesday, August 5, 2008.

Under a Dr. Weaver leadership Detroit will be on the verge of becoming an international financial market similar to what we see with the Four Asian Tigers. Hong Kong, alone, is the closest you will see how the free market operates. Detroit must begin to operate from a free market perspective.

Dr. Weaver international business expertise is sorely needed in Detroit. This is one candidate who is an independent thinker. You will not have to worry about her following the crowd. She is not connected to anyone but the community she has been serving.

Her stance on educational choice is paramount. Dr. Weaver fully understands that parents in the City of Detroit are desperate for educational options. Because Dr. Weaver has concluded that quality education is connected to building an emerging sector here in our city and state it would be criminal to keep our children in an unsafe and unhealthy environment where school systems have a monopoly on the educational process.

Parents have become more sophisticated in aligning critical factors with their particular needs. While crime rates, transportation, and taxes all come into play, fifty-three percent of public school parents in a recent survey said the most important factor is the quality of the local schools. "Are the kids going to get a good education?" is the question that can make or break a move. Dr.Weaver understand this issue.

One of the strongest educational reform proponent I have personally met in 10 years Dr. Weaver would love for our children to compete in a 21st century global reality. Having travelled the world conducting business Dr. Weaver have a first hand perspective on why educators must raise the bar on education to create jobs and wealth creation in our city, region and state.

Shouldn't every single school board annually demand that each of their students take math & science (and also in history & geography) exams of the same type given to the same age group by such nations as Germany & Japan, for example, and communicate the findings to each student and his/her parents? Parents should demand said results or seek alternative schools. Dr. Weaver will work with educators to make this a reality.

Detroiters should not be surprised
that China produced 4 times more BS engineering degrees than the U.S., and Japan twice as many. Additionally, Nobel Prize-winning scientist R.E.Smalley of Rice University reported by 2010, 90% of all Ph.D. physical scientists and engineers in the world will be Asian living in Asia. No state representative, who is an incumbent or candidate, is talking REAL educational reform here in Michigan to help our students compete except Carol Weaver. I guarantee you that NO ONE in her race will even come close on educational reform here in Michigan other than Carol Weaver.

Dr. Weaver have acknowledged the fact that the larger the school the greater the rate of crime, violence, discipline problems, absenteeism and tardiness. Large schools have 4 times rate of serious discipline problems than small schools. She is prepared to tackle this problem without proposing to raise taxes. She wants to give parents options.

Real education reform begins in the home. Dr. Weaver understands how strong, viable families are connected to educational successes. Meanwhile, more state government is controlling education and the result is failure. Dr. Weaver wants parents to step up to the plate and be part of the solution.

Furthermore, here is a woman with complete integrity and a passion that is incredible for her community. Unlike many candidates who I have HELPED get into office only to forget that family, education and economics are prime elements in revitalizing Detroit Dr. Weaver has made this a prime concern in her campaign. Not to mention that she is willing to work both sides of the aisle to help transform Detroit and Michigan into a viable economic engine. She is not afraid of the challenges ahead to support families and support true educational reform in Detroit.

Therefore, stand with me to support Dr. Carol Weaver for State Representative in District 7.

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Anonymous said...

How can you be so blind. C. Weaver is not qualified to be a State Rep. in District 7. All She does is echo the voice of her republican"boyfriend" Bill Pickard. She dosen't have an original thought in her head. You are right, Detroiters deserve better than her. By the way, where did she earn her so called"PhD." This woman is not legitimate. Detroiters be carefull and guard your vote.